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Do Jeeps have Apple Carplay? (Explained)

Apple CarPlay is one of the hottest new features in cars this year. Apple CarPlay is a fun way to view your iPhone on the car dashboard. It works like Android Auto but is designed for iPhone. You can get directions using more advanced navigation, make calls and texts, read emails and maps, listen to music, and more. In this article, we are going to look at whether you can get apple car play in a Jeep.

What is Apple Carplay?

Apple CarPlay is a platform that allows drivers to connect their iPhone to their car’s infotainment system. It allows drivers to access Siri and Apple Maps, play music and podcasts, check messages and make calls without taking their eyes off the road.

The app connects to your iPhone via USB or Bluetooth to provide the same experience as using an iPhone on your home screen. Some car manufacturers have adopted Apple CarPlay as part of their standard infotainment systems, while others will charge you extra for it.

Apple launched CarPlay in 2014 alongside iOS 7, but it’s only been available on certain cars since 2016 when Mercedes-Benz became the first major manufacturer to offer it as standard across most of its models.

Do Jeeps have Apple Carplay?

The answer to this question is yes, but not all Jeeps have Apple Carplay. It depends on what trim level you get, and whether or not your particular model has it as standard or optional.

Jeep owners who want Apple Carplay should look for it in higher trim levels like the Overland, Summit, and Grand Cherokee Overland. You can find Apple car play in other Jeep models such as Wrangler, Cherokee, Gladiator, and Wagoneer.

What Jeeps Support Apple CarPlay?

Jeep Model Year with Carplay
Wrangler2018 - 2022
Grand Cherokee2018 - 2022
Cherokee2020 - 2022
Compass2017 - 2022
Gladiator2020 - 2022

What does the Apple CarPlay do?

CarPlay allows you to use all the apps on your iPhone while driving in your car. You can access music and podcasts from Apple Music, calls from your contacts list, send messages via iMessage, navigate using Apple Maps, and more.

The software is designed to work with a compatible car’s infotainment system so it can get information about where you are going, which route you prefer, and who you want to contact.

Once connected, all the apps from the iPhone will be displayed on your car’s dashboard screen. You can then use them as if you were using them on your phone, except now they’re bigger and easier to use while driving.

Is Uconnect the same as CarPlay?

No, they are completely different systems. Apple’s CarPlay is an add-on that interfaces with your car’s infotainment system to bring Siri voice control and some of your iPhone’s apps to your dashboard.

Uconnect is Chrysler’s proprietary infotainment system that has been in most of its cars since 2012. similar to Ford Sync or Mercedes-Benz Comand. It’s not quite as advanced, but it still offers all the basic features of a modern infotainment system.

Audio controls are built into the steering wheel, while climate controls are integrated into the center stack and touch screen.