35s vs 37s

35 vs 37 inch Tires

You may be asking yourself, “what’s the difference between 35 and 37-inch tires?” which one is better for your Jeep? Let’s take a look.

In short, 35-inch tires are better for daily driving with a bigger fuel economy and give you better ride comfort, whereas 37-inch tires are best for offroad and Aesthetics since the vehicle has a higher ground clearance and looks better with bigger tires.

35” vs 37” Tires Comparsion


37-inch tires look really great and are more aggressive than 35-inch tires. They give the vehicle a much bigger appearance and make them look more capable/aggressive. 35-inch tires are most popular for an “overlander” or just a vehicle that is going to be used for a much more relaxed, easier lifestyle.

Ground Clearance:

37-inch tires have more ground clearance due to the size of the tires. The 37-inch tires are usually 30 mm taller and 40 mm wider than the 35-inch tires.

The 37-inch tires are better in the rough terrain that you’d find away from civilization. The 37-inch tires allow you to climb steeper hills, go through more mud, and get over obstacles easier than 35-inch tires.

Although 35-inch tires do have a decent ground clearance and can offroad just as good, the 37 inch is still superior and will do better when offroading

Offroad & Terrain:

37-inch tires have a larger contact patch which means that they can provide more steering control and help prevent tire rollover when offroading on difficult terrains.

35-inch tires, on the other hand, are more commonly used as a “daily driver” and are not supposed to be in difficult terrain.

These tires are mostly used for road use such as commuting or towing a vehicle but that doesn’t mean you can’t go offroading with 35” tires, These will tackle different terrains just as well, but 37” has the upper hand.

Daily Driving:

Both have their place in the world. 35-inch tires are the more comfortable ones that you can use on a daily, but 37-inch tires are what you want if you want to go offroading or modifying your vehicle for offroad use.

Suspension and Lifts:

You can easily fit 35-inch tires on a stock suspension setup and give you more ground clearance without having to lift the vehicle or doing a 2” lift.

Whereas 37-inch tires will put a lot of strain on the suspension and the overall drivetrain which causes wear and tear much quicker. 37-inch tires require a bigger lift.

Fuel economy:

As the tires get bigger, the fuel economy decreases. Both tires will give you the same amount of MPG but with the 37-inch tires, there is more rolling resistance.

Having smaller 35” tires can give you better fuel economy. Handling: If you are driving on a flat road, the difference is negligible.

But when you drive on offroad terrain, 37-inch tires will give your Jeep better handling than 35-inch ones. It is important to mention that on flat surfaces like highways the 35” tires will do way better when compared to the 37” tires of course.


The 37-inch tires cost much more than 35-inch. It’s a no-brainer really, the bigger the tire is means the more expensive it is. The 37-inch tires are also more difficult to find and can’t always be shipped to your house.

35-inch tires will usually be easier and cheaper to find than the 37” ones. Ride comfort: With 37-inch tires, you are less likely to feel bumps in the road like you would with smaller tires, and you will have a smoother ride.

So when it comes to riding comfort, 35-inch tires are usually a bit less comfortable than the 37” ones.

Additional Upgrades:

37-inch tires will require you to do more upgrades to your vehicle since they are bigger and a stock suspension cant handle them well, you will need to do a bigger lift, and also you may want to regear your transfer case.


35-inch tires are better for towing and daily driving than 37-inch tires. The 37-inch tires don’t have live axles and are better in offroad situations, but they are less desired for towing. If you want to do a lot of towing then getting the 35” tires is a better choice.

Final Thoughts on 35 vs 37 Tires

Now you have all the info you need to make a decision. Bigger tires are good for offroading and improve many aspects of your offroading experience but they will require a lot more work on your vehicle.

whereas 35-inch tires are very efficient and can be used for anything you want, they are also less durable and will give you more wear and tear. One would have to weigh the advantages of both tires to determine which is best for your vehicle.