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Why are Jeep Cherokees so Cheap?

Many people are wondering why some jeep Cherokees are so cheap. There is a lot of speculation going around about why they are so cheap, some good and some bad.

The Cherokee was always a popular car, but the price has been declining for years now and in this article, we are going to look at exactly why used jeep Cherokees are now cheap.

Are Cherokees Really Cheap?

When it comes to Cherokees one thing is for certain, they are not cheaper than their direct competitors which are midsized SUV’s, however, the used car market for jeep Cherokees is very simple, the used car market for jeep Cherokee is basically an industry where you can get a car for pennies on the dollar, meaning that with enough patience and time you can get a nice used jeep Cherokee at a good price.

Reasons Why Jeep Cherokees are Cheap


The first and most important reason why used Cherokees are so cheap is because of depreciation. The Cherokee was never a car that depreciated well, even when new, and this has caused the used Cherokee prices to drop dramatically.

When these Cherokee’s were new, they were priced fairly high, and then as time went on, year after year the prices got lower and lower. The river of depreciation continued until they hit rock bottom, in most cases, just a few years after being in production. This long period of depreciation has caused the price of used Cherokees to be very affordable.

Expensive to Fix

The second reason why used Cherokees are so cheap is that it is really expensive to fix them. even when they were in production and new, Cherokees always had very expensive repairs and parts, and the prices only got worse when it came to the older models.

The older Cherokees were extremely expensive to repair or maintain due to their poor build quality and design. These vehicles were originally priced at a decent level, but because of the maintenance costs, they became cheaper and cheaper until eventually, they hit rock bottom.

Not so Reliable

Although jeeps are generally reliable vehicles, the used jeep Cherokee has a few problems that make them less reliable. The first is the fact that they were originally designed for off-road use, but that doesn’t mean that they weren’t reliable.

The thing is that they were not meant to be used on the highway or city roads because of this, they ride very hard and the engine just isn’t made for it. This means that you can drive your Cherokee on the highway, but it won’t be as smooth as most other vehicles out there.

Because of this discomfort, people tend to avoid using their jeep Cherokee on the highway so this leads to major problems with torque and power. use, and as such were not made to be as reliable as a standard SUV.

Many of the parts on the older models are simply prone to failure or simply very hard to repair because of their design. This also affects reliability because many of the parts aren’t available at local shops, and repairing something that is well known for its failures isn’t going to be a very good option.

Poor Resale Value

The fourth reason why used jeep Cherokees are so cheap is because of their poor resale value. In most people’s eyes, a Jeep has a very high resale value, and this was true because of the brand and what it stood for.

However, the older Jeeps were just as bad as their later models and this is probably one of the biggest reasons why people prefer to sell them before they completely break down.

Less Demand

with new Off-road vehicles entering the market every few years, people are starting to look at them instead of Cherokees, because they seem much more reliable. This causes some turbulence in the Supply and demand chain for Cherokees because there are fewer people looking to buy them, which means that the prices are getting lower and lower each day.

High Maintanence Cost

The sixth and final reason why used Cherokees are so cheap is because of the high maintenance costs. Even when they were in production and new, Cherokees had very high maintenance costs because of their poor design and parts.

The older Cherokees are even more expensive to maintain because there were fewer parts available for them and fewer mechanics that knew how to work on them.

Final Thoughts

Because of all the reasons mentioned above, Cherokees are now much cheaper than they were in their initial days. Jeep Cherokees are actually great cars, Although they do have some negatives, the positives outweigh the negatives by a huge margin.

The Cherokees are a great modern SUV that comes in a variety of sizes, and they have many great amenities that make them a good option for anyone.