comparing jeep cherokee v6 to v8

Jeep Grand Cherokee V6 vs V8: Which One You Should Get

The Jeep Grand Cherokee is a top SUV that comes with high performance and a powertrain. Before buying a Jeep Grand Cherokee you may ask yourself: V6 vs V8?

The vehicle is among the great family haulers in the market. It can also navigate through challenging off-road trails without any problem. Therefore, if you are looking for more driving excitement on the highways and trails, then this is a perfect option.

However, the Jeep model can either have a V6 or V8 engine type. But the engine performance is slightly different.

The core difference between the grand Cherokee V6 and V8 engine is that the former has 295-horsepower and 260 lb-ft of torque while that latter has 360-horsepower and 390 lb-ft of torque.

I have researched these engines to help jeep enthusiasts make the right decision. Keep reading to learn more about the differences between V6 and V8 engines.


Jeep Grand Cherokee V6 vs V8 – Crucial Differences


Fuel Efficiency

Fuel consumption is one thing that normally drains the wallet of many Jeep enthusiasts. The issue tends to give them a headache when choosing one of their favorite Jeep models.

I recommend looking at the fuel economy of V6 and V8 before making any purchase. The information will help you make an informed decision.


Grand Cherokee with V6 Engine

The V6 engine offers a decent performance and gas mileage. The average fuel consumption is around 26 mpg on the highway, which are 9L per 100 km. It forms a great SUV for daily commuters due to fuel economy.

However, traversing the trails will make the ride to be a little bit thirty. Thus, it will consume more fuel to generate the power of navigating through challenging trails.


Grand Cherokee with V8 Engine

The V8 engine is quite thirsty, and the quality can drain your bank account. The average fuel consumption is around 14 mpg on the highway, which are 16.8 L per 100 km.

Hence, not suitable for a daily commuter. Riding through challenging trails tend to make things worse. The engine will consume more fuel to generate extra power for traversing the rough terrain.

The New Grand Cherokee has a decent gas mileage. But this depends on the engine model fitted on it. The winner under fuel efficiency is the V6 engine. The good news is that it stills offer the best performance though slightly lower than the V8 engine.


Engine Performance

Jeep Grand Cherokee has multiple powertrain options. The performance of the vehicle depends on the engine specifications. This is one area to pay a lot of attention to before making any rush decisions.


Grand Cherokee with V6 Engine

The V6 engine specifications are 295 horsepower and 260 lb-ft of torque. These features still indicate that the engine has excellent performance and power.

The SUV will be able to tackle rough terrains during outdoor activities with ease. The risk of getting stuck in the wilderness is quite minimal.


Grand Cherokee with V8 Engine

The Hemi V8 engine specifications are 360 horsepower and 390 lb-ft of torque. This is a clear indication that the Hemi engine offers unbeatable performance and generates more power.

Therefore, the vehicle can traverse the roughest terrain around the world. Keep in mind that it also provides a mind-numbing acceleration on the highway.

The performance of these engines on both on-road and off-road is slightly different. But the Hemi V8 engine may carry the day under this category. It is ideal for those drivers looking for more muscle and has more desire for thrills.


Stability and Handling

The stability and handling qualities are things that make Grand Cherokee the safest SUVs on the road. The even weight distribution help to make the vehicle more stable and easy to handle while driving.


Grand Cherokee with V6 Engine

The V6 Grand Cherokee models have an even weight distribution. Therefore, there is no issue when it comes to driving around corners, curves, and turns.

The less tendency to drift to the outer edge while accelerating makes the V6 engine superb. Thanks to the fewer cylinders that bring stability for better handling.


Grand Cherokee with V8 Engine

The Hemi V8 engine has more cylinders. These extra features tend to interfere with stability and performance. The vehicle will have a tough time accelerating, which might increase the risk of drifting to the outer edge.

Therefore, improving the performance of the V8 engine can be tricky. This issue will affect the stability and handling of the vehicle.

The Grand Cherokee model fitted with a V6 engine emerges the winner under this category. The few cylinders bring weight balance, which spearheads stability and better handling. Therefore, the Jeep model can negotiate tight corners without facing any problem.


Noise Production

A car that produces a lot of noise while driving can be irritating. The noise can make other jeep drivers laugh at you while hitting the highway. However, noise production depends on the type of engine fitted to your SUV.


Grand Cherokee with V6 Engine

The Jeep model with a V6 engine usually produces minimal noise when driving. The noise is considered normal, and it is not an indicator of a problem. The reduced noise will not cause nerve fatigue while driving, even for long-distance.


Grand Cherokee with V8 Engine

The V8 engine has numerous cylinders. These additional features enable the Grand Cherokee to generate more power. This is the reason behind the massive sound. The good news is that the great noise has nothing to do with mechanical issues.

If you are looking for a more peaceful journey, then Grand Cherokee with a V6 engine is a better option. It only produces the normal noise that cannot get into your nerves. Therefore, the V8 engine is the loser under this category.


Pros and Cons of Jeep Grand Cherokee V6 vs V8

The Grand Cherokee V6 and V8 engines have some close similarities. These engines are lightweight and have a compact design that fosters higher performance.

If you are looking to buy one of these Grand Cherokee models, you need to consider their advantages and disadvantages. These special features and drawbacks will help you to make the right choice.

Pros of Grand Cherokee V6

  • Fuel economy
  • Relatively affordable
  • Produce minimal noise
  • Offer powerful towing capacity.
  • Tend to be more stable and have better handling

Cons of Grand Cherokee V6

  • Low performance
  • Not ideal for the toughest terrain

Pros of Grand Cherokee V8

  • Has more cargo capacity
  • Has higher ceiling power
  • Quit suitable for traversing tough terrains

Cons of Grand Cherokee V8

  • Consume more fuel
  • Has poor handling and stability
  • Generate a lot of noise when driving

Conclusion on Jeep Grand Cherokee V6 vs V8

The choice of a Jeep grand Cherokee model depends on what the driver wants to achieve. If the driver is looking to accomplish heavy tasks, then the V8 engine is a perfect option.

On the other hand, if the driver is looking for a daily commuter car, then the V6 engine is a great deal. The Grand Cherokee engine type does not consume a lot of fuel and generates disturbing noise.