jeep license plate ideas

Jeep License Plate Ideas

Jeep is one of the fastest-growing vehicle brands in America, and most people love to customize their Jeep. When it comes to installing a license plate on a Jeep, every driver wants personalized or vanity plates.

If you are looking for license plate ideas for your Jeep, you have landed on the right page. There are many Jeep license plate ideas for Wranglers, Grand Cherokees, Gladiators, and Patriots.

In the US, the appearance of the license plate is usually chosen to have symbols, slogans, colors linked to the issuing Jurisdiction. Fortunately, every state in America allows drivers to use personalized or prestigious license plates at an extra cost.

Vanity license plates frequently use symbols, letters, numbers, punctuation symbols, plus signs, and many more. Here are ten Jeep license plate ideas that you can incorporate in your Jeep in any state of the US.

License Plate Ideas for Jeeps


If you are buying a Jeep for the first time, you can have the GOTJEEP vanity plate installed on it. Having a Jeep is one of the great things off-road enthusiasts cherish a lot.

It will help you enjoy spending your weekends driving off-roads. So, GOTJEEP plate signifies that you are happy with your Jeep and you love how it serves you. You can try it and let the world know that you have a Jeep!


The PMPKN99 is a perfect vanity license plate for an orange or red Jeep. Whether it’s a truck or an SUV, your Jeep will look great in this personalized license plate.

You will love it even more if you are a Halloween fan. Think of riding an orange-colored Jeep that has a PMPKN99 plate on Halloween. It sounds great, right? If you are looking forward to buying a Jeep Compass or a Red Wrangler, you can try this vanity plate.


If you think that the 45th president of the United States sucks, you can have the MAYHM45 vanity license plate installed on your Jeep. MAYHM45 can translate to Mayhem 45, meaning the mayhem of the 45th president of the US. But if you don’t care much about politics, read on to see more exciting Jeep license plate ideas.


Jeeps are typically a great cure when it comes to overcoming objectionable terrains. If you believe it, you can use your Jeep license plate to encourage anyone affected by horrible diseases like cancer.

Generally, CURE4U is a cancer awareness personalized license plate. If cancer has affected you or someone close to you, the CURE4U combined with other slogans like Hope, Faith, and Love can be a great license plate idea.


Are you looking forward to buying a Jeep Grand Cherokee but don’t know what license plate you want to use? Well, HALAEVA1 can make a great license plate for your Grand Cherokee. It could actually mean Hail EVA or anything personal you may want it to mean for your Jeep.


UOENO is another excellent Jeep license plate idea. It’s more of a mis-abbreviation of “You Don’t Even Know.” There is also a song entitled U.O.E.N.O by Rocko, and so the personalized license could also be a nod to the song.


This one is for Jeep Grand Cherokee enthusiasts. The vanity license plate means a Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk with a 707HP supercharged Hellcat V-8 beneath the hood.

It signifies that your Jeep is one of the most powerful SUV ever built in the world. Let people know that your Jeep is rugged enough to take you virtually everywhere.


Creative people are better when it comes to dealing with uncertainties and acclimating their minds to allow the easy flow of the unknown. The CR8V is definitely a creative way to get a vanity license plate, and it means ‘creative.’ Be creative enough to utilize your CR8V fully while riding off-road.


This is one of the coolest religious Jeep vanity license plate ideas. You can have it on any Jeep and tell the world that you love God.

JOH 3 3

JOH 3 3 is another fascinating vanity plate for religious Jeep enthusiasts. It refers to the Bible verse John 3: 3, which emphasizes that one has to be born again to see the Kingdom.


While each state in the US allows vanity plates, the state of Virginia is known to have the highest number of registered personalized plates.

After all, it’s one of the states that have the most Jeep drivers. If you have just acquired a Jeep and you don’t like the standard license plate, you can always get a better vanity plate that pleases you.

The license plate ideas presented above are exceptional and unique for different drivers in the Jeep community. Don’t hesitate to try the one that impressed you!