do all jeeps have easter eggs

Do All Jeeps Have Easter Eggs? (Complete Guide)

There are many easter eggs hidden in Jeeps. Some of them are very well-hidden, and others can be found with a little searching. This article will go over the history of easter eggs in jeeps, some favorite ones that you may have seen if you’ve ever taken a ride in one, and how to find more!

Do all Jeeps have easter eggs?

No, most jeeps have easter eggs. Since all jeeps are manufactured in Toledo, Ohio, there is no question that they would have easter eggs. Jeep owners these days have been finding some surprising and hilarious hidden “Easter eggs” throughout their vehicles.

For those who don’t know, an Easter egg is a secret feature or bonus in something unexpected or hard to find for the person who finds it. A recent report on BuzzNick revealed that Jeeps made since the 1990s had contained unique Easter eggs, which might be beneficial to all Jeep owner’s vehicle corner explorations!

History of Jeep Easter Eggs

Jeep has a history of easter eggs.The Easter Egg is a tradition that was borrowed from the original meaning of “easter eggs.” In more modern times, they are often hidden in programs for people to find. Jeep cars had had these since 1996 when the 1997 Wrangler TJ with its first miniature seven-bar grille design was unveiled during its unveiling ceremony.

The Jeep design team was trying to emulate the famous jeep grille look, but their drawing skills just weren’t there yet.

The miniature seven-bar grille design they ended up with had a striking resemblance to an easter egg, and so it became what those in the know refer to as “Jeep’s most recognizable easter egg.” The first one is the emblem on the front of the car.

The emblem is a red, jeep-shaped outline with the letters “JEEP” spelt out inside. A few people believe that this stands for an old slogan used by Willys – Empty Every Pocket.” This could fit into some theories about why it’s called Easter Egg hunts and not There’s-A-Jeep Hunt because of how easy they are to find!

Another theory: Some jeeps may have been named after Jeepers Creepers–also known as Alabama Creeper or Carolina Creepepper. These plants crawl their way up trees from time to time, causing damage along the way.

Another theory: Jeeps were named after the soldiers of WWI who drove them, called jeepers or GIs. In World War II, they would be called GI Joes.” Some people think that since the Jeep is a four-wheel-drive vehicle, it’s perfect for offroading and has plenty of space to store Easter eggs in!

Others believe it was used as an acronym meaning “Just Enough Essential Parts,” which could easily fit into some other theories about why we call this holiday Easter Eggs.

What Jeeps Models have Easter Eggs?

Jeep ModelsDoes it have Easter eggs? (Yes/No)Easter Egg Location
Jeep Patriot NoN/A
Jeep Grand CherokeeYesIn Between Cup Holders
Jeep WranglersYesHidden Area under the Cargo
Jeep CompassYes hidden under the front driver windshield
Jeep RenegadeYesInside Headlight Housing
Jeep Cherokee YesSteering wheel or under the infotainment screen

Common Easter Eggs Found in Jeeps

  • Flip Flops
  • T-Rex chasing a Willys Jeep
  • Vintage Willys Jeeps
  • Topographical map of Moab
  • Paint Splatter
  • Stamped “JL”
  • A Lizard
  • American flag-shaped C-pillar vent
  • Spider
  • “419” number

Do Jeep Patriots have Easter Eggs?

Unfortunately, No, almost all Jeep Patriots don’t have easter eggs. with an exception of a few patriots but these are rare. So Generally don’t expect to find a hidden easter egg in a Jeep Patriot.

Do Jeep Grand Cherokee have Easter Eggs?

Yes, most Jeep Grand Cherokees have Hidden easter eggs, there are a few different types of easter eggs you’ll find on a Jeep Grand Cherokee. One common area to find easter egg on a Grand cherokee is when you open the fuel Cap. The number of Eggs on a Grand Cherokee varies from year to year however, You can find a lot of easter eggs and as much as 8.

Do Jeep Wranglers have Easter Eggs?

Yes! Wranglers are packed with hidden easter eggs, especially in trims like Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon EcoDiesel. You can find them in a lot of places some are hidden others are in plain sight such as the passenger’s side windshield. Wranglers are known for having a lot of easter eggs, you can find plenty if you take your time and look thouroughly, one commonplace to find a easter egg on a wrangler is in the space between the hood and the windshield (Known as Cowl) you are likely to get a pair of Jeep Flip Flops.

2007 Jeep Wrangler Easter Egg Locations

  • Windshield Wiper
  • Behind the Doors
  • Handlebars
  • Corner of the windshield

2013 Jeep Wrangler Easter Egg Locations

  • Inside the Windshield
  • Grab bar for the passengers
  • Behind the rearview mirror

2015 Jeep Wrangler Easter Egg Locations

  • Inside the Headlight (Not on LED Package)
  • Flared Fender
  • Rear Slash Mat

2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee Easter Egg locations

  • Underneath the Hood
  • Inside the Fuel Cap
  • Each end of the Dashboard
  • Inside Keyholders

Do Jeep Libertys have Easter Eggs?

Yes, but only a few and hidden in obscure locations. It’s hard to locate and find easter eggs in Jeep Libertys when compared to wranglers.

Do Jeep Compass have Easter Eggs?

Yes, Jeep Compasses do have easter eggs and they are easier to locate for example you can find one carved into the plastic of the back seat. There a lot more places where you can get easter egg in a Jeep Compass and one is hidden in plain sight eg on the steering wheel or under the infotainment screen.

Do Jeep Renegades have Easter Eggs?

Yes, they do! you can find a few hidden easter eggs in a Jeep Renegade easily from cup holders to obscure places like headlight housings. newer Models of Jeep Renegade are  known to be packed with a lot of easter eggs, in fact someone found 30 hidden easter eggs on their Renegade in many amazing places including the grill and under the windshield.

How many Easter Eggs are on a Jeep?

The number of easter eggs on a jeep ranges from 1 up to a record 30 easter eggs can be found on some Jeep models like the Renegade. This will also depend on where do you look for them because most are really hidden.

What do Jeep Easter Eggs Lead to?

Maybe even another easter egg. Whoa, The second one is a “tire” in the center console. It’s been there since 1948, when this model was first introduced for civilian use (versus military).

The idea here might be that if your car breaks down somewhere remote or isolated from civilization, then you’ll always have something useful like a spare tire – don’t forget extra air so that it can be inflated.

So while many jeeps do have Easter eggs of some sort, not all Jeep vehicles are meant to have them! There are many different types of eggs in jeeps. Some are hidden, and others can be found if you look for them.

The Jeep easter eggs are a fun part of owning and driving these vehicles. There’s an egg in the steering wheel, which is meant to be found as you’re turning it – but don’t try this if your car breaks down! There are also eggs in the Jeeps’ door handles.

You can find them if you open and close the doors a few times – but be careful not to break one of these off! There are even eggs in the Jeeps’ headlights. With some careful maneuvering, you can change their colored bulbs to any color of your choice! But these aren’t all that a Jeep has hidden for ye – there’s an egg on many models right under the hatchback as well!