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Jeep Camping Accessories: Important Items You are Going to Need

Not everyone gets the chance and time to go outdoors with their Jeeps. Whenever you have such an opportunity, you should make it as enjoyable and memorable as you can.

When going out for camping with your Jeep, proper preparation is very critical. You need to ensure that you have all the essential things needed for camping.

Setting out for camping without preparation might lead you into problems while out there, and you may end up being frustrated. It’s important to know and gather all the accessories you will need for camping with your Jeeps.

Whereas your Jeep can take you to the most beautiful places in the countryside, you must be creative to have an enjoyable and fulfilling adventure.

This is where Jeep camping accessories come in handy. There are various Jeep camping accessories that can make things easy and enhance your experience. Here is a list of the most vital Jeep camping accessories that any adventurer must have;

Must-Have Jeep Camping Gear

First Aid Kit

Moving and staying in the outdoors involves many risks. It’s usual for a person to injure themselves while in the outdoors or to fall ill.

Therefore, it’s essential to carry a complete first aid kit for treating wounds when you get injured. You may end up using your first aid kit to treat illnesses, allergies, and wounds more than you ever thought of.

There are different types of first aid kits in the market. You should go for a first aid kit that will last longer, has all the essentials of treating common ailments, and is easy-to-carry.

Water Filter

Clean water is very crucial while traveling and camping. You will need clean water to quench thirst, cook, and wash dishes.

You can carry a lot of water in containers or bring portable water, but it usually runs out soon than you thought. This is why you need a quality water filter to never lack water by purifying water in the field.

You should go for a fast water filter that removes all the harmful elements, including viruses and protozoa. A good quality water filter, such as the MSRs Guardian, is durable and removes all the harmful substances. It can also remove bad taste and odor from the water.

Rooftop Tent

for Sleeping A sleeping tent is a must-have accessory since you will be spending most of the nights outside. The best type of tents for Jeep camping is the rooftop tents attached to the roof of your Jeep.

These tents are easy to install and disassemble, have much space, are comfortable, and even come with a sleeping mattress.

Rooftop tents will give you more sense of security away from the dangers associated with sleeping on the ground. Jeep camping tents are very versatile. They come in various designs, colors, and prices too. Hence, you can easily find a tent that suits your needs.

A Portable Fridge

Keeping your food and drinks cold when camping can be difficult. Luckily, carrying a portable fridge will make a huge difference.

If you are camping for a few days, you will need to get some ice to keep your foods cold. You can drain off all the melted ice and refill your icebox with solid ice or carry a portable fridge.

Carrying a portable fridge is more beneficial as it will save on space and keep your food cold. All you will have to do is to connect the fridge to the Jeeps power. If you think the fridge will drain your Jeep's battery, you can carry an extra battery.

Cooking Stove

A cooking stove is an essential camping accessory as it will allow you to cook better meals. Some cooking stove systems enable you to connect multiple stoves and power them from a single fuel source.

It makes it easy to prepare a variety of meals quickly without consuming much fuel. Keep in mind that most camping stoves come in two versions.

They can either be of standard version or upgraded with advanced features. Depending on your budget, a simple standard version is a better option as it’s cheaper and still does the job.

Portable Folding Chairs and Compact Chairs

Traditional chairs are not recommended as they take a lot of space, and most Jeeps have limited space. Folding chairs are the best for jeep camping as they take small space.

They also offer great comfort and are strong and lightweight. There are dozens of different types of such folding chairs out there to choose from. These chairs include the Tusk compact chair and the Expander camping chair.

Roll Top Table

Standard tables can be very bulky and even impossible to carry when going out. That's why you will want to have a roll-top table that is compact and easily portable.

Roll-top tables fold up into a small manageable kit, saving up a lot of space. They are also easy to set up. You can use a roll-top table for food preparation and eating while out there.

Storage Box

A storage box is necessary to keep your gear neat, organized, and easily accessible whenever you need them. There are different types and sizes of boxes and bags in the market.

Ensure to get a tough, larger storage bag that is resistant to water and abrasion. A box or bag with wheels will be easier to move even when it’s fully loaded.

Containers for Extra Fuel

Gas filling stations are in towns, far away from the camping site. Hence, it is advisable to carry extra fuel. Besides, driving off-roads consumes much fuel, and you don’t want to take a chance.

Carry extra fuel that will see you finish your entire journey without having to worry about running out of gas. Gas should be carried in a spill proof container as its highly flammable. There are special containers with a higher capacity, and that makes refilling easy.


If you want to use power while camping in the world, you need to carry a generator. Having the best generator will ensure that you have all the electrical output you need to enhance your adventure. You should also ensure that you carry enough fuel for the generator.

Conclusion on jeep camping equipment

Camping is an outdoor activity that delivers much fun to many adventure enthusiasts. It becomes even more enjoyable when you have a reliable off-roading vehicle like a Jeep.

Every Jeep owner planning to go out for camping should pack the right gear to optimize their trip and enjoy most while out there.

The accessories presented in our list are among the most crucial gear for Jeep enthusiasts going out camping. You should consider having them whenever you plan to go out for camping.

Photo by Luke Bender on Unsplash