cj5 vs cj7 differences

Jeep CJ7 Vs CJ5: The Difference Between Them

Both Jeep CJ7 and CJ5 model series are great vehicles to consider. But the design and performance have made it tough to tell the difference. Many car enthusiasts have ended up believing in the speculations over the internet.

The main difference between CJ7 and CJ5 is that the former is quite huge and has automatic transmission while the latter is small and has a manual transmission.

I have also done comprehensive research to provide more ways on how to tell the differences. The information will help you choose the best CJ model series that suit your taste and preferences.

Which Is Better CJ5 or CJ7?

Telling the difference between CJ5 and CJ7 can be challenging. The military design and off-roading power have made the jeep model series quite popular.

The good news is that we provided the best features and reviews to help you make an informed decision before making any purchase. Take the time to read through the guide.

Size of the Vehicles

Here we will talk about the overall size and physical appearances. These two features play a crucial role when it comes to off-roading activities. Besides that, it is one of the easiest ways to tell the difference between CJ7 and CJ5.

Jeep CJ7 Model Series

The classic jaguar 7 speed is larger. It is also longer and taller to create more wheelbase room. The more legroom enables the automobile to navigate through rough terrain without facing any challenges.

Jeep CJ5 Model Series

The classic jaguar 5 speed is relatively smaller. The good news is that it has a great performance for tight turns. Thanks to the massive width and short wheelbase. It is the perfect option for both on-road and off-road activities.

The winner under this category is the classic jaguar 7 speed. The long wheelbase and big size enable the ride to conquer many obstacles during off-roading activities. Also, body shape and size are quite proportional.

Vehicle Transmission

The transmission helps to tell a little bit about the historical background of these two automobiles. One of the cars was manufactured after advancement in technology to bring out additional features.

Jeep CJ7 Model Series

The Jeep model was introduced in 1976, but the production later ceased in 1986. The advancement in technology happens to the reason behind the production of the series. The introduction of the long-wheelbase spearheaded the automatic transmission of this classic jaguar series.

Jeep CJ5 Model Series

The production of this classic jaguar series started in 1954 and ceased in 1983. It is the period when technology was still inferior.

Therefore, the vehicle had only a manual transmission mode. There was no option for automatic transmission, and this was the reason behind the low performance.

The Jeep Classic Jaguar 7 speed is still the winner under this category. The long wheelbase and automatic transmission make the vehicle to have a superior performance over the classic jaguar 5-speed model.

Equipment Storage Space

The overall storage space of a car is quite important. These jeep series are commonly used for adventure and camping. Therefore, you will be expected to choose a model with adequate storage space to accommodate your camping gear.

Jeep CJ7 Model Series

If you are looking for a classic jaguar series with a large overall storage space, then CJ7 is a better option. The model comes with interior premium features that can help accommodate so many items at once.

Jeep CJ5 Model Series

The compact design of the series happens to be the reason behind the small size and reduced internal space. Therefore, the vehicle is likely to carry a small number of items compared to the CJ7 version.

The best option for avid campers is the classic jaguar 7-speed model. The adequate storage space is ideal for carrying large amounts of camping gear. Hence, the CJ7 model emerges as the winner under the category.

Cost of the Jeep Models

The price for new jeep models is quite different from those of older models. However, do not use the car price to determine performance and longevity.

Some jeep models are quite expensive, but they do have inferior performance.

Jeep CJ7 Model Series

This classic jaguar 7-speed series is a newer version. It is a clear indication that the vehicle has numerous premium features worth the value of your money.

Therefore, this could be the reason behind the elevated price when compared to the CJ5 series.

Jeep CJ5 Model Series

This is one of the older versions of the Jeep CJ series. It comes with fewer premium features, and this could be the reason behind the halting in production. Hence, the price is a little bit lower than the newer CJ versions in the market.

If you are operating on a tight budget, then the CJ5 series is a better option. But if you want a car with more premium features, then the CJ7 series is a good deal. Keep in mind that you will pay more for the CJ7 model series.

Pros and Cons for CJ7 vs CJ5

Each CJ series has its advantages and disadvantages. These are some of the things to put into consideration before choosing between the CJ5 and CJ7 series.

Pros of CJ7 Series

  • Has a high-quality soft-top
  • Has larger storage space
  • Has long-wheelbase to enhance off-road activities
  • Has automatic transmission that boosts general performance

Cons of CJ7 Series

  • Consume a lot of fuel
  • Quite expensive to acquire

Pros of CJ5 Series

  • Comparatively affordable
  • Quite fair on fuel consumption

Cons of CJ5 Series

  •  Less storage space
  • Difficult to find spare parts
  • A shorter wheelbase that hinders off-road activities
  • Has manual transmission that lowers performance

Conclusion on cj5 vs cj7

The information stated above about jeep CJ7 vs CJ5 will help you make an informed decision. Meanwhile, the jeep classic jaguar 7-speed model series is the best option due to its performance, stability, and sufficient storage space.

However, if you are looking for an ancient CJ model series, then CJ5 is a great option. But getting spare parts in case of a breakdown will be a difficult task. The vehicle model production ceased in 1983, which implies that there are no aftermarket parts.