snow mode on a jeep compass

Jeep Compass Snow Mode (When to Use it)

When it comes to getting around in the snow, it’s important to have the right vehicle. The Jeep Compass is a great choice for those who live in colder climates and want to be able to get around safely during the winter months. The Jeep Compass has a feature called “Snow Mode” that helps make driving in snowy conditions easier. In this guide we explain what you need to know about this feature.

What is Jeep Compass Snow Mode?

The Snow Mode button is located on the center console alongside other drive-select buttons. Snow Mode engages the traction control system and changes the gear to start in second, giving you higher torque for driving through deep snow.

This makes driving in the snow easier since it also splits the torque 50/50 between the rear and front wheels, making it easier to go through the snow when it is heavy.

When applicable, this button should be pressed prior to entering deep snow, so that the Jeep’s computer system can properly prepare for the expected terrain. An interesting feature of Snow mode is its ability to decrease wheel spin on acceleration in deep snow by engaging a form of traction control.

When you engage snow mode in a Compass the vehicle automatically turns off eco mode and starts shifting at higher gears than normal. The traction control system is engaged and ABS is also turned on.

Most Compass models have a snow mode button alongside other drive-select buttons which are used for changing the driving experience depending on what the road surface is like, how heavy traffic is, etc. In contrast to regular driving, when you press the Snow mode button selectable rear axle (SRA) and ABS remain active, thus significantly improving safety in slippery conditions.

Starting in 2nd gear is really beneficial since it helps the vehicle reduce wheel spin and the shifts are much smoother in snowy slippery conditions

When to Use Snow Mode in a Jeep Compass?

If you live in a colder and snowy climate, you may want to consider enabling snow mode to your Jeep Compass. Snow mode is designed to improve traction and handling in slippery conditions. It’s not intended for normal driving conditions, but it can help keep you safe when the weather gets bad.

The main benefit of snow mode is that it makes it easier to drive through snow and ice. When the vehicle detects slippery conditions, it automatically applies the brake pads more frequently than usual. This slows down the car enough to give you better control over steering and acceleration.

Is there a difference in the Jeep Compass when Snow Mode is engaged?

When you engage the Snow mode on a Jeep Compass, it automatically turns off eco mode and shifts gears at higher RPMs than usual. The traction control system stays active as well as ABS.

If you drive in heavy snow, it’s important that your Jeep can go through it easily. Pressing the Snow mode button will help reduce wheel spin during acceleration and make a smoother ride through the blizzard

How do I put my Jeep Compass in Snow Mode?

Changing the Compass to Snow Mode is really simple. The mode is engaged by pressing this button. All you have to do is pull down on the shift lever and then push the snow mode button. For normal driving, you can also go to Drive Select 2nd gear which allows you to use all of the power on the 4×4 setup.

Can I switch to Snow Mode while driving?

Yes, you can switch to snow mode as you drive throughout the winter and it does involve pressing a button. Therefore, it would be recommended that you take a moment to press the snow mode button when going through slippery terrain.

How do I disengage Snow Mode on Jeep Compass?

Disengaging snow mode is easy. Just push the same button that engaged it in the first place. and then you are all set and done!

Jeep Compass Snow Mode Advantages

  • Snow Mode helps prevent wheel spin and makes it easier to drive
  •  Snow Mode automatically engages Traction Control System and ABS
  • Driving in snow mode is recommended when driving the Jeep in deep snow
  • Makes it easier to drive on roads covered with snow.
  • Torque is split 50/50 for better traction.

Disadvantages of snow mode on Compass

The only downside to using Snow mode on a Jeep Compass is the fact that it consumes a lot of fuel so it will affect the Average MPG of the vehicle. Other than that, there aren’t any disadvantages to using snow mode.

How fast can you drive in snow mode Jeep Compass?

In normal mode, it’s not good to go fast in snow. The engine is very low on power. So it takes a while to get going and even then, the car will not be able to climb a hill or pass another vehicle easily.In snow mode, you can drive as fast as conditions permit. Snow mode starts the engine in 2nd gear from a stop and keeps revs low to maximize traction.

Closing Thoughts

Snow mode is a useful feature for driving in heavy snow. It’s an easy way to get more power from your Jeep and reduce wheel spin on slippery surfaces like ice or packed snow. The system automatically turns off eco mode and shifts gears at higher RPMs than usual. This helps with acceleration through deep snow, but keep in mind that the Compass isn’t designed for extreme winter conditions.