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Jeep Grand Cherokee Transmission over Temp ( Symptoms & Causes)

Many Jeep Grand Cherokee owners experience transmission over temp problems often while driving. In this article, I am going to talk about the common causes of this and how to fix the problem.

Jeep Grand Cherokee’s transmission over temp is due to low-quality transmission fluid, a faulty solenoid, a malfunctioning radiator, a damaged thermostat, heavy use, and climate problems. Early detection of transmission over temp symptoms will help identify the exact causes and fix them.

This article highlights the meaning, symptoms, causes, and how to fix the problem. Let’s dive in:

What Does Jeep Grand Cherokee Transmission over Temp Mean?

Transmission over temp is a warning light on a Jeep Grand Cherokee’s dashboard to alert the driver when the transmission fluid temperature (above 200 o F) hits an unsafe level while driving.

The Jeep owner needs to park the car and wait for the transmission fluid o cool down before hitting the road. The transmission problem is also due to inadequate and low fluid levels in the vehicle. It is better to keep an eye on your Jeep Grand Cherokee’s transmission fluid level and oil to avoid such scenarios. But the transmission temp problem depends on the model and driving habits.

Symptoms of Jeep Grand Cherokee Transmission over Temp

Excess heat is among the factors that contribute to Jeep Grand Cherokee transmission failure. Spotting the early signs of transmission issues can help fix them and prevent future occurrences. Do not panic if you notice these symptoms in your Jeep Grand Cherokee.

It is advisable to park the vehicle to allow the overheated transmission fluid to cool down. Here are the common signs of transmission over temp problems:

Check Engine Light

The check engine light flashing is the first sign when your Jeep Grand Cherokee experiences transmission over temp problems. The warning light notifies the driver that the transmission isn’t getting adequate coolant to facilitate a smooth ride.

Transmission Slipping

Transmission fluid provides smooth gear shifting when driving your Jeep Grand Cherokee. If you notice a slip-out of gear when engaging, it is a transmission fluid degradation sign. When this happens, you’re likely to experience an overheating problem.

Delayed Gear Engagement

If your Grand Cherokee takes too long to move when you put the gear in drive or reverse mode, it signifies insufficient fluid level. You may risk experiencing transmission over temp problems if not corrected.

Unpleasant and Harsh Fumes

Transmission fluid lubricates and absorbs heat to regulate the internal temperature of your vehicle while driving. But the fluid operation efficiency will decrease over time due to aging. The old transmission fluid will begin producing unpleasant and harsh fumes while burning. If you notice a burning odor from your vehicle, it indicates transmission fluid is overheating.

Jeep Grand Cherokee Transmission over Temp Causes

Identifying the exact cause of transmission over temp in your Jeep Grand Cherokee is a no-brainer task. Here are the common causes of Grand Cherokee transmission over temp problems:

Transmission Fluid Issue

The low-quality or low fluid level in your Grand Cherokee can affect the internal engine operations and smooth rides. Besides that, it causes transmission over temp problems due to an increase in friction. Replacing the transmission fluid will help reduce friction and absorb the heat to cool down the vehicle. Visit a reputable Jeep dealer for high-quality transmission fluid and better discounts.

Solenoid Malfunction

A solenoid is a component that regulates transmission pressure to control fluid flow in a vehicle. A malfunctioning solenoid will prevent fluid flow in the transmission system and cause an increase in temperature. Consult a professional mechanic with Jeep Grand Cherokee experience to help fix the damaged solenoid. You can also correct the issue if you have prior skills in mechanics and tools for repair.

Problem with Radiator

All Grand Cherokee model years have radiators for cooling the antifreeze and automatic transmission fluid. If the radiator has issues, it reduces the efficiency of cooling the fluid to cause overheating. Allow a professional mechanic to inspect the radiator and fix the problem that causes inefficient performance. It will help resolve the Jeep Grand Cherokee transmission over temp problems.

Heavy Towing and Hauling Capacity

Jeep Grand Cherokee is an excellent option for on-road and off-road activities. But towing and hauling heavy loads will make the transmission work harder and cause the generation of excess heat. I recommend reading the vehicle manual to understand its towing capacity. Correct load weights will help reduce the stress production that causes the generation of extra heat in the transmission fluid.

Final Thoughts

All Jeep Grand Cherokee year models experience overheating transmission problems. It is advisable to maintain your ride before facing transmission over temp issues. Besides that, identify the exact cause and fix it. If your Grand Cherokee has the above problems, take it for inspection by a reputable and professional mechanic. Do not neglect the issue since it will result in expensive repairs and damage to vital components.