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How Much Does it Cost to Lift a Jeep Gladiator?

Jeep Gladiator is currently the best pick for customers when it comes to trucks. Jeep Gladiator was released in the last year 2020 by Jeep under Stellantis, an automotive company established in 1944 based in the United States, which has many features compared to previous Jeeps.

Jeep is a major vehicle manufacturer that is popular for its challenging and robust SUV’s. Jeep gladiators are known to be the most potent 4×4 SUVs used by the military.

It has a full bed and longer frame together with more towing capacity. It weighs over 7,500 pounds and has a maximum load of 1,700 pounds. This truck is more suitable for adventurous trails such as mountains, cliffs, rough road, etc.

How Much Does it Cost to Lift a Jeep Gladiator?

In Short, lift kit may cost you around $1,500 to $2,000. Some companies are integrating the cost of installation to the overall price of the lift. However, some companies will ask you for a separate payment for installation costing you over $1,500. You may do the installation by yourself or hire a professional who will do the job for you

Can You Lift a Jeep Gladiator?

Yes, you can. Most Jeep Gladiator owners have installed the jeep gladiator lift kit to improve the off-road performance of their vehicles. A genuine jeep gladiator lift kit includes a top, center, and rear extension.

It is built with off-road terrain in mind while looking smooth and sleek for the showroom floor. In addition to these benefits, it provides a good off-road stance with added ground clearance.

Benefits of lifting a Jeep Gladiator

Lifting a jeep gladiator will improve your overall handling and performance because you are able to run bigger tires that can handle the type of terrain you’re looking to conquer.

It will also give you better ground clearance, which is an important factor that could mean the difference between a fun off-road trip and an hour of digging and winching.

A jeep gladiator lift kit will also improve the looks of your jeep gladiator with its smooth lines and sleek design. The top extension will give your jeep more style while not obstructing the view from inside the vehicle.

Another great benefit of lifting a jeep gladiator is higher ground clearance. in the off-road world, it is important to have enough clearance to drive your jeep off the edge of a cliff or jump a ditch without scratching your undercarriage.

What’s in a lift kit?

There are a lot of brands offering you a lift kit. Although, there are similarities in most of the lift kit. The lift kit includes the following usual tools as per Superlift Suspension:

  1. Lift height – the fork which will be raised your truck by one to six inches depending on the type of lift kit
  2. Drop brackets – will help the sledge easier when you are on a side hill and give you better traction on a snowy road.
  3. Rear coils – gives a sporty look in your car and increases ground clearance for your road trip.
  4. Rear superlift shocks – these tools will help you extend your driving mileage and prevent a tire rub during compression.

Some more companies or brands are offering a lift kit for Jeep Gladiators. Citing Clayton Off-Road, a suspension company based in the United States, offers various lift kits for multiple trucks.

They have an available lift kit for Jeep Gladiator. This kit will cost you over $2,800. This is already an affordable lift kit since these things include control arms, track bars, coil springs, sway bar links and bump stops.

  • Control arms – this tool is handy and beneficial to you as a Jeep Gladiator owner. Control arms will help your truck utilize its washer to allow more clamping force for your vehicle. This force helps your vehicle to remove wobbling issues which will be a hassle during your driving.
  • track bars – these tools are thick for durability and endurance. These bars will help improve the bolt a better design. It is easily adjustable, so you don’t have to worry about the hassle of installing and removing these track bars.
  • Coil springs – three types of coil springs depending on the vehicle that you will install these tools. Several coils, such as single spring, dual-rate coil springs, and triple rate coil springs. Single spring is more commonly used due to its strength and its coils not touching each other. This type of spring is beneficial to your Jeep Gladiator since it prevents the coil from tearing. Furthermore, this spring is equally spaced from bottom to top. Dual rate coil spring is another type of spring that provides a longer coil for your vehicle. Meanwhile, the triple rate coil spring is more commonly used
  • Sway bar links – This is another tool offered by the said company in their lift kits. Sway bar gives your vehicle improved handling of its road performance. Their sway bar links are pre-greased, and their joints are Teflon coated for the protection of your car.
  • Bump stops – The last but not the least is bump stops. Bump stops will help you limit your travel should you tire your wheels out. Their bump stops are customizable for your vehicle’s needs.

Conclusion on cost of Lifting a Gladiator (JT)

The cost to lift your Jeep Gladiator depends on the variety of lift kits you are using. Some lift kits are easily understood where you can fix and raise your car.

Some are letting you pay for a separate installation fee should you avail of the service of a professional. Nevertheless, the cost of lifting your truck is affordable, and some companies integrate the cost of installation fee to your lift kit.

Credit: Photo by Philip Blank on Unsplash