how many miles a jeep liberty lasts

How Long do Jeep Liberty Last? (Miles Calculated)

The Jeep Liberty is a line of mid-size SUVs produced by the American automaker Daimler Chrysler and sold from 2002 to 2012. Though it was replaced in 2013 with the all-new Jeep Cherokee, it continued to be marketed until June 2013 as a lower-priced alternative.

In this post, we’ll take an in-depth look at how long does jeep liberty lasts and some of the reasons people might consider trading theirs in or keeping them.

How Long do Jeep Liberty’s Last?

In short, jeep liberty’s are reliable and can last 10-15 years on average. However, it largely depends on how well the car is maintained, in terms of mileage they can last 200000-400000 miles before any major issues occur.

Do Jeep Liberty’s Last Long?

Yes, Liberty’s are pretty reliable and well designed, in fact, they scored an incredible 4.2 out of 5 stars for dependability and longevity rated by consumer reviews. That’s pretty high compared to most mid-sized SUV vehicles on the market today.

Jeep Liberty has few recalls and the defect rate is relatively low. It’s has a decent resale value and it doesn’t have many mechanical issues.

How Many Miles Can a Jeep Liberty Last

The best-used jeep liberty can last 200-400000 miles if maintained properly and cared for. This means around 10 years if driven 12000 miles per year with no major mechanical issues.

with an average lifespan of 10-15 years, people who own jeep liberty are unlikely to have any major mechanical issues

However, I’ve heard reports of jeep liberty going much longer than 400k miles and still running strong. So it’s possible to get a lot more mileage if it’s well maintained. I suggest that you follow the recommended maintenance schedule and avoid major repairs if possible.

Common Jeep Liberty Problems

Although Liberty’s lasts for a long time there are common problems that you might experience as the vehicle starts to age, some of them include:

Burning Oil

The most common Jeep Liberty issue is oil burning, it’s caused by oil leaks. This means there’s a possibility that your jeep liberty needs a new oil gasket and or valve cover gasket. These are fairly cheap parts but they can cause expensive damages if left unchecked.

 A/C condenser leak

Another common issue that people face is air condition condenser leaks. The condenser is a radiator-like metal box under the hood. If you notice any wet stains under your jeep liberty’s engine, then there’s a possibility that your condenser might be leaking.

Serpentine belt failure

Another common issue that Jeep Liberty owners face is belt failure. if you have older model liberty then it’s very likely that you’ll experience a serpentine belt failure because they were not made to last. fortunately, this is an easy fix.

Valve Springs

The valve springs are responsible for opening and closing the valve. These springs are placed on the top of the valves, they fail over time mostly due to mechanical issues or a bad engine tune-up. fortunately, they’re easy to change.

The truth is that many of these problems are preventable.

How to make a Jeep Liberty Last Longer

1. Regular Service

Regular service like oil change, tire rotation, and tune-ups are essential to keep your jeep liberty’s running smoothly.

2. Interval  Regular Oil change

It’s recommended that you change your jeep liberty’s oil and filter every 7.500 miles or every 1 year.

3. Check the fluid levels regularly

It’s essential to check your jeep liberty’s fluids regularly, it can prevent several major problems from happening in the future. That includes brake and transmission fluid, as well as transfer case fluid. You can easily check these by yourself.

4. Check the belt regularly

Belts in general tend to wear out over time. You can easily check the belt by yourself, it’s pretty easy. Just look for any cracks or wear marks and replace the tensioner and pulley as well.

5. Use the recommended engine oil

It’s essential to use the recommended engine oil so you don’t end up with a burning oil issue. Also, make sure to get the correct oil grade for your jeep liberty, a cheap and expensive combination will not work well at all.

6. In Cold weathers warm up the engine

When you’re in a cold-weather make sure to warm up your engine before driving. In the same way, make sure to cool down your jeep liberty before getting off the vehicle if it’s hot or even after a long drive. This will ensure that your engine lasts longer.

7. Inspect the vehicle every now and then

You can easily avoid all of the jeep liberty issues by inspecting the vehicle and looking for any problems or signs of wear and tear. This will ensure that you don’t have any major repairs in the future.

Final Thoughts on the Average Lifespan of a Jeep Liberty

I hope this article answered your question on how long jeep liberty lasts and found the tips useful. As I mentioned earlier, you can easily keep jeep liberty running for over 10 years as long as you pay close attention to the recommended maintenance schedule. Also, check out the Jeep Liberty years to avoid. If you have any further questions or comments please feel free to reply below and I’ll be happy to help.