About Us

Jeep Modified is a community of enthusiasts, experts, and gearheads of every stripe united by a single passion…Jeeps.

Jeep is an iconic brand that is deeply engrained in America’s history and our collective psyche. From the muddy battlefields of Europe to the mud pits of today’s off-road competitions, Jeep is the gold standard of that fundamentally American idea to conquer every wilderness, explore every corner, meet every challenge, and to never accept limits on our ambitions.

Mechanically, Jeep have proven time and again that they are worthy of our ambitions, as well as our faith, and our respect. If we can dream it, a Jeep can get us there.

As this community has grown and developed over generations, it has expanded in its scope, its interests, and its diversity.

Every state and dozens of countries from Australia to Scandinavia boast clubs and organizations for Jeep enthusiasts. From classics to conversions, the international Jeep community has something for everyone.

Jeep Modified is here to service this community, connect enthusiasts, share knowledge, and, most of all, to celebrate all things Jeep!