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How Much Does a Jeep Cherokee Weight? (All Models Described)

If you are wondering how the weight of your Jeep Cherokee is, then you are in the right place. In this post, I am going to give you all the inside information so you get a better understanding of your Jeep Cherokee’s weight.

In short,

  • Jeep Cherokee SJ weighs 4,514 lb, 
  • Jeep Cherokee XJ weighs 3,357 lb,
  • Jeep Cherokee KJ weighs 4,312 lb,
  • Jeep Cherokee KK weights 4,780 lb, and
  • Jeep Cherokee KL weights 4,354 lb.

These are all curb weights meaning factory weights vehicle weight with full fuel tank and no-load for example passengers and cargo materials.

The Jeep Cherokee model has been in existence since 1974 when the first model, the SJ was launched. It has gone through 5 different models bringing it to the current KL model that ran from 2014 to date.

The first Jeep Cherokee was a full SUV while the current one is a crossover version. The model has gone through a number of facelifts and other modifications. The weight of your Jeep Cherokee will depend on which model and trim you have. Let’s look at these models one by one.

How Much Do Cherokees Weigh by Model

Jeep Cherokee SJ (Model years 1974–1983)

The Jeep Cherokee SJ was the first-ever Jeep Cherokee. Named after the American Cherokee Indian tribe, this Jeep was based on the Jeep Wagoneer that was considered by the market to be a family station wagon. The Jeep Cherokee was designed to appeal to the younger market.

The trim levels of the Jeep Cherokee over the SJ generation were the S (Sport), Chief, Golden Eagle, Golden Hawk, Limited, Classic, Sport, Pioneer, and Laredo.

It proved to be quite popular and succeeded in getting into the mainstream market that the Wagoneer was not able to penetrate. It had a ”sportier” look which gave it greater appeal with the mainstream and younger market demographic.

The Jeep Cherokee SJ has a Curb weight of 4,514 lb or 2,048 kg.

Jeep Cherokee (XJ) (Model years 1984–2001)

In 1984, the XJ was introduced. It was a radical shift from its predecessor. First of all, it was smaller with a boxier shape which was common in the 80s.

While the SJ was considered more along the lines of a truck, the XJ began to penetrate the general market and was looked at as a replacement for the station wagon and sedans of the time. This led to competitors introducing their own lines of SUVs.

The SJ was the first model to popularise the SUV tag but the XJ took it mainstream. It ran for nearly 2 decades up to 2001 when it was replaced by the KJ.

The second-generation Jeep Cherokee XJ has a Curb weight of 3,357 lb or 1,523 kg.

Jeep Cherokee (KJ) (Model years 2002–07)

In 2002, the KJ was introduced. It was called the Liberty in North America but sold as the Jeep Cherokee KJ in the rest of the world. Unlike its predecessor, it only ran for 5 years up to 2007. The KJ was manufactured in North America, Venezuela, and Egypt.

The third generation Jeep Cherokee KJ has a Curb weight of 4,312 lb or 1,956 kg.

Jeep Cherokee (KK) (Model years 2008–13)

In 2008, the Jeep Cherokee KK was released. In North America, it kept the Jeep Liberty name but was completely redesigned. It had a boxier and bulkier look and feel to it. It was also the first Jeep to be marketed under a different name as the Dodge Nitro.

Unfortunately, the sales for this model were not great which led to it being discontinued. There were other models under the Jeep banner that offered a better economy and overall value for money.

The fourth-generation Jeep Cherokee KK has a Curb weight of 4,780 lb or 2,168 kg.

Jeep Cherokee (KL) (Model years 2014–present)

In 2014, the KL was born. It regained the Cherokee badge in North America. It had a 45% better fuel economy than its predecessors. The model received a slight facelift in 2019 and is the current version on the market.

Lastly, the 5 th generation Jeep Cherokee KL has a Curb weight of 4,354 lb or 1,975 kg.

Jeep Cherokee weight Table

Cherokee ModelCurb Weight
Jeep Cherokee SJ4,514 lb (2,048 kg)
Jeep Cherokee XJ3,357 lb (1,523 kg)
Jeep Cherokee KJ4,312 lb (1,956 kg)
Jeep Cherokee KK4,780 lb (2,168 kg)
Jeep Cherokee KL4,354 lb (1,975 kg)

Conclusion on How Much Do Cherokees Weigh

The weights given in this article are Curb weights for each model. The actual Gross weight will vary according to the trim and the engine size on that particular trim.

I hope this article has helped shed some light on this topic and that you have a better idea of how much your Jeep Cherokee weighs. If you have any further questions or comments I encourage you to leave them in the comment box below.