how safe are wranglers

Are Jeep Wranglers Safe?

The safety standards vary from brand to brand, some manufacturers fit their cars with the latest safety equipment, and some don’t. It all depends upon each automaker and the price of the vehicle. For example, an expensive car or an SUV will obviously be much safer than a cheap car, manufacturers have to cut costs from all the segments when they are making a budget car.

Though it would be wrong to say this for all the manufacturers, some have an excellent track record for being the safest vehicle on the road. A prime example is Volvo, the company that is credited with the invention of modern-day 3-point seatbelts.

Nowadays SUVs and pickup trucks are the latest trends in the automotive industry and the trend is spreading like wildfire throughout the world.

From the United States to China, off-road SUVs and trucks are experiencing a manifold increase in their sales, one such brand that exclusively manufactures SUVs is Jeep, the company has a rich history that dates back to the days of world war 2.

After the war, Jeep started manufacturing rugged off-road SUVs and pickup trucks for consumers that instantly became popular within the masses. The company still maintains its unique appeal to its loyal customers and has seen its sales increase in recent years.

Are Jeep Wranglers safe in accidents?

Jeep has been a staple of America’s roads for decades, but their off-road capability has always been at the forefront of their history. These vehicles are built with durability and toughness in mind — that doesn’t mean they’re safe though.

If you read on to find out if Jeep Wranglers are safe in accidents, we’ll tell you just what you need to know! The first thing worth knowing is that there are many things that can affect a vehicle’s safety rating.

This includes evaluations of how well it protects against injury from crashes like rollovers or side impacts, how likely it is to stay on the road during a collision, and even how much airbags deploy in the event of an accident. Unfortunately, none of these things really apply to the Jeep Wrangler.

The SUV was never designed to be a safe vehicle, especially on the off-road trails where most people go. The Wrangler’s robust design is good when it comes to surviving collisions with other vehicles, but it’s not always up to speed when it comes to staying on the road after a collision.

In fact, one of the biggest complaints about Wranglers is that they frequently roll over when they’re struck from different angles and at different speeds. This problem can be easily solved with a few improvements though. For starters, you could opt for a model that has a four-wheel drive for better traction on off-road trails.

You’ll also likely want to upgrade your Wrangler’s tires. If they’re too thin, then they won’t be able to absorb the force of a collision. If you don’t want to spend the money for a new tire though, you could consider investing in some used ones from a reliable used car dealer. They should fit your vehicle properly though because you certainly don’t want them to be too small (just as much as you’d never want them to be too big).

What are the Jeep Wrangler’s safety ratings?

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the Jeep Wrangler received a four-star overall vehicle rating in every category, including rollover protection.

This means that the Wrangler was very safe when it came to being seriously injured after a collision. However, this safety rating doesn’t mean that the Wrangler is necessarily safe in all crashes.

You’ll want to take note of where it was tested though and compare its results against other vehicles. For instance, the Wrangler is considered an acceptable choice for drivers between the ages of 25 and 65 (the national average age for drivers). However, you may want to consider reconsidering this choice if you’re under 25 or over 65 instead based on your needs as a driver.

How Safe are Jeep Wranglers

Jeep Wrangler is undoubtedly the most popular vehicle made by Jeep. The Wrangler made its debut in 1969 after the discontinuation of the famous CJ series.

The SUV has undergone several changes since its debut and currently, the fourth generation Wrangler is on sale.

The vehicle has received several upgrades over its previous models and boasts several modern features. However today we will be focusing solely on the safety aspects of this SUV and concluding whether it is safe or not.

Jeep Wrangler Safety Rating

The short and precise answer to whether the Jeep Wrangler is safe is “NO”. One would have thought that the tough body structure and chassis would have contributed to its overall safety, but that is not the case.

The lack of important safety equipment makes it one of the most unsafe vehicles on the planet. Despite its relatively hefty price tag the Wrangler failed to score even two stars in Euro NCAP safety tests.

The 4×4 SUV scored only 1 star in the Euro NCAP safety tests, which places it in the league of worst-performing vehicles in terms of safety.

The Wrangler underwent a series of tests in the EURO-NCAP safety tests that include frontal & partial frontal test in which it scored 50%, whereas it scored 8/10 in the side impact test which simulates a side impact.

The 1 score can be attributed mostly to poor performance in pedestrian impact tests and child crash test, also the Wrangler scored zero in terms of automatic emergency braking in 2018 NCAP tests because the feature was not included in the European version at that time and was later introduced.

One would have thought that an SUV introduced in 2018 would fare much better in terms of safety but unfortunately, this is not the case for this cool off-roading beast.

Prone to flipping:

Considering the size and height of this vehicle, it would not be wrong to assume naturally that it would be prone to rollover accidents.

The IIHS tested the vehicle twice and both the times it rolled over, even though it was tweaked a bit for the second test, but the tweaks did not make any difference. The Jeep Wrangler has the record for being the only car that flipped twice during the IIHS test.

