jeep commander mods

Jeep Commander Mods (Top Modifications)

A Commander is one of the most popular Jeep vehicles on the market today. Commanders are great for off-roading and other activities, but they can also be modified to make them even better. This is where we come in! In this article, I’ll talk about some of the modifications you can make to your Commander to improve its performance and appearance.

Top Jeep Commander Mods

Dash Cam:

A dash camera is a great addition to your Jeep Commander. It can be used as evidence if you’re ever involved in an accident, and it also helps keep track of your travels. You can get a high-end dash cam that records video at 1080p resolution and has GPS capabilities, or you could go with something simpler that records audio only.

Auxiliary air pump:

Auxiliary air pumps are great for off-roading. They allow you to inflate tires without having to worry about running out of gas or electricity. You can also use them if your Commander breaks down, so keep one in your vehicle’s toolkit at all times!

Installing a Lift Kit:

A lift kit is a great way to give your Jeep Commander an aggressive look. It will also make it easier for you to get over obstacles and through mud without getting stuck! You can find lift kits from local stores or online, so choose one that fits your needs perfectly. A 2-3 inch lift should give your Commander some more ground clearance, while a 3-4 inch lift will give it more than enough clearance for off-roading. You can also opt for a lift kit that includes new shocks and struts, which can help improve your vehicle’s handling by reducing wheel travel and improving traction.

Change Interior Lights to LED:

LED interior lights will make your Jeep Commander look more modern and stylish. You can find LED bulbs for the dashboard, footwells, door panels, and many other places in your vehicle. You can even install an LED light bar on top of your vehicle if you want extra visibility when off-roading at night.

Spark plugs iridium:

One of the easiest upgrades you can make to your Jeep Commander is to change out the spark plugs. Platinum and iridium plugs have been shown to improve gas mileage by up to 10% by reducing engine drag and improving combustion efficiency. If you are looking for some extra performance then Iridium plugs can also be a good choice.

Performance Air Intake System:

Jeep Commander owners often get frustrated with their vehicles because they want more power but don’t want to modify them too much. Installing a performance air intake system is one way you can get more power without modifying the engine or adding any extra horsepower. It works by increasing airflow into your engine

Bigger Tires:

Getting bigger tires is another way to improve performance. With larger tires, you’ll be able to handle rougher terrain better and also corner at higher speeds. If you want a more stable ride or need more space for cargo then this may not be a good option but if you are looking for something that improves handling and speed then it’s worth considering.

Aftermarket Floor Mats:

Floor mats are another way to improve performance. They help keep your feet clean and dry and reduce the risk of slipping. Some manufacturers of aftermarket floor mats even include anti-slip technology that can improve traction when walking around in wet weather or on slippery surfaces like snow or ice.

Modern Seat Covers:

Modern seat covers are designed to be more comfortable and offer better protection than the old-fashioned style of seat cover. They often come with additional features, such as pockets for storing things like phones or wallets. Some even include heaters that can be switched on to warm up your backside on cold days!

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of mods that you can do to your Jeep. The ones that we covered here are just the tip of the iceberg, but they’re some of the most popular and useful mods that you can make to your Commander. These modifications will help you get more enjoyment out of driving and make it easier for you to get around town in style.