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Best Coil Springs For Jeep TJ/JK/XJ

A smooth ride on a bumpy surface makes the journey quite a joy for all the passengers. Well, to get the smoothest rides, one of the best ways is to have a great spring system installed.

Thus, in the article below, we would give you a detailed list of Coil Springs for Jeep TJ, JK, and XJ which would help you zoom past the bumpy roads. Also, to help you find your fit, we would be sharing a few key points that you would have to keep in mind when you get the coil springs for your car.

List of coil springs For Jeep TJ, JK, and XJ

Here, we would discuss some of the best Coil Springs that would suit in perfectly for your Jeep TJ. Check out the features, the pros, and cons of the products, and then decide for yourself!

Rubicon Express RE1365 3.5″ Coil Spring

This coil spring is made keeping Jeep TJ in mind. It would not dishearten you or dampen your travel moods for a very long time.

It has several advantages over its competitors, and that is why it makes its way into the list.
First things first, the coil springs are perfectly suited to fit in the Jeep TJ. You can have it placed in your car and enjoy a better suspension system. Also, there would not be much to complain about when it comes to the product fitting in.

Keeping in mind the different users, the company has also come up with various coil springs variations. These coil springs are mostly of different sizes, which means that you can have multiple lift heights, and thus you might wish to plug in the one that suits your needs perfectly.

The higher lift height variants tend to put the chassis higher, which means you would have a better view of the car, but then remember, too high a chassis also means your car might get a tad bit difficult to board.

These US-made products offer the best quality durability, which means the load-carrying capacity of the Jeep would not be hampered by their installation. So, if you want to get your original coil springs replaced, this can be a great option.


1. Highly Durable
2. Various lift height


1. Not the easiest when it comes to installation

Rubicon Express RE1310 4.5″ Coil Spring

Once again, another Rubicon product, well, the manufacturers have been really thoughtful while designing the products. Thus, there is a reason why they keep featuring in the list.

This coil springs has a fan base of its own and is quite sought after. So let us check out the fantastic features that it has to offer.

Highly durable, hence one of the safest options available. So, this product is well known as one of the safest available. The durability of the product is, without a doubt, one of the essential factors which assure safety. So, you know that the product is durable too.

When it comes to installing the product, you would not have much technical knowledge to get the coils installed in your car. Thus, you might consider buying this if you are looking to install it yourself.

The coil springs help you have a greater load-carrying capacity. Unlike most other of its competitors who at times happen to dampen the weight carrying capacity; these spring coils help extend it quite a bit.


1. Durable Product
2. Safe
3. Enhances the load-carrying capacity


1. Intermediate functionality

Rough Country 2.5″ Lift Kit

Rough County has been a common name in many of the lists that we have come up with in the past, which is no exception. Here too, the product comes with too many thumbs up and would fit your needs.

These products come in a complete set of 4, which means that you can put on the springs for the back end and the front end almost with equal efficiency. This also means that you would have a smoother life on the road.

The powdered finish also provides a great texture to the product, which also helps increase its aesthetics. So, if you love to flaunt your vehicle, then here you have it!

The spring is exceptionally well made and comes with a promise of being corrosion-free. Also, you would get a 4inch standard lift on the installation of the product. This means that it further assures you a more comfortable ride!

However, having pointed out all the great aspects, we would like to state here that in case you are on a budget, you might just skip this for another one in the list, as this surely is not the cheapest option available.


1. Complete set is available
2. Great aesthetics


1. Higher price

Rubicon Express RE1358 7.5″ Coil Spring

We understand that you might now be a bit skeptical with us, for putting Rubicon again on the list, but then you would have to get one of them to understand why.

The first thing that must always cross your mind while buying the coil springs is the material. It is precisely here that you would completely root for this particular coil spring. The material that the product comes in is commendable.

The load-carrying capacity of the coil springs is just remarkable and one can surely vouch for it. Almost always, the material of the spring decides the load-carrying capacity.

However, this has to be kept in mind that it’s not the case still. There are instances when even with a great metal, the manufacturer cannot provide the users with a tremendous load-carrying capacity. But these particular Jeep coil springs are perfectly designed to meet the need.

