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Jeep Grand Cherokee Sport Mode [What it Really Does]

Jeep Grand Cherokee is one of the four-wheel-drive SUVs that come with a luxurious design. The select terrain system allows the vehicle to transverse different terrain conditions.

One of the most important thing that makes this ride to stand out from others is the five different driving modes. These settings usually give the rider the best driving experience.

It would be nice to learn more about the selec-terrain system of this jeep model before focusing on the sporty driving mode. Take the time to read the article for more detailed insight.

Jeep Grand Cherokee Selec-Terrain System Explanation

Modern Grand Cherokee has a four-wheel-drive system. The system allows the jeep driver to transfer automatic modes depending on the terrain condition.

One of the nicest things is that the automatic system has settings that allow the driver to choose the model that suits the current road condition.

These mode settings make the vehicle to navigate through mud, rocky terrain, gravels, and off-road conditions. It is one of the reasons for this jeep model to be regarded as an outdoor activity vehicle. Here are some of the selec-terrain system worth knowing:

Auto Mode

Auto driving mode is ideal for daily commuters and casual driving. The ride automatically detects situations where to apply torque to the tires and bring the best experience.

Sport Mode

Jeep in the sporty setting tends to fly. However, the driving setting is suitable for clear roads and dry weather conditions. Besides that, smooth and athletic handling is ideal for bold drivers.

Sand and Mud Setting

Driving through sand and the muddy surface is quite challenging. But changing the settings of the selec-terrain system into mud and sand mode make it possible.

The model optimizes the traction and keeps the ride moving forward. It also allows the driver to pass through tough obstacles with ease.

Snow Mode Setting

Driving during a heavy downpour of snow is quite difficult. But Grand Cherokee can perfectly slush through snow and other slippery conditions. Thanks to the snow mode in the selec-terrain system. It ensures there is an even distribution of torque to the four wheels. This helps to provide the best grip while driving on snowy roads.

Rocky Terrain Mode

All Jeep models have the reputation for excellent off-road activities. Grand Cherokee is not an exception. It is fitted with settings that allow the vehicle to overcome challenging road conditions.

The rocky terrain settings ensure even distribution of power and torque while navigating in challenging off-road conditions.

Is It Bad to Drive Jeep Grand Cherokee in Sport Mode?

Many Grand Cherokee owners find it fun switching modes while traversing different road and terrain conditions. But it is something that needs to be done with precautions.

So, is it bad to drive in sport mode? Absolutely. Activating the sporty model of this jeep model will result in extra fuel consumption for keeping up with sudden power demand.

The good news is that there is a slight difference with an auto setting mode. The only big difference is that the ride will be in flying mode.

Another great advantage of the sporty mode setting is the increased torque and horsepower. This will make your ride to offer excellent performance in terms of speed.

That’s not all. The sport settings make the ride gain stiffer suspensions. The behavior will provide the best tire traction and reduce body roll. Keep in mind that driving your grand Cherokee in a sporty mode will strain the engine. The chances of experiencing frequent engine problems are quite high.

Can You Put Your Car In Sport Mode While Driving?

Jeep Grand Cherokee is not a sports class SUV. But it comes with a sporty mode that allows the vehicle to accelerate. Activating the mode setting is super easy and simple.

Keep in mind that sport mode is only suitable for clear roads and dry weather conditions. So, can you put your car in sport mode while driving?

Yes. You can switch the button toggle of your Grand Cherokee while driving but at a low speed on the highway. One crucial thing about the setting mode is that it makes suspension stiffer to provide excellent grip and handling on the highway.

Does Sport Mode Make Your Grand Cherokee Louder?

Sport mode settings make the Grand Cherokee fly. It is a mode setting that requires a bold driver or else causes a fatal accident on the highway. So, does sport mode make your car louder?

Yes. Sporty mode settings give the SUV a more aggressive throttle response. The response opens the throttle body that produces more power and sound.

The loud sound occurs since the vehicle is using more air to burn fuel. It later uses more force to drive out more exhausts. The only to minimize noise from your jeep model is switching to an auto mode setting. The setting is known for offering a quiet and peaceful ride.

Conclusion on Jeep Grand Cherokee Sport Mode

Sport mode in Grand Cherokee is a driving mode that makes the vehicle to fly and transform the shifting patterns of the suspension settings.

Keep in mind that switching your SUV into sporty mode tends to come with pros and cons. The good news is that the advantages of sport mode usually outrank the drawbacks.

It is advisable to note that the sport mode setting is suitable for a clear road and dry weather climate. Besides that, the driver needs to be bold enough to hit the road at a high speed.

Photo by Kirk Thornton on Unsplash