do jeep sunroof leak

Do Jeep Sunroofs Leak?

Jeeps with sunroofs have their merits and demerits. For instance, it gives the car more light and natural fresh air conditioning. It is less noisy than open windows, and you do not have to shout when conversing. During road trips, your passengers can pop their heads out and feel the breeze or observe nature.

You can also enjoy looking at the stars at night. However, Sunroofs have issues as well. After a rainy day, you may have noticed that your sunroof is leaking and that is why you are looking for information about it. Or, you are just conducting research before purchasing a car. So, do sunroofs leak? Yes, they do. Nonetheless, it does not happen to every sunroof. The following pointers will give you more information on why leaks happen:

Factors That Lead To A Jeep Sunroof Leak

  1. Wear and tear of the rubber seal: The seal is meant to block water from sipping through into the interior. If it has worn out, then water is going to pass through the compromised parts. 
  2. Clogging up of the drainage: The hindrance of water leads to an overflow at the sunroof’s drainage channels resulting in water dripping into the car. 
  3. Poor sunroof quality: A high-quality sunroof won’t leak if well maintained, unlike a bad quality one.
  4. The seal is not being placed properly: If the seal is displaced, then water is going to leak into the car

Signs Your Jeep rooftop is leaking

  • You might spot water running down the roof
  • A damp and mouldy smell in the car
  • The floor of your car and seats are wet
  • A lot more fogging inside the car than usual

How You Can Prevent Sunroof Leaks

  1. Clean the drainage of the sunroof

Accumulation of dirt, bugs, or debris that get into the sunroof results in clogging. You will need something long and stiff, like a wire, but avoid sharp objects, or you will end up piercing the tube. You can also use an air compressor to clean. 

  1. Make sure to close the sunroof properly 

If you do not check if the sunroof is properly closed, later on you’ll realise it was leaking and by this time, it might have already caused various damages.

  1. Keep up with maintenance

As you check the rest of your car, remember to check your sunroof as well. If there is any problem, you will get to know before it gets bigger. 

Why You Should Think Twice Before Considering A Rooftop

  1. Damages incurred from water leakage: To fix a leaking sunroof is not expensive, but the damage that the car’s interior gets can be very costly. 
  1. Sunroof explosion: There have been reports of sunroofs bursting into pieces. It is believed to be caused by the environment. From heat expanding the glass to the cold contracting it, the sunroof can shatter from the strain. Debris hitting the glass over time can also cause it to break. It is very dangerous, especially if the sunroof explodes while you are in the car. You could lose control of the car from the scare or get injured. 
  1. Vehicle imbalance: The weight of the sunroof affects the stability of the car, especially when hitting corners. 
  1. High fuel consumption: The weight of the sunroof increases the fuel consumption of the car. 

Final Thoughts on Jeep Sunroof Leaks

A lot of people advise against buying a car with a sunroof. Besides the challenges it comes with, some say it is a useless accessory in a car. Experts conclude that you will probably not use it as much as you think you will. 

However, everyone’s preference is different. You may still want to get that car with the sunroof and cope with the challenges. Also, there are preventive measures you can take to avoid most of the problems, like sunroof leaks. 

Nothing lacks a pros and cons list, and you need to decide if you are willing to take up the task. We hope these pointers are informative and useful to you