Service Shifter Jeep Cherokee

Service Shifter of Jeep Cherokee: How To Fix (2023 Updated)

A compact crossover SUV, the Jeep Cherokee boasts a nine-speed ZF automatic transmission and is one of the top four-wheel trends in the United States. However, some units reported issues, and there was an action to recall most of them.

We spent 48 hours researching and compiling significant information about the service shifter of a Jeep Cherokee.

Service Shifter Light In Jeep Cherokee: What It Means?

Service Shifter Jeep Cherokee

If the service shifter light in your vehicle starts blinking, this means that the onboard chip of your automobile either detected a problem or falsely identified one.

You cannot exactly pinpoint why the Jeep Cherokee service shifter warning light is on, and here is where the mechanic comes in to check whether there are busted fuses, a software glitch, or if you need to replace the shifter.

Unfortunately, if you happen to have bought the 2014 to 2017 KL series (which were subject to recall), more likely, there’s something wrong. Otherwise, all that’s needed is a simple repair.

Is It Dangerous To See A Service Shifter Light?

It depends. The service shifter light exists to be a reminder in cases as simple as a problem with the wiring or an ongoing problem with the component itself. It’s not a matter of interpretation, rather, a call for a visit to the repair shop.

Some 2017 up to earlier 2014 Jeep Cherokee were reportedly experiencing power loss and issues with the PARK function [1] and running basic diagnostics when the service shifter light flashes might require essential out-of-pocket costs.

If the worst happens, you can always visit the mechanic with the aid of a tow vehicle.

Is It A Nuisance or An Emergency Signal?

Is It A Nuisance or An Emergency Signal

It is an emergency signal. A shifter warning light can mean that the gear shift needs repair or that there’s a system software issue misdiagnosing a harmless problem. 

Are you familiar with The Big Bang Theory scene where Penny has disregarded the shifter warning light in her vehicle and refused to visit the dealership? You might think a sticker would “cover” the problem just like how she did with the blinking service shifter light in hers.

The only reliable way to solve problems in vehicles is to make a quick trip to the mechanic for a definite answer.

What You Should Do When You Get A Service Light

Vehicles must be restarted if this problem persists. Turning your automobile on and off may even solve this simple problem.

However, if the Jeep Cherokee service shifter light persists, you can solve it yourself or opt for the help of a mechanic. Not much of the four-wheel trends experience a serious issue, but there are complaints with certain jeeps where the shifter component, such as the wiring harness, needs to be replaced. 

There are also rare circumstances where the problem is due to a missing vehicle software update or blown fuses.

How To Turn It Off

How To Turn It Off

You can take care of the shifter warning light by yourself before you go to the wrong course of wasting your money to get it repaired. Your first option is the easiest one: restart the engine of your vehicle by turning it on and off.

Try this a couple of times and if it does not work, unplug the battery for 15 minutes and return the connectors. If that doesn’t work, consider replacing the oil. 

By doing so, the blinking Jeep Cherokee service shifter light may now go away.

Is It Safe To Drive Your Jeep With The Service Light On?

Yes, it is. However, you may be hearing concerns from your fellow passengers. 

If this happens, you should immediately move your vehicle to the side of the road. No one likes a headache, especially when the only option left is to pay and avail of tow truck services.

Have an automotive mechanic check on their computer if there are any issues with the onboard computer of the vehicles. There has been a recall for some jeeps because a problem with the shifter means that the whole car is affected. 

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How much does it cost to fix the service shifter Jeep Cherokee?

Fixing the shifter in your vehicle could cost around $300 to $900. This depends on whether it just needs a slight repair or if you need to replace it. If you have a valid warranty, you wouldn’t have to break the bank since it’s still covered. It would be best to confirm this with your car dealership to be sure.

Can you fix the service shifter Jeep Cherokee light at home?

Yes, you can get the service shifter light fixed at home but keep in mind that doing so might void the warranty. The authorized auto mechanic can conduct proper diagnostics at your local dealership. 

Final Thoughts

Jeeps are known as reliable road companions, but you might never know when a simple service shifter light problem could shift to a huge recall situation.

The presence of the service shifter light in your vehicle could mean that it is maintenance time or that a recall is imminent. You might not know if your vehicle needs to be repaired until after you’ve had your appointment at the mechanic.

The best thing to do is have it checked to be assured if there is a problem and if its components need to be immediately replaced.

Thank you for reading this far! I hope that the information provided in this article will be helpful to you.