grand cherokee humming noise

Jeep Grand Cherokee Humming Noise When Accelerating

Have you experienced a Jeep Grand Cherokee humming noise when accelerating? In this article, we will look at this issue and some of the possible causes as well as the remedies

The humming noise in a Jeep Grand Cherokee can be caused by different issues namely, worn bearings, bad differential, bad transfer case or auto box among many other issues. To diagnose the problem, you need to run different tests to ensure that you get to the bottom of it and remedy the issue.

This problem has occurred often in Grand Cherokees as well as other Jeep models. Drivers have reported a humming sound which is mainly heard when they accelerate.

This can also manifest as a rhythmic humming sound which changes pitch the more that you accelerate. To get a clearer understanding of the problem, the sound is similar to what you hear when you put a playing card in the spokes of a bicycle.

To diagnose the problem properly, you need to take the vehicle for a drive and try to establish where exactly the sound is coming from.

Is it coming from the front or rear? Is it coming from the rear right or left side? Is it coming from the front right or left side or is it more central? Getting this information will help greatly in diagnosing the actual problem and providing the right remedy.

Humming Noise in Front

If the humming noise is coming from the front of your Jeep, there are a few possible causes. If it’s coming from the right or left side, it may be an indication of faulty wheel bearings.

To confirm whether or not this is the case, you need to get the car lifted using jacks or a hydraulic lift. If you use jacks, make sure that your car is on an even concrete surface for your safety.

Go to each wheel and do the shake test. This is where you shake the wheel holding the 12 o clock 6 o clock positions then the 9 o clock and 3 o clock positions. Give it small shakes. What you are looking for is any free play. If there is no free play, do the spin test.

To do this, give it a good spin in the direction where you can give it the most momentum. What you are looking for is the humming noise you hear when you drive or something similar to it. If the wheel is quiet, the bearings should be fine.

You may still need to do additional tests using specialised equipment to be 100 percent sure. Do this test for both wheels. To be certain, also run the same test for the rear wheels as well.

If the wheels are all fine, you need to check the transfer case. The problem here may be a faulty one that needs to be replaced but in most cases, all you need is to change the oil and the problem is fixed.

Humming Noise in Rear

If the noise is coming from the rear of your Grand Cherokee, you will need to also do the shake and spin tests for the rear wheels. If it’s a bearing issue, a simple replacement will do the trick.

If, on the other hand, the bearings are fine, you may need to check the differential. Sometimes the threading on the gears may wear out due to different issues including lubrication.

If you are not a qualified mechanic or do not have mechanical experience, you will have to take it in to a professional. The remedy for this may be simple or you may have to change the whole thing.

Conclusion on Grand Cherokee Humming Noise

When you experience a humming noise in your Jeep, it’s best to have it looked at. The risk level of this issue could range anywhere from being very low to extreme.

If it’s a case of worn out parts such as on the differential, it may be the difference between a minor repair job and a more expensive overhaul. If it’s a bearing issue left for too long, you may have a situation of the wheel coming off and you definitely don’t want this happening to you.

Photo by Kirk Thornton on Unsplash