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Jeep Liberty Vs Patriot (Which One is Better?)

Are you in the market for a jeep and trying to decide between Liberty and Patriot? I bet you must have been going back and forth, considering their respective advantage in terms of safety, maintenance, reliability, and overall performance. These two excellent compact SUVs were built with laudable features such that you don’t want to…

Do Jeeps Flip Over Easily?

I’ve owned a jeep wangler for a few years now, and I have to say that the thoughts of it flipping over while I drive in different terrains has never left my mind for once. Peculiar for their roughness, off-road handling, and unique appearance, jeeps are unlike so many vehicles, even when it comes down…

How Many Catalytic Converters are in a Jeep Grand Cherokee?

The catalytic converter is the device used to convert a portion of the chemical energy in a vehicle’s exhaust into heat, which can then be dissipated in the form of heat and noise. The catalyst removes much of the pollutants produced in a car’s combustion process and converts toxic substances back into less-toxic substances and…

Why are Jeep Cherokees so Cheap?

Many people are wondering why some jeep Cherokees are so cheap. There is a lot of speculation going around about why they are so cheap, some good and some bad. The Cherokee was always a popular car, but the price has been declining for years now and in this article, we are going to look…

Jeep Won’t Start But Turns Over (Causes & Solution)

Jeep won’t start but turns over is one of the most common issues jeep owners experience, it can be frustrating and hard to know for sure, what might be the main problem, that is why in this article we are going to look at the possible reasons why a Jeep turns over but doesn’t start.…

Do Jeep Sunroofs Leak?

Jeeps with sunroofs have their merits and demerits. For instance, it gives the car more light and natural fresh air conditioning. It is less noisy than open windows, and you do not have to shout when conversing. During road trips, your passengers can pop their heads out and feel the breeze or observe nature. You…

Meet Matthew Wilson

Matthew Wilson is an American academic, writer, and gearhead. Matt received his first Jeep, a 1975 CJ, from his father when he was just 16. 

He claims to have taken that Jeep apart and put it back together over a dozen times in the last 30 years. 

While he still has that CJ, its legacy in Matt’s life is even larger because it began a love affair that has endured.

These days you are more likely to see Matt delving deep into the Colorado Rockies in his modified Jeep Wrangler with its Rough Country Lift Kit and 37” BF Goodrich Krawler TA tires, as well as his golden retriever, Cody.

Matthew Wilson