explaining quick order packages

Jeep Quick Order Packages (Explained)

In this post, we are going to be looking at the different Jeep Quick Order packages that are available today. This is an area that confuses people a bit and also doesn’t have a lot of information on it on the internet.  This article aims to help you understand the Jeep Quick Order packages.

What is the Jeep Quick Order Package?

Jeep quick order packages are the base trims of the different models that offer different add-on packages. You have an option to pick out the order package that you want straight from the factory.

You can order the quick order package directly from the dealership or from Jeep itself. Ordering from the factory will require a waiting period of 1 or 2 months before you get your vehicle.

It seems like a bit of a long waiting period to endure but some would argue that it’s worth the wait when you receive your new Jeep without any test drive mileage on it.

Whether this is an issue or not for you solely depends on your personal taste. Now, let’s look at some of the Jeep Quick Order Packages and the Differences between each one in the Jeep Wrangler.

You can expect to fork out $34,000 (according to CarAndDriver) for the Wrangler Unlimited Sport . The quick order package you choose will determine how much more you will be paying on top of that price. The added cost will range anywhere from $2,000 to $6,395.

Different Quick Order Packages Available

Now, let’s look at the different order packages and just how much more you will need to pay for your preferred package. The table below shows you the order package, what it comes with, and how much extra you will have to pay in order for each.

Quick Order Packages Comparison Table

PackageFeaturesAdditional Cost
2-BNo added features$0
2-K Sport 17x7.5 Moab black aluminum wheels
 4WD swing gate decal
 Anti lock 4WD HD brakes
 Black grille
 Deep tint windows
 Mold in color bumper
 Matte black Jeep Badge
2-S Sport 17x7.5 silver aluminum wheels
 Air conditioning
 Automatic headlamps
 Leather Wrapped Steering
 Deep tint windows
 Remote keyless entry
 Heated mirrors
 Power windows
2-L Altitude 110mph max speed calibration

 Altitude package
 Anti lock 4WD HD brakes
 18x7.5 gloss black aluminum wheels
 Black accents inside
 Deep tint windows
 Heavy duty gas shock suspension
 Powered heated mirrors
 Remote keyless entry
2-F Freedom American flag decal
 17x7.5 aluminum wheels
 Deep tint windows
 Trail rated badge (black)
 Leather seats
 Leather wrapped steering wheel
 Powered heated mirrors
 Remote keyless entry
 Matte black Jeep badge
2-J Islander 7 inch Ucconect 4 system
 17x7.5 silver aluminum w2heels
 Air conditioning
 Air filtration system
 Apple carplay
 Google Android Auto
 Deep tint windows
 Islander package
 Leather wrapped steering
 Powered heated mirrors
 Car alarm system
2-W Willy’s 17x7.5 black aluminum wheels
 97mph max speed calibration
 Deep tint windows
 Voice Command
 Bluetooth
 LED headlights
 Leather wrapped steering
 Willy’s hood decal

As you can see, there are many options to choose from when it comes to the extras you will get with each package. This list only covers the main options of each package but there are many other smaller extras that are not listed here.

What does the Quick Order package mean?

The quick order package is the base package for each model of car. This includes a basic AM/FM radio and a basic speaker. The optional packages include additional features, such as a Leather-wrapped steering wheel and power heated mirrors, with an option to add additional features at an extra cost.

Conclusion on Jeep Quick Order Packages

The fact that there are now so many trims, as well as packages within those trims, is a testament to the wide appeal that Jeep has.

From the hard-core off-road enthusiasts who don’t need much in terms of the internal bells and whistles to the comfort-conscious “mall crawlers” who want something that looks and feels cool, there is something for everyone.

The fact of the matter is that the Jeep brand has gone a long way from Willy’s Jeep, the CJ, and all other subsequent models and trims.

Once known as a military vehicle and later introduced to the general market as a utility vehicle for farmers and the construction industry, the Jeep has managed to maintain a reputation for being a rough and rugged machine while also getting better in terms of style and comfort.