The installation of the product is really simple and you would love to get them if you want to install your springs yourself.


1. Durable
2. Easy to install
3. Great design


1. Not suitable for users who are looking for a great lift height

Rubicon Express RE1363

Yes, you guessed it right! It’s Rubicon again. Well, sorry but we can’t help but drool over the products. These coil springs offer superior performance, are durable, and easy to install.

This product would meet all your functional requirements. By that we mean, you want your product to be strong, it is! You want the spring to be non-corrosive, it is. You name it; the coil has it, well, almost!

The installation process of the spring is again quite impressive. You do not have to be a mechanic to get them fitted in the right place.

The product offers users the best functionality on uneven roads. The coil springs also bring in an added weight carrying capacity which helps you have a better riding experience.

With all that, the product also provides an additional lift for the Jeep. With the superior design and finish, the product is quite an add on when it comes to aesthetics.


1. Great functionality
2. Quick Installation
3. Superior aesthetics


1. Price is a bit on the higher end.


Crucial Things to look for when buying Coil Springs for your Jeep Jl, JK or Xj

Now that you have read about a few products, you might still not be sure about the product you want.
Although there is no definite answer to this that we can help you with, for sure there is something that we would suggest to you.

I would recommend you the few most important things that you would have to check out every time you go out to get the springs, check out the same, and decide the product that would best suit your needs.


When you know that these coil springs would have to carry most of the car’s weight, you surely know that you need the material to be as tough as possible.

You would also have to keep in mind that the coil would be exposed to the external atmosphere, which means that it should be chemically inert, which means that it should not react easily.

Keeping this in mind, if you do not have a budget constraint, then we would suggest that you should go for steel or titanium products. Although off-late the plastic variants are gaining popularity, we are not very satisfied by their performance.


While you have already checked on and ticked the material part, you might start thinking that you have already taken care of the durability part.

However, that is not the case, among the steel or titanium products, various products are more resistant than others. Some have superior finishes or better metal densities that make them better than the rest.

So, when you go ahead to buy the next product, check if they have been tensile tested and make sure that you read the details of the product to get a proper idea about the coil springs’ durability.


The easiest step in fixing your coil springs is buying them. Once you have decided on which spring coil you want to settle for, all you would have to look out for is installation.

Let us caution you that do not confuse the installation of the coil springs with the other simple accessories like the light bars. So, when you do check for your product.

Make sure you understand the installation process. Also, decide for yourself if you want to get your mechanics going on this. In case you want your mechanics to get their hands dirty on the product, this might not be such a deal, if you do not want them, well then it’s of utmost importance.


Of what help would the warranty card be if your coil springs for Jeep TJ fail amid a beautiful vacation or on a super bumpy road in the midst of nowhere? Well, you are correct.

It’s entirely of no use! Having said that, the warranty period of the products only gives you an idea about how confident the manufacturers are with their products.

The higher the warranty period, the more confident the manufacturers would be about their product. Thus, the fewer chances of them failing!

Vehicle Lift:

If you want to have a superior view of the car at hand, then in all possibility you would love to showcase your springs which means you would love to have an outstanding Jeep lift.

In that case, you should keep the vehicle lift offered by the spring that you are about to buy. However, remember that if you are not much into showoffs, this point would be of no help and you can completely ignore this.


A fresh set of springs for your favorite beast is not something that comes cheap. It would cost you a few hundred dollars to get one if you are willing to settle for the best.
Now when you are buying something that costs so much, definitely you should look at the price tag. You must first decide on a budget that you want to invest in and must not overshoot it. While having said that you should also try to get the most out of your investment. So, decide the price before you hop on to the purchase.


We have given you a list of the products we think are the best to find these days. Also, help you with the checklist that you might have to refer to while buying the product we do hope that now you would not falter in choosing the right coil spring for your Jeep.

However, many riders might just not agree with us on either the list or might wish us to include a few other points while writing the buying guide.

In that case, please feel free to comment below.
We hope you did like the article, let us know in the comment section, and passing this off to your friends and well-wishers.