what is tip start

What is Tip Start

A common feature in Jeeps that is an alternative to the push start. Nowadays, the push start is very common in almost every car but there were some stops on the road to get here.

One of the most remarkable pieces of technology and innovation was seen in the models of Jeep that offered the Tip Start.

Basically, it is an automatic start function in which you don’t have to keep the key in the crank position to get the car to start ignition. You just have to put it in the crank position once and the starter motor is turned on electronically.

The system has a lot of potentials to do other things and add features to the Jeep models as it is an electric system. Features such as remote start can be added to the car upon the tip start.

A remote start module can be added by the owners themselves or get it done from the dealership instead. The key fob also gets changed in the whole process.

No changes in the internal wiring or computer systems of the Jeep need to be done so they must be avoided at all costs.

One major concern that arises from all this is the fact that the starter motor may get overheated if the car does not start due to some problem in the engine.

This is just speculations and does not actually happen due to preventive systems installed from the factory by Jeep.

If for some reason the engine does not start up, the computer systems onboard stop the engine from cranking after a set time that is preprogrammed.

This leaves no room for error in this regard. Jeep owners share their experiences with this technology as a very good one, to say the least.

Online forums are filled with customer submissions on this topic. Almost all of them take some time to get a hang of how the system works but after some time get used to it.

Jeep owners who then switch to other vehicles need some time to get rid of their old habits with this system as well. To many, this may seem like a useless quirky feature but from the designer’s point of view, it makes a lot of sense and adds value to the vehicle.

Vehicles that come with conventional start-up systems where you have to hold the key in crank position often tend to wear out after some time in the car’s life.

It is a component that goes through sheer force and pressure which leads to it being replaced after it gets loose or just breaks.

This is then a common reason to visit the dealership or mechanics to get a replacement. As Jeep is an American owned and run company, the technology seemed to be found in other American car brand’s vehicles as well.

Some models of Dodge vehicles also had the same Tip Start system in them before going to the now well-known push start.

Conclusion on Jeep Tip Start

With the advances in technology, the automotive industry is also advancing coming with new features and tech. I hope this article shed some light on explaining what tip start is