comparing h8 to h7 battery

H7 vs H8 Battery

In this article, we are going to do a H7 vs H8 batteries comparison. Which one is best suited to your Jeep and can they replace each other? This is information that a lot of Jeep owners would like to know especially when the time to replace your battery comes.

H7 and H8 batteries are used in high end luxury vehicles as well as light commercial vehicles. They are able to handle the needs of these vehicles, most of which have a large amount of electronics.

Because of this, these 2 batteries are often used by these brands. H8 has a higher energy rating than the H7 but it is not uncommon to find an H8 battery cheaper than an H7 battery.

If you are looking to change your battery from stock or are due for a replacement, there are a number of options available to you. You need to go for a battery that is ideal for your vehicle and is able to handle the demands placed on it.

This article applies mainly to owners of Jeep Grand Cherokees from 2005 to current as well as the Jeep Commander models from 2006. These 2 models are the most demanding when it comes to energy needs because they contain the most electronics.

What does H7 Mean on a Battery?

The H7 rating on a battery refers to capacity, size and the minimum cold cranking output from the battery.

An H7 battery is able to give out a minimum 850 AMPs when you start the car in cold weather and 1000 AMPs in warm weather.

In comparison to the H8, it is about 1.5 inches shorter with the same width and height but this is manufacturer dependant.

On some brands, the H8 is actually shorter than the H7. Most battery housings that hold a H7 are also able to hold a H8 or may need slight modification in order to do so.

What Group Size is H7 Battery?

When it comes to group size, the H7 is classified as a 94R. It is a 12V battery with a reserve capacity of 140. In most cases, there usually isn’t an issue with switching between H7 and H8 batteries. You may need to consult your vehicle manual or contact the dealership or manufacturer directly to ascertain this

H7 AGM vs H8 AGM

What Does H8 mean on a Battery?

The H8 battery has a better capacity than the H7 with a cold crank start of 1000AMPs in cold weather and a reserve of 140.

The major difference you will discover when you switch to an H7 or H8 from lower capacity batteries is that your vehicle will usually start on the first attempt without coughing.

What Group Size is H8 Battery?

The H8 group size is 49. It is designed to last long and usually carries a 6 year warranty. A majority of manufacturers have stepped down their warranty period from 6 years to 3 years though.


Whether you go with the H7 or H8 mainly depends on what your vehicle is capable of handling. You will find that the prices for the H8 may actually be smaller than the H7.

In this case, I would recommend going for the 8H because you get better performance and longevity from the H8 at a lower cost.