Hella 500 vs 500ff

Hella 500 vs 500ff – All You Should Know

Are you looking to put some hella driving lights on your car? Some things that make hella so good are that they are affordable with good optics and pretty good build quality.

However, it can be tricky to differentiate between the hella 500 light and 500ff even after searching on the hella website and popular review forums. Many averred that the 500 has further light distance because it has a broader beam, while the 500ff has a reflector doing the beam dispersion.

Well, there is more to these that you should know if you’re are at the point of purchasing some driving lights behind your grillccraft. As you know, the function of auxiliary driving lights in vehicles is essential given that they illuminate the road and surrounding area when extra lights are required so that you can shut off your fog light, for instance, on empty highways.

Hella 500 vs 500ff: The difference

After close observation and fieldwork, it’s clear that the Hella 500 light has a broader beam pattern than the 500ff, giving it a different beam pattern and making it brighter than its alternative.

On the other hand, the ‘ff’ behind the Hella 500ff light means “free form” and an added reflector to its design concept for better beam dispersion.

In other words, 500s are better when it comes to  HID (High-intensity discharge) conversions due to how the lens scatters the light, while 500FFs are more beneficial in terms of beam patterns compared to the 500.

There is, of course, also a clear difference in their prices as the 500s are usually cost-effective than the 500ffs. For instance, in-store, you can expect to see Hella 500FF’s being sold for $70, while the 500’s could be around $5 lesser.

It is good that  Hella posts the beam patterns on their website, which gives customers a clearer understanding of what they are about to buy concerning what the light is intended to function as in their vehicles.

Hella 500 vs 500ff: Which should You use?

First off, it is essential to reiterate that the two light patterns in the discussion are both regular driving lights and not fog lights.

The hella fogs lamps are typically designed to illuminate the roadway over a broad area without dazzling oncoming traffic.

We have noticed that the regular 500 FF series is that they give a tighter beam pattern than the 500. So, you won’t go wrong by choosing the hella Free Form series if you want an improved rear reflector.

Moreover, Hella 500 is relatively affordable and quality.

However, the real question for what will work best for you is to determine which lights will put out the brighter, farther-reaching light. For example, something to illuminate when driving in the woods, outperforming the high beams.

We have discovered that the 500ffs have a better light output because they are designed with a reflector shape and light source for enhanced light output.

Although both are great for improved brightness, you should go for the FF if you’re concerned with light coverage and output.

Hella 500 Vs. 500ff: Application in vehicles

Part of our observation was that the application for these lights on your vehicle could also redefine their performance.

For example, we mounted the Hella 500 on the car’s brush guard and noticed it performed much better.  When we decided to fix the same light on the roof basket, lightning was a less satisfactory result.

This is because slim lights like the 500s aren’t ideal for high-position on your vehicle. This means they can’t outperform the high beam. Shelling out extra bucks to purchase long-range lamps like ProComp Explorers or ARB IPF is much recommended in this regard.

If you position the 500s on the vehicle’s roof and you feel impressed with them, try putting four on my brush guard and see how it works a lot better. How to install/mount hella 500 vs 500ff

Hella 500 Vs 500ff: Installation process

Either you currently have the 500s or 50FFs, installing these with the appropriate setting will help improve illumination and safety, especially from collisions with wildlife in the dark.

The installation process of the 500s and FF series also tells more about their differences. This is not to undermine the fact that wiring extra auxiliary lights may not be all that easy, irrespective of the type. Right HERE, you will see a detailed step on how the hella FF series lamps are installed, as well as other vital owner’s instructions you should follow for setting, positioning, and usage

Final Thoughts

Reflector shape and lens aside,  we can’t think of a considerable difference between the Hella 500 and 500FF, especially having installed both sets on different vehicles.

However, it is salient to note that the mounting system on the 500’s is pretty bad compared to most of the FF series.