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Why Are Jeep Wranglers So Popular

Whether you love cars or just have one in mind that you’d like to own, you undoubtedly have come across a jeep. There are also high chances that you liked the car and all that it had to offer.

So, what is the hype with the jeep? Is it really this good or is it just another overrated car? The jeep has been in existence since 1941.

Honestly, that’s more than enough time to keep adjusting the original design to have something that car owners would love. Its powerful engine and robust body are some of the reasons why the U.S army used the jeep for their transportation.

Besides, it has many other features that make it so popular. In this article, you will learn about all the features the jeep has to offer and get to see why everyone is talking about it.

Why Do People like Jeeps

There is no competition with a jeep

Is there any competition with jeeps? It has all in one, and you get all the good features in one car. In most cases, you find that the car is good at this, but the other thing it’s not.

You get a powerful, interesting family car, and it doesn’t have to be boring because it’s a family car. Jeep comes in interesting styles, and in that case, you can choose the one you love most. It’s an all-in-one car.

Award-winning car

Every time I hear an award-winning something, they win my confidence. If it has won some awards, that means it was tried and confirmed to be the best.

Now for jeep, it is considered to have won most SUV brand awards. For example, in the year 2016, the jeep won the following awards. On strategic vision, the jeep wrangler was named the most loved vehicle.

Jeep Cherokee was named the best Compact Sports utility vehicle by the TAWA (Texas Auto Writers Associations. On the other hand, Jeep Renegade won the Best SUV by Autobytel.

As if that is not enough, the Active Lifestyle Vehicle (ALV) awarded jeep the most active auto brand in the market. Jeep Grand Cherokee received a 5star rating from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and was named the ideal mid-size SUV by AutoPacific in 6years in a row.

Wrangler and jeep wrangler unlimited won the “four-wheeler of the decade” held by the four Wheeler. All these awards confirm how it is the best brand in the market and explains why it’s so popular.


This particular point hit home for me. Tall people, we all know the struggle of folding our legs in the car and how tiring and frustrating it is. Now with a jeep, this will never be a problem.

Traveling and driving will be so much fun. You have enough space for your legs and extra space that you can decide what to do with later.

Apart from that, does anyone else have the problem of deciding what they should carry and what not to? You end up carrying things you don’t need, but somehow you feel safe you have back up.

When the space is limited, you have no option than to make the damn decision, but with a jeep, take as much as you want.

You have all the space enough for you and more people. Listen to this; you can even fold the back seat for extra space. Are you thinking what I’m thinking? Camping here we come! You can carry all the stuff you need from the tent to that extra-large luggage.

They are quiet

Hey, Subaru guys, you can take a break and come later. If you love silent cars, it’s your lucky day; the jeep is unbelievably quiet.

Other powerful cars like trucks, you can hear the engines and the tires from a distance, but not the jeep. What makes jeeps silent? First, it’s their wheels. Wrangler unlimited, to be particular, has a wheelbase of 103 inches.

This feature helps it remain silent on normal roads and manage to maintain its power while off-road. Some other design contains a padding carpet on the cargo area, under the hood and the area around the dashboard. The carpet helps to maintain silence.

Affordable in terms of maintenance

In most cases, people assume because a jeep is a powerful car, it’s hard to get the spare parts. The fact is jeep parts and accessories are affordable and are also amazingly easy to find.

All you need is to visit the jeep repair shop, and the good thing is they are all over, meaning there could be one near your home.

Another thing that makes jeep parts easy to find is there are parts from a particular part that fits a different jeep model, so you don’t have to spend ages finding the exact model part.

Some of the critical parts are expensive but here is the deal; the jeep is not just any other car. They are reliable and will rarely need repair. At times you may use it and never need to buy the expensive parts.


Fourteen different models are all the options you get from a jeep. The greatest part is that they are different from design, but each comes with special features that make it unique and better in its way.

An example is the 2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee, which comes with four doors, five seats and has been rated best on off-road. As if that is not enough, that particular model comes in four different engine options.

Well, I am not trying to overwhelm you, but the same model comes in eleven types. They have the Jeep compass, which is exactly what it sounds like.

Adventure lovers here is your dream car. This model comes in seven types. Its specialty is no weather can stop it from reaching its destination, may it be the snow rains storm name it.

With all the other models, it’s the same case: different types serve different tastes, styles, and interests. There is no way you will lack something that interests you in all the models.


What comes to your mind when you hear the word jeep? A classic off-road car with no doors or the roof? Now it has more to offer than that, but we must admit the no door feature makes it interesting and stand out.

Now you have the option of keeping the doors or removing them depending on what works for you. In the same case with the roof, there are all kinds of models, and you get what you want.

Also, they offer different roofing depending on what you prefer. For a Wrangler, you have all the options you want. Door no door, roof no roof, and what kind of roofing you prefer.

Most of those classy, sporty cars limit you to certain roads; with a jeep, that’s not the case. It’s off-road features make it versatile. The best part is they make all the jeeps adaptable and flexible.

They will thrive on all roads you put them in. You also get the chance to personalize your jeep. They give you a chance to select the kind of door that works for you, the roofing, and add some other features that reflect you as a person.

Storage is something that you will never have an issue with the jeep. It has so many compartments for your bags and other stuff.

Steady ride

It’s easy to assume that its steadiness may be wanting because the car has been designed to ride off-road. Guess what, I suppose you might be wrong.

Jeeps can handle all the obstacles and remain steady. You can’t feel the bumpy and weak ride with jeeps. What makes it so steady?

Let’s take the wrangler for an example; it contains the command track four-wheel-drive transfer case, apart from that, the quadra coil suspension, the track LOK limited-slip, and high-pressure gas shocks.

Don’t hesitate to buy a jeep due to its stability; you get the best stability, and still, all these features don’t require extra maintenance. All you need to ensure is to make sure you always have a healthy tire pressure and regularly check on the oil.

Towing capacity

Imagine that you were on a little drive with friends, but then you decided to use an off-road maybe to the lake or something.

While it rains and your friend’s car is stuck. On the other hand, you have a powerful vehicle, possibly a four-wheel-drive but don’t have towing power.

You feel so helpless. With a jeep that will never happen, a jeep has a towing capacity of 3500 pounds, but now different models come with various capabilities.

Jeep Grand Cherokee comes with the highest towing capacity, which is 7200 pounds when using the right equipment.

This means you can attach your boat, jetski, and any other thing you want on your fun day next to the lake or camping. With a jeep, you will have all kinds of fun, and that is one reason that makes a jeep so popular.

Safety measures

Jeep has gone a step ahead to ensure the safety of everyone inside is at the top-notch. It contains blind-spot monitoring to ensure the driver can see at all points.

Wrangler has gone through a security and safety test where it was rated four out of five stars for the driver and passenger seats.

These features make it more of a family car. Other features that make it safe include the front disc and rear drum brakes, the child seat tether anchors, and the three-point seatbelts.

There are extra safety measures for the car you tow, including the brake pressure on the alternating wheels. The feature adjusts the engine throttle and helps maintain the trailer and the towing stability.

Conclusion on why are Jeeps so popular

Jeeps have so much to offer; from the different options and styles, model designs, you can technically have what you wish. You don’t get all this from many brands. It has been in existence for many decades and is still going on strong, popular, and reliable makes it stand out. So with all the above, what is there not to love about jeeps, and once you get to know about it, you can’t stop talking about it. That’s how it remains so popular.