uconnect not working

Uconnect Bluetooth not Working [How to Fix]

Uconnect is an exclusive feature provided in some of the Jeep and Chrysler vehicles. This feature enables you access to the information along with various entertainment components.

You can enjoy a hands-free experience along with a voice-activated calling option using the Uconnect phone component.

Furthermore, you must have a Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone in order to utilize the Uconnect phone component.

But, in some cases, the Uconnect feature may not work or connect properly with your device and there could be several reasons behind this. Here, I have listed multiple ways to fix this issue:

How Do to Fix Uconnect Bluetooth?

1. Make sure that you use a compatible Device

The Uconnect feature is compatible with various models of LG, Motorola, Blackberry, Nokia, HTC, Palm Treo and Centros, Sanyo, Samsung, and Sony Ericsson smartphones.

You can click the link in resources and enter your vehicle’s model and year to check if your mobile phone is compatible.

Later, you will be required to click the “Getting Started” link at the top right corner of the menu. Then, click the “Compatible Phones” link at the end.

2. Look at the Bluetooth Version and Make sure it is up to Date

The Uconnect feature is compatible only with the devices with a Bluetooth “Hands-free Profile,” version 0.96 or higher. You can easily check your phone’s Bluetooth Version to know whether it’s compatible or not.

However, the method of checking your phone’s Bluetooth Version varies from phone to phone. You can simply select the “Settings” from the main menu on your phone and then select the “Phone Information or System Information” and the phone’s Bluetooth Version should be listed here in most of the phones.

3. Make Sure that Your Device Bluetooth is On

Most of the smartphones nowadays have a Bluetooth icon accessibly located on the main menu. You simply have to click the icon and select the option to enable Bluetooth on your phone. But, some phones might require you to open the settings menu to access the Bluetooth option.

4. Switch on the car stereo and pair it with your Device:

You will have to activate the search or scan feature to discover the pairing devices, once you open the Bluetooth menu.

Your phone will then explore the nearest Bluetooth-enabled device and will be able to explore the Uconnect. Now, select the Uconnect device, and if asked then enter “0000” as this is the default passkey to access the Uconnect feature.

Now, press the “Menu” key of the radio. Then set a 4-digit pin for this pair. Now, click pair in the end and your phone is now connected with Uconnect

Conclusion on Uconnect Troubleshooting

Uconnect can sometimes fail to work but often times it is caused by something you can fix. Before you do anything I recommend that you try the steps above and see if it works,

if it fails to connect to your Bluetooth although you tried using the steps above then I recommend you try other troubleshooting methods for Uconnect.I hope this article helped you feel free to ask should you have any more questions about it jeeps