jeep build sheet by vin

Jeep Build Sheet: The Ultimate Guide

The majority of the people around the world use their vehicles to move from point A to point B. For such people, a car or an SUV is nothing more than a machine that is built to facilitate a person in fetching groceries or family trips.

However, there are other types of people commonly referred to as enthusiasts who buy their favorite vehicle to thoroughly enjoy it and they look after it so that it remains in its original condition for as long as possible.

Such types of people are present in healthy numbers around the world and no matter where you live, you will always have some of these “crazy” people living around you.

A car is not only a means of transportation for a car enthusiast, but it may also be an enthusiast’s lifetime dream and he strives to provide the best possible care to the love of his life.

A look at the auction prices of some of the rarest cars provides a glimpse into how much a valuable and well-kept vehicle is truly worth.

Every automaker in the world has succeeded in achieving a loyal fan base, no matter if it is a Japanese, German, or American one. However, today we will be talking about the Jeep brand.

The name “Jeep” itself is synonymous with something extraordinary that has superb off-roading characteristics. The brand has been offering its iconic off-road SUVs and pickup trucks since 1947 and has made a name for itself in the 4×4 segment SUV market.

Jeep fans are perhaps one of the most loyal fans who are always eager to get hands-on experience of every Jeep model.

The craze however does not stop here, there are a wide variety of customizations available for every Jeep model and some of these modifications have become so widespread that you may think that it’s a stock feature.

Jeep VIN Lookup

To discriminate the aftermarket features from the stock ones, an important document is required, this document is much valued among Jeep enthusiasts.

Worthy to mention here is the fact that it is not an ordinary piece of paper, owners have to sometimes go to extraordinary lengths to get their hands on this document.

You may have guessed by now that the document I am talking about is the “Build Sheet”. A build sheet is perhaps the most vital document for any collector car and as we know many Jeep owners have kept their 90s model Jeeps as a collector item.

A build sheet also goes by the name of broadcast sheet, ROT sheet, line tickets, production manifests, or production broadcasts.

However, the most commonly used name is Build sheet. Remaining specific to our topic a Jeep build sheet consists of important information such as the original equipment with which the Jeep rolled off the factory floor.

Standard equipment, engine, gearbox, and all such relevant information are jotted down on a build sheet for the factory workers so that they know which part has to be attached to a specific vehicle.

Importance of a Jeep build sheet

There are several reasons why you need to have this document. Many jeep owners modify their Jeeps, especially the vintage ones and it is difficult to know which feature or part came as standard.

This is especially true if you are a newbie or you have never owned a Jeep before, in such a case a jeep build sheet will provide all the specifications with which the Jeep vehicle rolled off the factory floor.

As mentioned above, some Jeep specific modifications have become so rampant that it is increasingly becoming hard even for a seasoned Jeep enthusiast to distinguish the standard options from the aftermarket ones.

A Jeep build sheet is your best bet in such a case and it will answer all the questions and will remove any ambiguity. Having a Jeep build sheet can be of incredible importance. It differs from a shipping invoice in the sense that it provides information regarding what parts the assembly workers used to assemble the vehicle.

A Jeep build sheet enhances the resale value of a Jeep. Buyers are confident that your Jeep is legitimate, and contains all the parts with which it was rolled off from the factory floor.

If you ask any Jeep enthusiast or an expert, he will tell you that a well-kept old Jeep without a build sheet is a worthless price compared to a Jeep that is well maintained and contains all the original equipment plus the build sheet.

A build sheet is like a verification stamp on your claims that the vehicle is genuine, and it enhances a buyer’s confidence that he is making a worthy purchase and not getting conned by the slippery tongue of a seller.

A build sheet with a Jeep model older than 1998 can probably add thousands of bucks to its original value, it is worth much more than you can comprehend.

However, like anything else, the build sheets can also be bogus. The increased demand for the document has motivated the fraudsters to sell forged build sheets at an unbelievably high price. Therefore, it is important to always get a build sheet from an authorized seller or from the company itself.

How to get a build sheet for a Jeep

As you may already know that it is rather easy to get a build sheet for Jeeps made after 1998, however, you can also find a build sheet for models made prior to 1998, if you try hard.

There may be a chance that the company had accidentally computerized the record of an older Jeep, in which case you may be able to get your hands on a build sheet. It is important to mention here that you need to have some important information before asking for this important document.

The most important information required is the unique VIN (Vehicle identification number), the position of the VIN varies with every Jeep model but generally, the vehicle identification number will be located at either the driver’s side door jam, under the radiator or side dash.

It is a 17-digit number that can help you verify whether the Jeep is legitimate or not. It also comes in handy in case you need a build sheet, it will probably be the first information required by the folks at Jeep to provide your model’s build sheet.

Depending upon your experience it may be hard for you to locate the VIN, and you may need to consult a Jeep expert or bring the Jeep to a dealership in order to get this lucky number.

The assistance may not be free, but it will be worth it as it provides a chunk of vital information. If you can’t find your build sheet from online resources, then you may have to contact FCA historical services located in Detroit.

Generally, the folks at the FCA historical services keep a record of much older models, but there exists a healthy chance that you might get hold of your build sheet by contacting them.

As obvious, provide them the 17-digit VIN and the Jeep model so that they can assist you. Unlike other providers, you can get your build sheet from FCA historical services with peace of mind as they are authorized to carry out these types of tasks.