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Best Jeep Lift Kit for Highway Driving

Are you one of those who love to get the jeep engine started every weekend for a tour with your buddies? If that is the case then more often than not, you have felt the need for a jeep lift kit!

This is important because, with this, you can have larger tires and better ground clearance. Now that you are already reading this, there is a probability that you want to know about some of the best jeep lifters in the market. Well, that is exactly what we are trying to help you with, in this article.

5 Recommended Jeep Lifts kits for Highway Driving:

Rough Country 2.5″ Lift Kit

This product from Rough Country has gained a lot of popularity over the years, primarily owing to the great bundle of benefits it comes up with.

Also, the company in itself brings along a level of trust in the buyers, and the product does not demean it in any way.
If you are using a 2007-2018 Jeep Wrangler JKs, this is the exact jeep lift kit you are looking for. It is an accessory that would help boost your jeep’s performance to a great extent and no matter for what exact reason you are using the lifts, they are most likely to fulfill them.

This jeep lift kit helps you have a clearance of 2.5″ which adds to the suspensions and provides a better ride experience in the car. This is undoubtedly a great fit if you are a frequent mountain or hill station traveler.

This jeep lift would give you all the freedom to roll over giant boulders that you would have otherwise been worrying about.

The installation of the product is simple, and anyone can do it. The simple bolt-on feature ensures a lightning-fast installation which, in a way, adds to the benefits. Thus, it would not need you to keep your beast with the mechanic for long. In case you are aware of the basics, you can install the jeep lifts yourself too.


  1.  Provides a high lift for both front and rear wheels.
  2.  Easy to install
  3.  Increases ground clearance
  4.  Adds on to the aesthetics


  1. For a 35″ tire, rubbing may occur with extreme articulation.
  2. The installation instructions are not the easiest to decipher.

TeraFlex 1155200 JK Leveling Kit

When it comes to car accessories, there are not many that are as popular as this company. The quality of the products and the way the company provides the aftersales makes the company one of the best.

Those points surely make us bound to check every accessory that they bring in the market and gauge them as per their caliber.
With this leveling kit, you would not have to make peace with the lower front tires and add on to the clearance and the attitude of your jeep. However, the company promises all that with the least amount of modifications possible.

The kit adds 2″ clearance to the front wheel and about 1″ clearance to the rear wheel. Thus surely making it a great competitor for the best leveling kit in the market.

This kit is perfectly suited for a 33″ tire. It would help get your car leveled, which would help you make way for the more decadent accessories you might have installed for yourself or plan to, such as the winch and bumpers.

Although there are quite a few significant points to ponder upon for this tire, there is one point that you would love to check for yourself, and that is the fact that they do not come with shocks.

So, if you are keen to get a shockproof experience, then, possibly you can’t depend on this kit to help you.


  1.  Great for leveling
  2. Well suited for 33″ tires


  1. Not recommended for 35″ tires
  2.  Does not come with shocks

TrueTwo 2.5 Inch Coil Spacer Suspension

TrueTwo coil spacer suspension fits in all the Jeep Wrangler JK Wranglers of all years and all designs. This is a great boon as in the future if you wish to upgrade your car, in all probability, these would fit in there too. Thus helping you have a better experience.

The product is constructed sturdily to support heavy vehicles in challenging terrains.
The kit products are made up of lifetime grade polyurethane, which is one of the best of its kind in the market when constructing the products of this type.

Thus, they are the products that are known well for their toughness. The product as a whole comes with two front and two back spacers.

Once the spacers are installed, the clearance that the cars get enhanced with is about 2.5″ in case you do not wish to put in the spacers; then you would have a clearance of about 2″ with the kit.

However, if you are looking to get the most oversized tires possible, then it is recommended that you should have the spacers installed.

This kit has one advantage over many of its peers. It’s just the simple fact that you can very easily return the car to the stock height.

If you are one of those who do not like owning a car but instead prefer leasing or renting a vehicle, this can add to your bucket list! Install them and remove them at your will.


  1. Serves all Jeep Wrangler JK Wranglers
  2. Good quality materials
  3.  Easy to unmount


  1.  A bit on the costlier side.

TeraFlex 1155300 JT: 1.5″ Performance Spacer Leveling Kit

Don’t want to have a car with too big a clearance but then you need to add some to get going? Here is the product that you might have been waiting for long.

