cost to replace a wrangler engine

Jeep Wrangler Engine Replacement Cost

If you have a broken engine in your Jeep Wrangler or just want to replace your old engine with a new one, you need to know how much it will cost.

Replacing a jeep wrangler engine is not something that should be done without serious consideration beforehand. A better plan would be to call professional mechanics who could help you estimate the cost of replacing the engine in your vehicle.

The average cost of replacing a jeep wrangler engine ranges between $3500 to $6500, if you are lucky to find it under 3000 then the likelihood of the labor being cheaper is slim.

Can you replace a Jeep wrangler engine?

Yes. Jeep wranglers can be easily replaced. You can do it yourself, but unless you are highly skilled, this is not recommended. However, professional mechanics will replace an engine for you and the replacement cost can be quite high.

Is it worth replacing a Jeep Wrangler engine?

This mostly depends on the condition of your vehicle. If your engine is broken and has no chance of being repaired, it may be better to replace it. If the engine can be repaired and if you have the time and skills to do so, then it may not be worth replacing an engine.

How long does it take to replace a Jeep Wrangler engine?

Changing or replacing a jeep wrangler engine is a pretty big task that usually takes several hours. This is why it is important to be extremely careful when removing the old engine and replacing it with a new one. The best time to do this is in the morning because most shops close at 5 pm.

Factors that affect the overall price of replacing a Jeep Wrangler engine

There are several factors that affect the price of replacing a jeep wrangler engine. Some of these factors include time, labor, manufacturer of the engine, and parts.


Labor is usually the most expensive part of the price. This is because it takes several hours to replace an engine, especially the Jeep wrangler engine. You will need to have your vehicle disassembled and then put back together again.


The manufacturer also affects the overall price of replacing a jeep wrangler engine. Most mechanics usually buy their parts from a specific supplier who usually carries various brands of engines and parts. If you want your mechanic to use OEM parts, you will have to pay a bit more for it.


As earlier mentioned, replacing a jeep wrangler engine is quite a tedious task. Sometimes, you might have to wait for the parts to arrive just so your mechanic can finish the job within a few hours.

Jeep wrangler engine rebuild cost

The average cost to rebuild a jeep wrangler engine is $1700, you will probably have to pay more for parts because most auto-part suppliers will not sell a do it yourself Jeep wrangler engine rebuild kit. however, these costs include labor .you might be able to find a used engine for less as well.

Is it better to replace or rebuild a jeep wrangler engine?

This is a hard question to answer and probably depending on your budget and the confidence you have in your mechanic. In most cases, It may be better to replace the engine rather than rebuild it because of time and skill constraints.

A rebuilt engine is not sold as an assembly which means that you will have to assemble much of the engine yourself. Assembling an engine takes longer than replacing an engine because there are several components that need to be put into place in order for it to work properly. With that said it is cheaper to rebuild an engine than it is to replace it.

There are several cons of rebuilding a jeep wrangler engine that can make you wish to replace the engine instead. The most significant of the cons is that it takes time and skill to do this work correctly, whether you’re planning on replacing or rebuilding the Jeep wrangler engine.


Replacing a jeep wrangler engine is faster than rebuilding an engine. You will be done quicker if you replace the engine, even when it is a used engine.

If your mechanic knows what he/she is doing, you should be done in no time. On the other hand, if there are problems with your jeep wrangler engine and they cannot figure out how to fix it or what is wrong with it, replacing it with a used jeep wrangler engine may take longer to get done than rebuilding an engine.


Re-building an engine can take much skill. A mechanic should have the skills and know-how to build an engine.

The used jeep wrangler engine has several advantages and disadvantages depending on what you are looking for.

Many people build their own engines for a lot more than simple horsepower, rather they plan to get some additional parts as well or they want something that can be upgraded in the future (like a turbo).