My Jeep Won't Turn Over

My Jeep Won’t Turn Over: What to Do (2023 Updated)

“Help! My Jeep won’t turn over!” 

Your day will get definitely ruined when you’re rushing for work, and your Jeep won’t start properly. Aside from wasting your time, a car that won’t start might delay your plans or, worse, cancel them.

Our team spent 48 hours researching and compiling essential information to help you out if you’re stuck because the engine of your Jeep won’t turn over.

Why Won’t My Jeep Turn Over?

Why Won’t My Jeep Turn Over

Many people know what it’s like to fail in making their Jeep Wrangler start. You need to consider numerous things if your automobile is not starting. 

The first thing you should do is check the fuel load and go to the gas station. However, take note that there may be some instances your tank is full, but a spoiled injector may disrupt the flow. 

You must also check your car battery. Ensure that you have a fully charged battery to start your automobile properly. Aside from this, check the starter, battery terminals, and look for faulty ignitions.

4 Things To Check 

4 Things To Check 

1. Faulty Ignition Switch

One of the essential parts of your jeep is the ignition switch. Any problem with it can stop your Jeep Wrangler from starting.

You can say that the ignition switch actuator pin is not in good condition when it doesn’t spark and stalls instead [1]. This is because the defective ignition switch is turning off the fuel pump that prevents your vehicles from moving.

A faulty ignition switch is also the reason why your engine eventually dies when you start it. A bad starter will just turn it over with no spark. At some point, the switch can also affect your vehicle’s accessories, like the radio and horns.

2. Bad or Low Battery

Bad or Low Battery

A low or dead battery can also be one of the reasons why your Jeep Wrangler is not moving. A bad starter battery can make vehicles slow after turning them on.

One of the indicators that the battery needs to be replaced or needs enough power is when the lights are too dim and other electrical features stop working. You cannot make it crank because it will just keep lagging. 

Also, if your Jeep Wrangler has a dead battery voltage, the dashboard’s warning light will remain turned on. The cables might also be on corrosion, thereby affecting the battery terminals, so these must be replaced too.

3. Loose Earth Cable

Check the table of your vehicle if your Jeep Wrangler doesn’t start. It could be why the transmission temperature switch, cords, plugs, and other electrical features are malfunctioning.

Loose earth-ground cables are prone to inadequate grounding; hence it is essential to check them. It may also create a disturbing clicking sound that you can hear in your audio and electrical engines. 

Aside from that, a ground cable can have a negative impact on the battery voltage. Take note that a ground-related problem can be avoided if you check your engine from time to time.

4. Bad Starter

Bad Starter

A bad starter can affect your planned agendas. The solenoid (or the electric switch for the starter motor) is not in a good state when you hear a whirring clicking sound, if it doesn’t crank, if it has oil, or if the starter is not making contact with the flywheel.

A smoke coming under the starter indicates that you need a new starter. If this happens, you must replace it immediately to prevent worsening.

Make sure to test the wires, solenoid, and battery cables and check if they are burnt or damaged since these can cause serious electrical problems.

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What To Do If: 

What To Do If

Jeep Turns Over But Won’t Start 

A Jeep that turns over but won’t start is one of the frustrating events that can happen to your jeep or truck. Possible reasons for this are faulty batteries, ground cable, clogged filter load, damaged starter, and other electrical issues. It might also be fuel-related, or the transmission fluid might not be full.

At this point, check if the battery is fine. You need to replace it if the voltage has already dropped. Take note that your jeep won’t start if it has a defective injection system, so you would also have to check the pump. 

If none of the abovementioned steps worked, it is better to ask for professional help.

Jeep Has Power But Won’t Start

Jeep Has Power But Won’t Start

There are some circumstances where your jeep may have the power but stay at rest and just won’t start. Aside from checking the engine, ignition, and if the battery is fully charged, you may try the following steps to start your auto from the neutral position. 

Check if your vehicle is in full tank. It is one of the factors that most drivers overlook. Also, check if a loose wire affects the connection between the power and battery used. 

CCA or Cold Cranking Amps is used to measure starting power. Cranking amps are measured as the discharge load that the battery puts out every 30 seconds.

To reiterate, check the battery’s condition, cables, pump, and starter.


Why won’t my jeep start when I turn the key?

Some reasons you cannot start your jeep when turning the key are a weak battery, full transmission fluid, motor failure, or a broken starter relay and motor. Hence, a replacement for these parts would be needed.

How do I know if my starter is bad on my jeep?

Some signs that your starter is bad are when your engine doesn’t crank, the solenoid fails, but the dashboard lights are on, or smoke is forming from your automobile. If this happens, it is best to ask for professional help and seek the replacement of your starter.

Final Thoughts

A jeep that is at rest and is not starting is definitely a hassle and can be the source of an unwanted road accident. If this happens to you, stay calm and follow the procedures indicated herein, especially if you have no immediate access to a mechanic.

Check the battery condition and the connection of cables because these may get corrupted over time. Aside from that, check your starter and wires too. Note that if they are damaged, they cannot crank and deliver the electricity needed, preventing your automobile from functioning properly (including the brake).

If worse comes to worst, ask for professional help and seek the replacement of your automobile’s parts.

Thank you for reading this far! I hope that the information provided in this article will be helpful to you.