2004 jeep grand cherokee shuts off while driving

Jeep Shuts off while Driving (Stalling Causes and Fix)

Jeep recorded its second-highest sales figures in 2019, by selling 1,485,000 vehicles, which earned them a revenue of $65 billion worldwide.

Despite the increasing competition in their respective category (SUVs and 4×4 vehicles), Jeep has held its ground and the introduction of the new Wagoneer has created a renewed hype in the market, and their loyal customers are eager to get their hands on this new full-size SUV.

One of the most common issues faced by Jeep owners is that their Jeep stalls (turns off) frequently while driving. This fault can be attributed to several possibilities and here I will discuss these possible causes and their solution (starting with the most simple cause to complex):

Jeep Stalling while Driving Possible Causes and Fix

Clogged Fuel filter

A clogged fuel filter can cause any vehicle to stall. A fuel filter filters any contaminants in the fuel and the fuel pump then pumps the gas to fuel injectors.

The flow of gas will be restricted if the filter has become clogged thereby stalling your Jeep. This cause is most likely if your Jeep is old and you haven’t changed the filter even once.

You will hear a strange noise from the fuel tank which will indicate a bad fuel filter. If this is the case, immediately replace the fuel filter with an OEM fuel filter.

 Bad fuel pump

A bad or burnt-out fuel pump can also be a probable cause of stalling while driving. A bad fuel pump restricts the fuel flow and your Jeep may drive smoothly at low speeds but will stall as you push the gas pedal since more fuel is required at higher speeds and a bad fuel pump is unable to push more fuel.

You will need a fuel pressure gauge to check the fuel pressure and if it is below the normal level then it certainly is a case of a bad fuel pump.

 Mass airflow sensor (MAF)

Another likely culprit in case your Jeep frequently stalls is a bad Mass airflow sensor (MAF), such a fault will cause a P0101 error code.

The mass airflow sensor calculates how much air is going into the engine and sends this info back to the computer which then sprays an appropriate amount of fuel from fuel injectors.

With time, mass airflow sensors get dirty or even unfunctional. These are located on the back of the air filter and can be easily plugged out. Use a MAF sensor cleaner to clean it and if the error code persists then replace it with an OEM MAF sensor.

O2 sensor

O2 sensors tend to go bad over time. There are two oxygen sensors in a Jeep, one at the top and the other at the end of the catalytic converter. 99% of the time it is the upper O2 sensor that has gone haywire.

A P0420 code will confirm this diagnosis, and it can be resolved simply by removing the old sensor and replacing it with a genuine O2 sensor.


Jeeps typically have bigger engines and they may overheat especially if your Jeep is old. Make sure that the coolant has been flushed in time and replaced with a newer one and the fans are working properly. Do not ignore this diagnosis as it can lead to a complete engine failure.

A bad crankshaft position sensor

A bad crankshaft position sensor is the most probable cause of stalling while driving in Jeep vehicles. Such a discrepancy will cause an engine check light and if you check it with an OBD scanner, it will display a P0335 error code that will confirm the diagnosis.

This sensor tells the computer what position the engine is at, which gives the computer an idea of when to fire the fuel injectors and spark plugs. Therefore you should replace the crank sensor on your Jeep if you are facing the issue of stalling or if your vehicle is running poorly.

ECU screws

The screws on the front plate of an ECU can cause a Jeep to die out after going down the road. Older Jeeps that have more than 100,000+ miles on their odometer are more prone to this fault.

To resolve this, remove the screws on the outboard side of the computer and cut half the length of the screws off. Then reinstall the screws but do not over-tighten them. hopefully, your Jeep will then run smoothly without stalling.

Conclusion on jeep randomly dies while driving

Jeeps are still regarded as good cars and certainly, they are, however,  more often you are likely to encounter problems after a while of owning one, and this article was meant to help you find solutions to the jeep shuts off while driving