jeep smoking under the hood

Jeep Smoking Under the Hood (Possible Causes)

If you own a Jeep and are experiencing smoke coming from under the hood, This article is for you, Jeep smoking under the hood is one of the most common issues with Jeeps. This article will be talking about some variables that you can use to determine the Jeep smoking under the hood issue and steps that can be taken to fix it.

What causes Jeep to smoke under the hood?

There are many causes of Jeep smoking under the hood, but they are usually due to a lack of oil or coolant. When your car is experiencing these issues, it will overheat and start to produce smoke from the engine compartment. These are two easy problems that can be solved by following easy procedures that can be found online, in factory repair manuals for your particular model of vehicle, or taking the vehicle to the nearest Jeep garage.

Here are more common causes of Jeep Smoking under the hood

Low motor oil:

If your engine is low on oil, it will cause the engine to run hotter than normal. If it gets hot enough, it can start to “cook” the oil and cause smoke. The best way to fix this is to check your oil level and make sure that you have enough in there. The best way to determine if your oil is low or not is to check the dipstick or use the infotainment screen to check for oil level.

Coolant Reservoir is low or empty:

If your coolant reservoir is low or empty, it will cause your car to run hot. This will cause the engine to “cook” and start to smoke. The best way to check if this is the problem is by checking if your reservoir has enough coolant in it and filling it up when necessary.

Fluid made contact with the hot engine:

If your Jeep is not overheating but you see smoke under the hood there is a high chance that fluid has made contact with the engine. The fluid can be oil, coolant, transmission fluid, ATF, and even brake fluid. As the fluid makes contact with the engine it burns instantly and creates smoke to come out of the hood.

Leaking Fuel Injectors:

Faulty Fuel injectors can cause a lot of problems with your Jeep including smoke under the hood. A normal fuel injector lets fuel into the engine, but when a faulty one is leaking, it limits oxygen. This causes the engine to use oil and cook.

Jeep Radiator burning Moisture:

It is common for radiators in jeeps to burn moisture when the air conditioner is on. This moisture can be caused by improper fitting and installation or a buildup of corrosion. This can cause the engine to overheat and begin to smoke as it cooks with the water in the radiator.

Excessively High Intake Air Temperature:

If your Jeep is experiencing high intake air temperatures, it will actually burn fuel because of this, causing smoke under the hood. The solution is to check if your air filter needs to be changed and if you are experiencing any other issues affecting the intake of air in your car.

What to do if smoke is coming from under the hood?

If you have a Jeep that is smoking under the hood, then you need to call a jeep mechanic as soon as possible. The best to do is first stop the vehicle and then have the engine turned off. Then, you should remove the hood to see what is causing the smoke under the hood, then wait for the engine to cool off,

when the engine is cool slowly drive the vehicle and take it to the nearest Jeep garage. In an emergency, you should call the tow truck service to tow your Jeep to the nearest Jeep garage. It is best to do this before it starts smoking because once it starts, the smoke would be harder to take out.

Final Thoughts

This article shows how to fix jeep smoking under the hood and how to determine what is causing it. If you are experiencing a Jeep that is smoking under the hood, you should not delay in calling the nearest Jeep mechanic because this could potentially cause more damage.