avoid these jk mods

Jeep Jk Mods to Avoid

One of the most efficient ways to improve your vehicle’s performance is having it modified. Jeep Wrangler JK modifications can help unlock various performance capabilities, especially for off-roading.

Most Jeep Wrangler enthusiasts love the fact that it’s easy to modify a Jeep as they are highly customizable with various mods. There are many modification options when it comes to customizing your Jeep Wrangler JK.

However, having many different mods options and compatibility comes with a few drawbacks. You might end up installing mods that can totally ruin your car.

It can be even more dangerous if you are inexperienced or new to Jeep World, as you may not be aware of what to avoid. Many JK owners have installed mods that are useless or unfit for their vehicles. Fortunately, this article will help you understand what JK mods you should avoid altogether. Continue reading to find out more!

Top  6 Jk Mods to Avoid

TeraFlex Quicker Disconnect

Installing a TeraFlex Quicker Disconnect in your JK can cost about $160 when it’s a DIY project or $260 to 300 when done by a professional.

The quick disconnect allows for more front wheel travel to deliver more traction when riding off-road. These disconnects are expected to offer a quick release when off-roading and let you enjoy free traveling in front wheels.

When getting back on-road the, you just have to connect the same effortless way you disconnected it when getting out of the road. However, this is not always the case, and reality hits differently.

Most JK users complain that their bushings are extremely tight and tricky to disconnect. You may even be forced to use a tool like a hammer, which may destroy the bushings when disconnecting.

This might see you buying new bushings every other day or even after one use. TeraFlex Quicker Disconnect mod is not ideal for your JK, and you shouldn’t install it if you don’t want regrets.

Tuffy Overhead Console

Tuffy overhead console is a modification designed to deliver additional security in your Jeep to store things. This mod is a bolt-on, which requires you to drill in your JK to mount the storage unit.

The extra storage sounds good for many until they see the price tag. Installing this modification can cost you between $270 to $500, depending on whether you do it yourself or have a professional mount it. If you are looking for a safer way to create extra storage for your JK, you can invest in extra storage that goes in the trunk.

Lange Side Mirrors

Lange side mirrors give your JK a classic look popular in the days of simplicity. It makes your Jeep look simple and unique. However, it’s important to keep in mind that safety wasn’t a major concern back in the older days.

Today, safety has become one of the most significant factors to consider in any part of your vehicle. While this mod will give your JK a good and exceptional look, it limits your driving safety.

Lange side mirrors make it hard to see behind while driving as they only cover a small area. If you are after something that will improve your Jeep’s aesthetics and make it look unique, go for mods that won’t make you cut everyone off.

Cheap Bad Quality Aftermarket Exhaust

While aftermarket exhausts are great mods to install in a JK, they can be the worst thing if you buy a poor-quality exhaust.

If you want your Jeep to look more aggressive on the rear or sound louder, it’s okay to go for an aftermarket exhaust system.

However, you will want to buy a high-quality one. Otherwise, it might ruin your Jeep’s aesthetics and even make it look cheap.

Most aftermarket exhaust systems look great, but they don’t make a 6-cylinder Jeep look more appealing. But if you insist on having an aftermarket exhaust installed in your JK, make sure you choose quality over the price.

Some Rough Country Lift

When you know what you want for your Jeep, you can end up with great mods on your JK. Unfortunately, even the great modifications can turn out to be useless in your Jeep or even cost you more money.

The rough country lift comes at various heights, shapes, and prices. For many drivers, the problem occurs after buying, installing, and using the lift.

This lift tends to eat the bushings in your Jeep very quickly, and they also require a lot of research to know if they are actually compatible with everything in your JK.

Sometimes the mod can even force you to change your tires or your off-roading patterns. If you still insist on having this mod on your vehicle, be sure to do enough research instead of just buying the lift kit and installing it.

50” Light Bar A 50”

the light bar can cost you about $130-500 if you install it yourself or $500-1000 if you have a professional install it in your JK. This mod may sound like a great idea and may seem useful when going off-road.

However, most JK owners who have installed it in their vehicles complain that it makes a lot of noise. The modification could be worth the money if you use it daily.

But if you are like many Jeep owners who only use their Wranglers for off-roading, this mod is completely useless. There are plenty of other lights that can offer the same shine without interfering with your JK’s aerodynamics.