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Jeep 3.8 Engine Upgrades

For those drivers out there who are looking to take their vehicle’s performance and efficiency to the next level, one of the first suggestions you’ll hear is to update your engine.

But what should you consider when going down that route? Today we explore some of the key aspects of upgrading to a jeep 3.8 engine from what makes them so desirable in the first place, to how much they cost.

We also take a look at some great upgrades for jeep 3.8 engines that will make them even better! Today we’re exploring DIY jeep 3.8 engine upgrades. So what are jeep 3.8 engines and why would you want one?

What are jeep 3.8 engines?

Jeep’s 3.8L engine is a powerful beast with a lot of potential for performance upgrades. That’s because this engine was created with the mindset of servicing both road racing and off-roading, it can be found in most Jeep models. The bottom line is that it’s powerful, durable, and powerful, all without being too heavy on your wallet.

What makes them so popular?

Jeep 3.8 engines get their popularity from a number of factors. For starters, they’ve naturally aspirated–no turbo, no supercharger.

They are also technologically advanced with features such as sequential multiport fuel injection, which contributes to their exceptional power and performance. With a little elbow grease and the right upgrades (which we’ll discuss below), you’ll find this engine is capable of producing some truly amazing results.

Jeep 3.8 engine prices

The used market can be an excellent place to pick up a jeep 3.8 engine however it’s important to note these engines do have a slightly higher purchase price than some of their competitors in the market when new (from $2500-5000).

The good news? There are often a lot of great jeep engines for sale on eBay that is in excellent condition and cost less than $2,000. Keep an eye out for auctions that end with “RARE” in their title, they’ll likely be a competitive deal!

When considering an engine upgrade, don’t just focus on price. The best way to increase the value of your vehicle is to stick with vehicles that are popular within your community, folks will appreciate its uniqueness and you’re likely to get a better price when it’s time to sell back down the line.

Jeep 3.8 engine performance upgrades

Jeep 3.8 engine performance upgrades are a favorite among those who enjoy taking their vehicle on the highway or around town, as well as those who participate in off-roading events such as drag racing and auto-cross.

They’re typically characterized by large exhaust pipes that connect directly to the catalytic converter and additional air intake systems.

The end result of these parts is a more powerful engine that also produces a louder, growlier sound. So what are the most beloved jeep 3.8 performance upgrades?

We’re happy to tell you that there’s a whole list of great options, and all of them are relatively simple to install.

We’ve actually listed the most popular engine performance upgrades for every engine model so you can check out the most popular jeep 3.8 engine performance upgrades here!

Most Popular Jeep 3.8 Performance Upgrades:

Jeep 3.8 short tube headers

eliminate the need for a muffler by routing the exhaust through an open tube, which directly attaches to the catalytic converter.

This part of the jeep 3.8 engine is perfect if you’re looking to give your vehicle some booming horsepower! Another nice product is a:

Jeep 3.8 Direct Port Inlet Catalytic Converter

This part is known for its easy installation and high performance, which is what differentiates it from the standard converters that are usually found on other vehicles’ engines.

Next up on our list is the:

Jeep 3.8 Long Tube Header

This component has a large, open exhaust system that connects directly to the catalytic converter and its excellent performance and loud sound make it a popular upgrade across all vehicle types and sizes!


Jeep 3.8 4″ Exhaust System Pipe (or “Pipe”)

This is an excellent modification to any engine because it helps increase both horsepower and fuel efficiency.

Looking for something simple? We’ve got you covered with a

Jeep 3.8 Hi-Flow Replacement Air Intake

This is a great starter part for anyone interested in increasing their vehicle’s power!

DIY Engine Upgrade

Not sure of the state of your engine? Taking a DIY approach to an engine upgrade is a great way to really save some cash.

First, take a look at your current jeep 3.8 engine. If you’re not sure what it looks like, Once you’ve located your engine takes a moment to identify the model and age of your particular vehicle.

With that information in hand, we can provide some helpful upgrades that will allow you to improve everything about your 3.8, from the way it looks to the way it performs (and sounds!).

First, take a look at your engine’s valve cover. The most popular upgrade for this part of the engine is a Powdered Metal Valve Cover. They’re known for their unique appearance and excellent performance under heavy use.

From there, you might want to think about upgrading your intake manifold with a Flowmaster Dual Plane Intake Manifold, it’s great if you’re looking to increase your horsepower output!

After that, let’s upgrade some of the smaller components on your engine–the ones that are often overlooked in an engine overhaul but can give you big returns. F

or starters, consider a Jeep 3.8 Engine Oil Cooler Kit. They’re known for keeping your oil at a cooler temperature, which contributes to fuel efficiency and even increases the life of your engine.

After that, we recommend looking into a Jeep 3.8 Long Tube Header–these will keep your engine running cooler than ever before while increasing its horsepower output by several points!

Be sure to consider these three upgrades if you’re interested in boosting the performance and efficiency of your engine. If you want to decide on more, check out our full list of jeep 3.8 engine upgrades!