off road trail in Tennessee

Jeep Trails in Tennessee

With the ever-increasing love for SUVs and off-road vehicles, the hunt for the best jeep trails is on the rise globally.

Therefore, this article aims at providing an insight into the best jeep trails available to the residents of Tennessee which can provide them with an excellent chance of fulfilling their long quest for offroading as per their needs.

Please do note, there are many more jeep trails in Tenessee but I wanted to keep the list as concise as possible by choosing the best ones.

Top 5 Jeep Trails in Tenessee

Windrock Trail

The Windrock Trail spans over a length of over 40km and is perfectly suited for amateur and newcomer drivers as the track carries light traffic and is therefore rated as a moderate level trail in terms of the difficulty experienced by drivers.

The track offers an overall elevation gain of 1307m and is located near Oliver Springs. As evident from the image shown below, the track promises an entertaining experience for fans and enthusiasts of the sport.

Ride Royal Blue Trail

The Ride Royal Blue Trail is another one of the excellent jeep trails present in Tennessee and with an overall elevation gain of 1348m and a length of over 42km, this trail is the perfect choice for fans that are on the hunt for a trail that offers moderate level difficulty to the interested individuals living near the Pioneer area.

Another attraction of this trail is that it offers a loop sort of route type and thus the fans of off-roading can do multiple rounds of the track.

Individuals that have visited the trail have rated it as an awesome experience as it features a large number of waterfalls, streams, and awesome mountain views which make the overall experience extremely fascinating.

Brimstone Extended Loop

For individuals that reside near Huntsville and want a more serious experience that has been rated as Hard by others, Brimstone Extended Loop is the way to go as this trail offers a plethora of fun-filled activities that ensure that fans and enthusiasts of off-roading visit this place time and again.

With an elevation gain of 5410m and a length of more than 196km, this loop type route provides a large number of gorgeous and breath-taking views.

The beauty of this track is that it is filled with wildlife and thus the individuals that love animals and birds find it especially attractive. The trail has been rated as a 5 out of 5 experience by the visitors and is thus a must-go site for lovers of off-roading.

Persimmon Loop Trail

The Chattanooga area of Tennessee has a hidden gem that is well equipped to cater to the needs of the fans and enthusiasts of off-roading sports.

This gem is the Persimmon Loop Trail which has an overall elevation gain of only 299m and a length of approximately 9km.

However, the track is laden with breathtaking views and this is the reason why it is a commonly visited site for nature trips and off-road driving. The track is full of creek crossings and thus the drivers need to beware of the large rocks which at times make the overall experience quite challenging.

Final Verdict on Jeep Trails in Tennessee

These jeep trails in Tennessee give the lovers of the off-road genre an outstanding opportunity to enjoy and so all interested individuals must make the most out of the experience offered by these trails.