Check engine light on cheokee

2014 jeep Cherokee Check Engine Light [Common Causes]

Getting a check engine light on your expensive automobile is just the start of a bad day that then turns into a very bad time for you. It can lead to endless costs and countless trips to the mechanic.

If you own a 2014 Jeep Cherokee model and the check engine light is on, there could be a solution for it that might not be that costly and will not mean that you have to go to the dealership or your trusty mechanic.

Common Causes of Cherokee Check Engine Light

Most owners of a Jeep Cherokee 2014 model have reported this issue that their SUV seems to run fine but the check engine light is showing.

This does not have to mean that something very serious is wrong. It could only mean that the suction valve on the internal covering of the gas tank is not closing as properly as it should and there are certain small amounts of fuel getting evaporated.

This mostly happens after the car has been run for eighty thousand miles or may even show at less or more miles drive time.

What to Do When You get Check Engine Light on Your 2014 Cherokee

This possibility is certainly checked by using a car computer code scanner. You will have to plug in the scanner with the onboard computer dock of the car and then check it for codes.

The code you will be on the lookout for is P0456 and also say Evap System Very Small Leak. This will give you a precise reading and tell you that the issue is in fact with the suction system in the gas tank and nothing very major to worry about.

The issue arises due to minor wear and tear in the hardware of the suction valve. It can also be due to certain rust being built up in that component.

This is mainly due to the reason that these models of Jeep vehicles do not use traditional gas tank caps, but instead the modern suction systems.

However, this issue can be dealt with at home with a simple trick. You will need a small can of the versatile WD 40. Just apply a generous amount of it to the suction component that you will easily be able to see once you open the gas tank.

It must be opened and closed a few times with the help of a thin and study tool or you can use your finger but be very careful with it. Then you just have to normally drive the SUV for a couple of miles (6-8 to be exact). The issue will be solved and the check engine light will be gone in no time.

You may use the car code scanner once again to be completely sure about the solution. This is just one example of some common issues in some vehicles that do not need to be dealt with the hard way and can be rectified at home and within minimal costs.


You rarely get the check engine light on a Cherokee but sometimes it does happen, I hope this article shed some light on possible causes and steps to try fix it.