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How to put a Jeep Liberty in 4 wheel drive?

If you are having trouble with putting your jeep liberty in four-wheel drive, then it is time for you to read this post. The process of how to put your jeep liberty in a four-wheel drive is not very difficult. All you need to do is follow the process, and you will be able to put your jeep into four-wheel drive in no time.

Does jeep liberty have 4 wheel drive?

Yes, the Jeep Liberty does have a 4-wheel-drive system, which is called the Command-Trac (this is the same system that is used in the Jeep Wrangler). The Command-Trac system is a standard 4-wheel drive system that is fitted as standard on most jeeps. The Command-Trac uses a low range, high range, and two drive modes: Low range and high range.

How to put Jeep Liberty in 4-wheel drive?

The first thing you need to do is select the low range. To do this, press the button or shift lever on your Liberty that reads “4H” or “Hi”. The 4H position is for High Range, and the other position on your Jeep will be LOW range.

If you have a newer model of Jeep Liberty (2004 model), then there should be a knob located under the steering wheel. If you turn this knob to either left or right, then it will put your jeep in high range.

What is different about Jeep 4-wheel drive?

There are, however, some differences between a standard 4-wheel drive and the Command-Trac system. The 4-wheel drive system is designed to give you four wheel grip on hard surfaces, while the Command-Trac system gives you four wheel grip on both hard and soft surfaces.

In this way it is said that the Command Trac system has a wider range of wider dirt and grass terrain driving than the standard 4-wheel drive system.

What is the Command Trac?

The Command Trac is designed to give you four wheel grip on hard surfaces, and two wheel drive on soft surfaces. In order to make the car work, you will have to move a lever under your steering wheel, which will change the settings automatically.

If you are thinking of giving your jeep liberty a 4-way-drive, then this post has given you enough information on how to do it.

How does Jeep Liberty 4wd work?

The Jeep Liberty has a standard 4-Wheel Drive system that is designed to keep you on the road, and work in all weathers. The Jeep has a full time 4-wheel drive system (called the ‘Command Trac’), it will help you when going off road, in snow, or on slick or muddy roads.

The 4 wheel drive system works by engaging in two different modes: Low range and high range.

The low range is a 2 speed gear system with a 4 wheel drive. The High range is also a two speed, but it only drives the front axle giving you more acceleration power.

The front and rear wheels are forced to rotate at the same speed due to the command trac 4WD Lock position.

When you are driving on an incline you can engage the low range to give your jeep a little extra traction. The Command Trac system has built-in traction control that will prevent your jeep from wheel spinning. This will help you not have to worry about shifting the gears as you are driving, and also aid to keep your jeep on the road. In order to engage low range, put the 4wd in 4H.

Jeep liberty 4 wheel drive problems

Try these troubleshooting tips before you call a mechanic:
Step One: Make sure all wheels are on the ground — if any obstacles are preventing that, then remove them.

Step Two: Have someone else spin the wheel while you try to do the same thing. If you can’t, then it could be an issue with your wheel bearings, or a loose steering system.

Step Three: Try removing/installing the front differential and shift everything manually. Feel free to manually rotate all of your tires while doing this if possible.

Step Four: If you can’t figure it out, then take a look at your manual. There might be some options that you have not had to use yet.

Step Five: Call an auto mechanic and see if they can help you figure it out over the phone.
Jeep liberty 4 wheel drive problem

When the transmission is in any position but 2H, the engine does not want to move and run smoothly. It does not want to move forward or backwards either when in 4H…


The Jeep Liberty is a SUV that is used for off-roading purposes. The 4 wheel drive system in the Jeep is designed to give you full time four wheel drive, and also allow you to change gears for different driving conditions. Since the Jeep Liberty is a 4 wheel drive vehicle, it will give you an advantage over a two wheel drive vehicle.

Credits: Photo by Chris Bair on Unsplash