Rubber duck sitting on Front Pumber of Jeep

Jeep Ducks [The Myth Explained]

Jeep and rubber ducks. Before 2020, nobody knew what to make of this unusual combination. One small act of kindness after an uncomfortable incident and one social media sensation later, many people know this pair. It’s not just Jeep drivers who have made new duck friends.

In this article, we’ll explain how the Jeep-duck friendship came about and reveal the rules and peculiarities of the myth.

What are the Rules for Jeep ducking?

The rules of Jeep ducking are easy to understand and to follow. Keep in mind that Jeep ducking is a friendly and non-invasive manner.

  • Place the duck on the outside of the vehicle: Avoid placments that could be pereived as an invasion of privacy, such as throwing the duck through an open window or a crack in the soft top.
  • No expletives, obsenity, or profunity: Keep the duck and the attached notes friendly and respectful.
  • Place the duck in highly visible places: The idea here is not to play hide-and-seek, but to place the duck in a spot where it will be fund immediately e.g. on the hood, door handles, front bumper, fender, or windshield.
  • Duck Jeeps and Jeep-like vehicles: As there are no explicit rules against ducking other vehicles, you can also duck other Jeeps or Jeep-like vehicles such as Ford Broncos, Suzuki Samurais, Toyota FJs, or old Land Cruisers.

What are the Ducks for on Jeeps?

Behind the phenomenon of ducks on and in Jeeps is the desire to put a smile on someone’s face and lighten their day. Jeep owners leave ducks on other Jeeps (and Jeep-like vehicles) to surprise the other owners. It’s a random act of kindness among fans of the Jeep car brand.

This custom originated after Allison Parliament had a frightening verbal and physical encounter with someone earlier in the day. The Jeep ducks are about the opposite: Giving strangers and travelers the feeling of being part of something big and friendly.


Is Jeep ducking only for Wranglers?

Started as a pure Wrangler thing, Jeep ducking is no longer exclusive to this model. You will find Jeep ducks on and in other Jeep models too. Even Jeep-like vehicles have already been ducked.


Do you have to own a Jeep to give ducks?

As Jeep ducking is a random act of kindness and appreciation, you don’t need to own a Jeep to duck someone’s Jeep or Jeep-like vehicle. Lighting someone’s day and showing them kindness does not depend on whether you own a Jeep or not.


What is the Story behind the Jeep Ducks?

It all started in 2020 with a woman from a small town in the district of Ontario (Canada), called Allison Parliament. She placed a rubber duck on a fellow Jeep at a gas station after she had a frightening verbal and physical encounter with someone earlier in the day. Her reason for ducking was to bring herself a small sense of joy and lighten someone’s day. Years later that gesture of kindness morphed into a worldwide phenomenon. There is even a hashtag for this movement: #DuckDuckJeep


Is Jeep ducking still a Thing?

Four years after it blew up on social media, Jeep ducking is still a thing. It morphed from a US-wide to a worldwide phenomenon. It’s a way of spreading joy and a sign of appreciation.


Conclusion – Jeep and Ducks

We hope this article helped you better understand the combination Jeep and ducks. Keep ducking Jeeps and Jeep-like vehicles.