offroading with grand cherokee

Jeep Grand Cherokee off Road Capability

If you have ever owned a Jeep Grand Cherokee, then you know that these vehicles can last for many years. They even last longer when well-maintained and cared for.

When it comes to great off-roading capabilities, the Jeep Grand Cherokee is among the models that top the Jeep world list. Over many years, Jeep Grand Cherokee has built a strong off-road capability reputation.

It’s among the best Jeep models available in several trim levels designed to meet your off-roading needs. Along with excellent off-road capabilities and durability, Jeep Grand Cherokee is a comfortable vehicle and it comes with good aesthetics.

The great off-road abilities are due to its good traction, safety features, and sturdier mechanical parts. Jeep Grand Cherokee is worth paying attention to if you want to buy an off-roading vehicle as its well-designed for off-roading.

Besides, most off-roading fanatics who have used Grand Cherokee give positive feedback and rate the vehicle highly.

In this article, I will provide an honest Jeep Grand Cherokee off-road capability review and look into its off-road parts. You will also discover which Jeep Grand Cherokee trim level is best for your off-road adventures. But before I dive into that, let’s see if the Jeep Grand Cherokee is good for off-roading.

Is Jeep Grand Cherokee Good for Off-Roading?

Yes, Jeep Grand Cherokee is good for off-roading. It’s a practical SUV that performs great on-road and off-road. In fact, Jeep Grand Cherokee fanatics claim that this vehicle is not only good but an excellent machine for off-roading.

While Jeep Grand Cherokee may not beat the Wrangler’s off-roading capability, it’s a more balanced option. It’s also an excellent vehicle when driving on the highway.

When deciding on which vehicle to buy, you will want to determine if you want a vehicle that’s good both on-road and off-road.

In this case, the Jeep Grand Cherokee is the best. But if you are only after high-off-roading capability, it may not be the best, as Jeep Wranglers are better options.

Jeep Grand Cherokee Off-Road Capability

Jeep Grand Cherokee units like the Trailhawk and 4WDs, allows you to drive easily on different terrains and weather conditions.

It offers unparalleled comfort when driving on both off-road and on-road. You can drive your Jeep Grand Cherokee on various surfaces since it has an excellent traction management system that enhances handling and maintains traction.

Jeep Grand Cherokee also features exceptional maneuverability that allows you to steer around or crawl over rocks and tight spots.

When driving your 4×4 model in wet or muddy areas, its high air intakes and special water sealing features will let you maneuver easily. As you would expect from a good off-road vehicle, Jeep Grand Cherokee features good articulation for more flexibility on trails.

What Makes Jeep Grand Cherokee a Perfect Vehicle for Off-Roading?

1. Powerful Engine

Jeep Grand Cherokees come powerful engine selection. They include;

  • 3.6L Pentastar V6 with 260 pound-feet of torque
  • 5.7L V8 engine with 390-pound-feet of torque
  • 6.4L V8 engine with 470-pound-feet of torque
  • Supercharged 6.2L V8 engine with 645-pound-feet of torque

The increased torque in these engine options comes in handy when going off-road.

2. Crawl Ratio of 44.1:1

The latest Jeep Grand Cherokee model comes with a crawl of 44.1:1. The crawl ratio refers to the torque ratio at the wheel against torque at the engine’s flywheel.

This means that with a crawl ratio of 44.1:1, the torque is 44.1 times the torque at the engine’s flywheel. The higher crawl ratio gives the vehicle more control to crawl over obstacles when riding off-road.

3. Selec-Terrain Traction Management System

Selec-Terrain is a system that controls how power is distributed between the wheels based on the road conditions. This system comes in five modes, including auto, sport, snow, sand/mud, and rock.

Each mode allows you to drive efficiently in certain conditions. For example The sport mode enables you to get the most out of your Grand Cherokee’s engine to ensure smooth handling during high-speed travel.

4. Quadra-Lift Air Suspension System

The Quadra-lift air suspension system enables you to adjust the height of your vehicle’s suspension on the fly. It also adds Hill Ascent Control when going up to the standard Hill Descent. More Hill Ascent Control provides stable low-range controls when going up the hill.

5. Quadra-Drive II System

The Quadra-Drive II system helps the driver cover land when the wheels have inadequate traction with the ground.

This system can send up to 100% of the available torque to the wheel with the most traction. Another fantastic feature in this system is the rear electronic limited-slip differential, which is a great option when driving in various off-road conditions.

6. Quadra-Trac II System

The Quadra-Trac II system comes with a brake lock differential that spread over brake pressure when required to adjust the amount of torque delivered to the wheels.

The system also features a two-speed transfer case, which means you can engage a single different gear ratio in the transfer case.

7. Quadra-Trac SRT System

The Quadra-Trac SRT system is available in several Grand Cherokee models. It features a single-speed transfer case, a brake lock differential, limited-slip differential, and the Selec-Track system. It also an additional custom mode that enables you to adjust some aspects of your vehicle’s performance.

8. Skid Plates

Skid plates are steel plates available in some Grand Cherokee variants, including the Trailhawk. These steel plates are designed to protect the bottom of the vehicles from rocks and boulders.

It’s easy to operate a Jeep Grand Cherokee with skid plates safely off the road than those without these plates.

9. Wheel Articulation

As you would expect from a premium SUV, Jeep Grand Cherokee comes with excellent wheel articulation. Wheel articulation allows you to overcome obstacles confidently as you are sure that the wheels can’t lose contact with the ground in any condition. This feature allows you to get the most out of your Jeep Grand Cherokee.

10. Real-Time Performance Information

The off-road pages feature provides you with real-time diagnostics and statistics on the vehicle’s touchscreen.

Which Jeep Grand Cherokee Trim Level is Best for Off-Roading?

Jeep Grand Cherokee trim levels come with different capabilities, and some have more to offer than others when it comes to off-roading.

The Jeep Grand Cherokee with the best off-roading capability is the Trailhawk. On the other hand, the Trailhawk is well-equipped for heavy all-terrain use, coming complete with front-bumper tow hooks to four-wheel-drive systems.

It comes with a powerful engine and a standard eight-speed automatic transmission to keep you in peak torque with ease. Moreover, its central features a Quadra-Drive II 4WD system that can transfer up to 100% power to a single wheel.


Jeep Grand Cherokees are great off-road vehicles, and they can meet the needs of many drivers. These SUVs are among the best vehicles that perform great off-road and on-road.

While Wrangler may be much better for off-road, they can match the Grand Cherokees on-road performance. Therefore, if you are looking for a versatile off-road vehicle that can still be handy and comfortable for on-road driving, the Jeep Grand Cherokee is for you. Photo by Travis Essinger on Unsplash