k02 vs duratrac

Duratrac vs KO2 Tires (The Ultimate Comparison)

Are you looking for the best offroad tires to enhance your vehicle’s traction? It is absolutely expected to be torn between two of the best recommendations – Duratrac and ko2.

To identify which one is best suited for your needs, there are a lot of things to consider. In this post, I will be comparing the features of the two popular tire brands on the market to allow you to make a more informed purchase.

Duratrac Tires Overview

The Duratrac tire is a high quality all terrain tire available for trucks and SUVs. The Duratrac is a favorite among off-road enthusiasts for its ability to get through all types of terrain, as well as its reliability on the road.

The popularity of the Duratrac has increased in recent years because it is known to be a great performing tire while being affordable.

Duratrac has been popular in the market for many years and it remains as one of the most trusted brands. Their tires have high durability and good mileage. KO2 was launched recently in 2008 but they have already been acclaimed by truck drivers across America

KO2 Tires Overview

The KO2 is the next generation of all-terrain tires and it has been built to provide enhanced traction over a variety of terrain, including mud, snow, gravel and rocks. The KO2 has an aggressive tread pattern which provides exceptional off-road performance while still providing a smooth ride.

Duratrac vs KO2: Comfortability

While the KO2 tires perform well on roads with a thin sheet of snow, the DuraTrac tires are better for winter conditions due to its stability and traction.

The KO2 tire is the newer tire and offers a more comfortable ride on the highway and off-road. The DuraTrac has been around longer and offers a more stable, balanced ride on icy surfaces.

The Duratrac is built for any terrain and can even handle dirt roads. It also provides good balance on icy roads.

The KO2 does well in both wet and dry conditions, but it does not provide as much traction as the DuraTrac.

Duratrac vs k02: Tire Noise

Less noisy tires wheel improves the ride quality and improve internal acoustics of your car.

One of the most factors that influences tire noise is the tread pattern width.

When looking at these two tires, KO2 tires are less noisy when compared to Duratrac Tires.

This doesn’t mean Duratrac tires are noisy, but because Duratrac tires have a wide tread pattern, it emits a tad more tire noise than K02 tires.

As compared to the Duratrac tires, KO2s are also much quieter on the road, but they do not handle tough terrains as well as Duratracs. The KO2 tires also have better traction in wet and snowy conditions, but they also wear out faster than Duratracs

Duratrac vs kO2: Mpg

Duratrac is a tire that has a more aggressive tread and it is meant for commercial drivers. It is less expensive, so if you are not driving long distances, this may be the best option for you.

KO2 on the other hand, is a tire that is meant for professionals and it gives the driver a smoother ride because of its rubber composition.

Since the tire market is growing at a rapid pace, it may be difficult to find the best tires for your vehicle, especially when you narrow your preference to Mpg.

Duratrac and KO2 are two of the top truck tires on the market in this category.

Duratrac vs Ko2 Price

Price is one of the most important things that you should look at, sometimes “cheaper” doesn’t necessary mean low quality, now looking at these two brands of tires K02 is the most affordable option between the two, you can expect to save anywhere between 5-10% if you opt for KO2.

Now putting this into perspective means for every set of Ko2 tires you purchase you can expect to pay anywhere between $50 to $150 less than when you go for Duratrac Tires.

Taking a look at the price of the KO2 and Duratrac tires shows that they are not equally priced. The KO2 tire is approximately 10% cheaper than the Duratrac. However, this difference in price isn’t necessarily going to be true everywhere, as it can vary from one tire shop to another.

Duratrac vs Ko2 Tread life and Durability

It turns out there isn’t a great deal of information regarding the tread life comparison between these two tires. It seems that both are well thought of and perform very well in all areas. But, the Ko2s have a more aggressive tread pattern and are better in mud. They also have a slightly taller sidewall.

Things You Should Consider

When deciding on the best tire for your truck, it’s important to consider the type of terrain you plan on driving on. This will help determine which tire is best for your truck.

If you’re planning on driving through mud, sand or snow, you’ll want a tire that has good traction. Duratracs have good traction and are an all-season tire, meaning they can be used year-round.

Ko2s are also an all-season tire and have good traction. However, they are specifically designed to perform well in snow and ice conditions.

A third consideration is price. If you have the budget for it and plan on using your tires year-round, Ko2s would be a good choice. However, if you’re looking for an affordable option that still performs well in most conditions, Duratracs may be better suited for your needs.


If you are considering buying any of the two, try to take into account the mileage that you are likely to rack up. Duratrac tires offer a more durable and stronger tire than KO2 tires do, with KO2 being a little more fuel-efficient.

Choosing the right vehicle tires is not always as simple as choosing the cheaper of the two. Duratrac tires last longer and are less likely to break or puncture than KO2, but it does have a higher initial cost for installation and replacement.

Some tires are more durable and safer than others. Duratrac tires are more durable than the KO2 mpg, but not as safe. If you have a vehicle that is used for towing and off-road purposes, a duratrac tire is safer for you.

Duratrac tires provide a quieter driving experience compared to KO2 M/P tires because they have deeper sidewalls and wider treads which results in less vibrations. With these considerations, it is fair to say that Duratrac tires have the floor – except what you want to use your tires for contradicts with what the tire brand is offering.