The TeraFlex spacer leveling kit. Unlike many others in the list, here you have a leveler that simply does meet the requirement without overdoing it.

This 1.5″ spacer leveler kit is perfectly suited for you if you have aged people at your place who would not easily climb on to your car if you make it too high, and sometimes, you don’t need them that high either.

The maximum tire width that you can expect for this product is around 33″. This is because you would otherwise need a larger clearance and you might not just opt for it.

It’s perfectly fitted in case you are not much of a mountain lover or don’t carry your cars to the hill stations often. The typical road bumpers would be dealt with this kit quite easily.

In case, you want to put in a few shock absorbers, well, then you have the product to do the same. This product is well suited for you to have the shock absorbers and would imbibe them within themselves. They are beautifully well designed.

However, if you have a car that comes with plastic bumpers, then the same has to be removed before going along. So, if you are not comfortable with that, well, you can surely get your hands on some other products.


  1. Family-friendly product
  2.  Designed to support shock absorbers


  1. Does not allow 35″ tires
  2. Cars with plastic bumpers have to do away with the bumpers

Daystar, Jeep TJ Wrangler 1.75″ Front or Rear Lift Kit

Daystar promises a great product that is bound to excite every jeep owner. Thus, the product features in our list have various upper hands over the others in the market.

Let us now check out the best ones for ourselves and hope that it indeed does help!
With this product, strike a perfect chord between being family-friendly while at the same time making sure that you have adequate clearance, almost good enough to travel on any terrain.

This 1.75″ lift kit is well designed to give you an outstanding balance, possibly the one you have been thinking about for a long.

This kit is simple and easy to use. You would not have to worry much about installing them as they are possibly one of the easiest in the market to install. They do not come with tons of useless accessories but are finely packed to meet the needs every time you have one.

The jeep lift kit is designed to have better ground clearance and make itself an all-terrain product.
So, this again confirms the first point that you have an excellent fit for your family and friends at the same time and the large tires that you can install with the help of these lifts would only help you have a better and safer experience.

The product is made of high-density polyurethane which promises greater longevity. They are rigid and sturdy products that are well designed to undergo heavy pressure for extended periods.


  1.  Is an excellent fit for families and tours
  2.  Made of high-density polyurethane
  3.  Easy installation


  1. Does not provide enough clearance for 33″ tires

Buying Guide (Things to consider before getting a Jeep Lift Kit)

Let us now delve deep into understanding what exactly is the need for the jeep lifts and try to understand what exactly we should be looking at while buying one of the kits.

Understand Your Needs:

Understanding your needs is most important when buying a jeep lift kit. Question yourself and try to understand why exactly you are buying a jeep lift.

Is it because you want to travel on bouncy roads or are looking for better tires or simply because you want to increase the aesthetics of your car. On the other hand, you should also ask yourself how extensively you would be using the jeep to benefit from the jeep lifts. Once you have an answer to these questions, well, you are half done with choosing your jeep lift.

Type of Lifts

There are various types of lifts that have multiple functionalities. Here are a few:

a. Body lifts:

They do not affect the suspension but do add to the clearance and the aesthetics. Hard rubber materials are generally sandwiched between the body and the frame of the car.

b. Levelling Kits:

Generally, the front clearance is lower than the back clearance. As a result, the back tires can avail larger tires, but the same is not the case for the front tires. The levelling kits help the front tire and clearance level with the back tires and clearance.

c. Suspension Lifts:

This one is the costliest and most effective one for any jeep that you might be using. The kit comes with new shocks, coils, frame components, and sometimes even steering parts. It gives your car a complete makeover.

Ease Of Installing:


Well, here you are. Now that you have chosen the best kit for you, you should consider installing them.
Even before you buy them, consider how easy or difficult it would be to install them, especially if you are looking forward to installing them yourself.

There are various types of lifts available in the market; you can surely choose among them to get the one that meets your needs.

Well, there are a few more points that you might love to ponder. However, they are not the most important ones. The most important ones that you would have to look out for have been listed above.

Conclusion on Jeep Lift Kits

With this article, we tried to make your experience with the jeep just a tad bit better, and we do sincerely hope that we have been able to do the same for you.

We understand that every owner has a different set of needs and desires from the car and thus, we have tried to give a list of products that are as diverse as possible to fit every user’s needs.

With this installation, you would have a better and safer experience. The few things you need to consider are also mentioned to check out the products for yourself.