However, the stability control included in it has special software programmed to reduce the chances of a rollover accident. According to NHTSA tests, Wrangler had a 26.7% chance of rolling over which is significantly higher compared to its competitors and other SUVs.

Absence of side airbags for rear passengers:

The absence of side airbags for the rear passengers further adds to the dismal safety record of Wrangler, the life of rear passengers solely relies on the seatbelts in case of an accident.

This extreme risk of injury for the rear passengers is the reason why IIHS gave the wrangler a score of only 2 out of 5.

Removable body panels & roof:

The ability to remove several body panels adds fuel to the fire. The SUV already has a poor safety rating with all the body panels and roof attached, one can only imagine what will happen to the occupants in case of an accident if the body panels and roof were removed

Safety equipment in Jeep Wrangler:

Some of the safety equipment that comes as standard with the Wrangler includes front and side airbags for the driver and the front passenger, an anti-lock braking system, stability, and traction control, iso-fix anchor points in the rear seats, tire pressure monitoring system, and an SOS emergency aid system which helps to connect with an emergency aid provider.

Though at a first glance the safety equipment included may look decent, it is not comparable to some of the rivals that are way ahead of it in this regard.

Optional safety equipment:

If you want to upgrade the safety equipment, you can do so by opting for various packages.

The optional safety equipment includes a forward-collision warning system with auto emergency brakes, rear parking sensors, rear cross-path detection, pedestrian and animal detection, front parking sensors, and lane departure warning system.

This equipment complements the standard safety capabilities of Wrangler, but the competitors fare better as they provide a whole bunch of these additional features as standard.

Does the Jeep Wrangler Have Safety Features?

There are a lot of people who assume that all vehicles will automatically come with safety features like airbags and anti-lock brakes.

This isn’t necessarily true though, so you’ll want to pay attention to the specifics of your Wrangler’s specifications before you buy it!

Fortunately, the Jeep Wrangler is available with a number of options that can improve the safety features. For example, electronic stability control and traction control are two important safety features that you should absolutely take advantage of if they’re an option. Don’t be alarmed by the number of buttons on these features though.

Are jeep wranglers safe for teenage drivers/ new drivers?

A jeep can be a bit hard to drive especially when you are either a teenager or a new driver, this creates some safety concerns, other common safety concerns. Here are the reasons I do not think Jeeps are safe for teenage drivers.

Aerodynamics and Shape

Unless you’re going to buy a much boring looking Jeep, most of the Jeeps in the market have the aerodynamics of a brick. If you’re driving it up to high speeds, it is bound to get out of control of a young and learning driver.

To consider things in detail, if there are high-speed winds in the mix, you can expect items to take a turn for the much worse. Other cars have a much decent behavior in winds when compared to Jeeps.

Size And Proportions

Some Jeeps come in small sizes, like the three-door wrangler, but most Jeep models are enormous SUVs. These can be quite difficult for young and learning drivers to handle in tight spaces.

For instance, it cannot be easy to do simple tasks such as getting through traffic or parallel parking. Let’s face it, and it’s not going to be every day that Jeeps are going to be driven in the wild.

They can be a nuisance to cause every day and get routine tasks done in them.


Almost every Jeep model stands tall in its highly raised suspension platform. This is a beloved trait for going into the wild, but it can create problems when on familiar roads.

For instance, if you are going on a road and a deer or some animal comes in the way, it can be quite a difficult task to go around it safely without risking the vehicle toppling over and creating an unwanted accident.

Other vehicles such as a sedan or a cross-over SUV have a much better stance in this regard and act as a much lesser safety hazard.

Reliability and Daily Use

Maintaining a Jeep as a young driver can be quite a problem if you don’t have proper prior knowledge of owning a car.

Getting from point A to point B quickly and for a long time is much more comfortable in a reliable sedan or a cross-over SUV than a Jeep.

It is a real concern for teenagers that maintenance will become a dire concern shortly, and they have to be well equipped to deal with such problems when they arise. Having a Jeep in the teenage years is not going to be easy.

Conclusion on Jeep Wrangler Safety Concerns

I have discussed in detail whether the Jeep Wrangler is a safe SUV or not and according to the features and multiple safety tests performed, it falls short on several premises.

If you are looking for a family SUV, then you should definitely stay away from Jeep Wrangler. There are plenty of better options available in the market.

But if only two people are going to use this SUV then it’s a decent vehicle as it performed well in terms of front passengers’ safety. No doubt, the jeep wrangler is a cool-looking and a rugged SUV.

Its prime function is to perform well on off-road terrain, and it does well in this regard. The strong chassis combined with a powerful engine and a beefy suspension makes the Wrangler capable of conquering any challenging terrain.

So, it is safe to say that the Wrangler is your best bet if you love to venture on off-road terrains or you want to explore the unexplorable.