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Best Light Bar for Jeep Wrangler

A well-lit road at night is something that you would love to drive in almost every day. But if you have to travel through a path which is not that well lit day after day, you might just wish to install some extra light on your car, apart from the headlights.

It’s possible that you have had already thought about that and that is just the reason why you are here. So, in this article, we would try to present the best light bars for jeep wrangler available in the market.

Light Bars for Jeep Wrangler

LED Light Bar Kit Autofeel

Autofeel is one of those companies which provides users with the best light accessory possible in the given price range.

The company provides the buyers with a 6 piece set which means you can light up the car really well, but then it is offered at a price that would beat the market average by quite a margin.

The product is quite durable and comes with a great lifespan. The company surely does hedge on the same when they come up with a 3 years warranty for the product. Also, all 6 pieces that come in the box are waterproof and resistant to dust, which further increases the durability under challenging conditions.

Keeping in mind the usability of the Jeep wrangler light bar, the light bar is perfectly well equipped to work efficiently in three modes, daytime, stormy, and night. So, with this set of light, you can be really sure that you have yourself covered at all times.

Going ahead to increase the usability, the product is so designed that you can adjust and rotate the beam perfectly which would suit your needs personally and as per the conditions. Also, the product is super easy to install which again means that the users have laid much emphasis on simplifying the product and helping the users with it.


1. Complete 6 piece set
2. Easy to install
3. Quite durable


1. The light view could have been wider

Nilight – 70004C-A LED Light Bar 32 Inch

This light bar is one of the outstanding ones that we have in the market. Well, honestly, based on the reviews that we have got from most of our users and also from our own use, we do understand the fact that they have some of the best features that any one of us would have ever wished to have in any light bars. Let us check out a bit more about them.

This is a 180 watt light bar that makes sure that it gets you going in the darkest of the roads and even helps you move through the foggy nights. The clear PC lens and the high-quality LED chips only add to the cause and help you have an even brighter beam of light.

The bar comes with a perfect combination of the spot and beam lights which makes it a perfect combination for the Jeep wrangler.

No matter which one would be your need, you would be served with this product. The installation process of this particular product is super simple. Also, the box carries the instructions to install this and you would be really amazed at how easy it is for one to get this going after you have bought the product.

The product is really durable and the durability of the product is further enhanced by the fact that the product is water-resistant and dust-proof. This means, now you can plan your tours at the toughest of the terrains without a hint of doubt.


1. Bright light
2. Simple installation
3. Highly Durable


1. The product is priced a bit on the higher side

Nilight – 60005C-A 20Inch 126W Spot Flood

Here we have another product from Nilight. Well, over the years the company has really turned out to be a reliable one when it comes to your Jeep wrangler needs.

So, this product in the list is again another hot favorite among the users, and our experience with this product was smooth, to say the least.

The casing that comes with the light comes sturdy and protects the light from the water up to a meter for half an hour and is also dust resistant. These features together make the light bar perfect for your jeep wrangler when it comes to durability.

The temperature of the white light coming out of these bars is somewhere between 6000K to 6500K, which simply means that the light is bright enough, and with the proper lenses, it would meet all your needs.

The light bar also comes with a perfect blend of spot and flood light combo beams. So, the product would have your back no matter where you might need them. Also, the powerful lens helps the product come up with better light intensity.


1. Highly durable
2. Bright Light
3. Perfect combination


1. Not the easiest to install

YITAMOTOR 52″ inch 300W Combo+

Best quality at the most reasonable price is just the motto of this light bar. They have all the good things to vouch for them and all that comes at an astonishingly low price.

Poor light or foggy weather or the darkest nights, this 52 inches LED light bar makes it possible for you to enjoy your rides to the full potential. This is ensured by the 27,000 lumens pure white light that the bar is capable of emitting every single time it’s put in use.

Having said that, the product is also one of the most durable options for your Jeep wrangler, given the fact that it has a lifespan of 50000 light hours. This lifespan is quite high as compared to the other competitors in the market.

Apart from the light bar, the box also contains two spot pods, which would help you have a clearer look on the road while on the go. Also, the company is quite confident in the durability of the product, as it promises the buyers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

This means you buy the product, you use it on your favorite Jeep Wrangler, you don’t like how it looks or functions, get them packed, and send them back. You get the entire money refunded to yourself. How cool is that, huh?

