comparison between xj and tj

Jeep Xj vs Tj

Jeep’s popular sport-utility vehicles come in two flavors: the Jeep Cherokee(XJ) and the Jeep Wrangler(TJ). Their overall size, shape, design, and capabilities are different in many ways.

In this article I am going to compare the two, and to be fair this is like comparing apples to oranges since each vehicle has its own advantages and disadvantages, however, this article aims to help you understand the difference between the two Jeeps, so you can make an informed decision. Read on!

In short, The XJ is better at offroading, it is more secure, and has a better transmission and more storage space whereas the TJ has better aftermarket support, good interior, and has a good resale value when compared to Jeep Xj.

The Jeep Xj overview:

The Xj is a car that will appeal to outdoorsmen who enjoy trail rides (or at least like to think they do). The Xj is well designed for its purpose, so you can imagine that it makes a lot of sense on the trail. Not to say the Tj is a slouch because it’s not in fact the Jeep Tj is just as good when offroading.

Advantages of Xj over Tj

More Storage:

If you are a person who is always on the go and looking for extra storage space for your gear, then the Xj is better because it has a bigger storage area than the Tj, which means more room to store your gears.

The interior space is also bigger than the Jeep Tj and it has a more spacious cargo area ( 25.8 cubic feet) compared to Tj cargo area of 12.9 cubic feet. The Xj also has more space in the cabin which means there is a bigger space to store your stuff.

Better Transmission:

If you are someone who loves to go off-road and sometimes you find some bumps on the way, an automatic transmission vehicle is better than a manual one. The Xj comes with Ax4 Transmission which is more efficient than the ax5 transmission in the Tj.

Better at Offroading:

If you are going off-roading for a while and need a vehicle with more durability, then the xj is better. Its long wheelbase and high ground clearance help you feel safe off-road.

The xj is also higher than the Tj which makes it easy to see over obstacles. This doesn’t mean Tj is bad by any means because it is a great off-roader. If you think of the Tj as a more expensive and more compact version of the xj that has been upgraded to have superior offroad capabilities, then you would still be on the right track.

Great for Long Distances:

If you have a long journey to take, then the Xj is the better vehicle because of its size. It can carry up to five passengers comfortably, and if you need more space to carry your travelers, then you can easily remove two separate seats in the middle without any hassle. the ride quality is great since it has a smooth ride.

Affordable Compared to Tj:

If you want something that is not too expensive but really good, then the xj is the best option for you because it is cheaper than the Tj.

Not easy to break into:

The xj is made with the most secure technologies for its time. The body design and the security system will give you a more comfortable time if you are concerned about safety while off-roading and daily driving, with Xj you will worry less about someone breaking into the vehicle.

Disadvantages of Xj over Tj

Poor interior quality:

The interior of xj is not that good when comparing with the Tj. the material and presentation of the xj interior is not that good compared to the Tj.

Doesn’t hold its resale value:

if you are considering selling it in the future, then tj would be the better choice because it will sell for a higher price even if you drive it for quite a while. whereas the xj depreciates a lot faster than Tj in recent years.

The Jeep Tj overview:

The Jeep Wrangler tj is a car that will appeal to city cool people who like using it as a daily driver, it is not bad off-road but not as good as the xj however, that doesn’t mean the tj isn’t good enough because it’s really good off-road too.

Advantages of Tj over Xj

Removable roof and doors:

In today’s world, most people like to live in the city and not in the country while a handful of people are completely opposite.

The tj has removable doors and a roof which is cool if you live in the city or want to be closer to nature when offroading. it also provides great visibility.. The rooftop has a lot of glass that reduces the air pressure and can break from too much weight.

Good Aftermarket Support:

The aftermarket support for tj is excellent, this means you can easily find parts or upgrades for your tj. This is something great because it saves you a lot of money and you don’t have to go to the dealership every time you are planning on upgrading something on your jeep.

Good Resale Value:

The tj is one of the cars that will depreciate less than others because it’s easier to upgrade. It also has less corrosion which means it will sell for a higher price even if you drive it for a while.

More Appealing Interior:

The interior of the tj is a lot better than the xj, and it is more appealing to most people because of its design and its superb quality.

More Fun to drive:

The tj is more fun to drive than the xj because of its impressive handling. It can be easily driven on the road, and it will give you a lot of fun driving off-road too.

Takes bigger tires on stock suspension:

The tj takes bigger tires than the xj on stock suspension. This is great if you want to have a more aggressive look, or if you are a wheeler.

Great for city driving and highways:

The tj can easily be used as a daily driver, and this is one of the reasons why it is so popular. It can be driven on the highway, and it won’t cause you any problems. although not as good as xj for long-time driving, jeep tj still comes pretty close to that.

Disadvantages of Tj over Xj

Easy to break into:

The tj, because of its design, is easy to break into. If someone wanted to break into your jeep and take it, then the tj would be easy for them since they have less security than xj.

Less comfortable with long drives:

The tj has less interior space compared to the xj. This means you have to sit very close to your passengers or luggage or else you will feel uncomfortable while driving for long distances.

Conclusion on Xj vs Tj

The tj and the xj are amazing jeeps that are not only fun to use for off-roading but also as daily driver. Both of them are reliable, good-looking, and fun to drive, it all comes down to personal preference and your budget.

If you need to go off-road frequently, then the xj will be the best for you and if you are looking for customization, then the tj will be the better choice. do you prefer buying a used jeep or simply new and refurbished? If you have some questions on which Jeep is better, then comment below and I will try to answer your questions in the comment section.