The lights are protected by the PC lenses, which means that they are scratch-resistant. The construction of the casing of the bar is also super durable. Also, the product comes with other accessories that are useful for the simple installation of the product.


1. Bright light and highly durable
2. Great LED light bars
3. Great money-back-guarantee plan


1. Voltage could have been higher

MICTUNING 22 inches 120W 3B139C Curved LED

The jeep wrangler light bar boasts superior water and dust resisting technology which means, you would not have to worry much about the longevity of the product. You can simply bank on this product for a long-lasting solution to your night driving problems.

Emitting 6000K pure white light, this product stands quite a few notches above its competitors. Also, the beautiful design of the light beam provides enough light for every condition, be it daytime or nightlife.

Also, owing to the fact the product might just get damaged with the heat that is produced by the light beams, they also come with 10 piece cooling fins which means you would have easier dissipation of the heat.

This also in turn means that you would have the optimal output from the product for the largest period of time possible.

To put the cherry on the cake, this Jeep wrangler light bar also promises 2 years warranty and complete satisfaction on the purchase of the product. You can also extend this program by another year, making it a complete 3 years warranty. So, you are protected here too.


1. Great light brightness
2. Great durability
3. Great warranty program


1. Could have been accompanied with a few more accessories

Vital Things to Check when looking at a Light Bar for your Wrangler

Now that we have listed a few products, you would still be a bit confused on which one exactly would meet your needs.
So, let us try to understand what all we would have to look out for while buying one of these jeep wrangler light bars.

Light-bar Durability:

Since this is a product that you would be using in the tough weather, it would be really recommended that you take a close look at the durability of the product, before getting them installed on your jeep wrangler.

To check out the durability, you can check if the light bar is waterproof and UV resistant. Remember that this bar would have to go through the harshest of weathers every time you decide to take on the tough routes for your vacations

Brightness and Lifespan:

The brightness which is generally denoted by lumen is something that you would have to check out every time you wish to buy a light bar. This gives a clear indication of the brightness of the light that you can expect from the accessory.

Lifespan gives you an average time in which the company is quite confident that the product would perform without an issue. This really becomes important cause you would not be looking forward to changing your car accessory every now and then.

Thus, check on these two and make sure that you buy the product with the highest lumen count and the best lifespan.

Value for money:

Here, we would ask you to be sure that you are buying exactly the light bar that provides you with the best value for money. You might just get a few products that would be way beyond what you might need and cost you a lot more.
It is important that you understand your needs and get the product that gives you the best values at the most reasonable prices.

Guarantee or Warranty:

Whenever you buy a product that is to go through some of the toughest times that you can ever think of, it is wise to make sure that you check the guarantee or warranty offered by the company.

A product that comes with a good warranty is something that you can easily trust and can even use for a greater period of time.

So make no mistake in this one, check the guarantee or warranty offered by the companies before you buy any product offered.


A few other things are worth mentioning and they are, firstly, easy installation. You need to check if the product you are buying is easy to install and if you can install the same for yourself or you need to get yourself to a mechanic.

Lens, check out the lens of the light bar cause at the end of the day, the better the lens the better would be the light intensity on the road and thus offering you a better visualization.

Fog lights, understand your needs, and then decide if fog lights would enhance your experience if you feel they will check out for fog lights while buying the light bar.

So, here are a few key points that you would have to keep in mind while buying a light bar for your jeep wrangler. Know your needs and decide for yourself. We hope, now you can choose the product!

Conclusion on quality Light Bar for Jeep Wrangler

So, in this article, we have tried to figure out the light bar for your jeep wrangler which would be best for your use.

To help you choose the one that would best serve your needs, we did also help you with the key points that you might need to look out for before finalizing the product.

We did list some products above and do genuinely feel that they are the best available in the market. However, we would definitely agree with the fact that there are many more in the market and that you might just love to use a different one from the ones mentioned in the list.
If that is the case, then please feel free to comment on your product name in the comment section!

Photo by LOGAN WEAVER on Unsplash