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Are Jeeps Rear Wheel Drive?

Front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive, and all-wheel drive are all types of vehicle propulsion systems. With different types of drives and sizes, special considerations have to be taken into account when determining which type would be right for any given job.

Front-wheel-drive is the most common, but all-wheel drive is becoming more popular in recent years. rear-wheel drive systems are not as common because they require a longer wheelbase and larger underbody which results in increased powertrain and suspension complexity. In this article, we will explore whether or not a jeep is a rear-wheel drive.

Are Jeeps Rear Wheel Drive?

In short, Most Jeeps come in a rear-wheel-drive and all-wheel-drive version. The rear-wheel version is known for being less expensive than the all-wheel-drive version. Depending on the model you are most likely to get a rear-wheel-drive Jeep but AWD is more popular since most people buy jeeps to go offroading.

More recently Jeep has introduced front-wheel-drive systems on newer renegades and Cherokees to lower the production cost since rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive drivetrains are more expensive to manufacture. It is believed that with the introduction of front-wheel-drive systems, jeep wanted to lower prices for its customers and have a competitive urge over competitors.

Are Jeep Wrangler’s front or rear-wheel drive?

It is a matter of opinion. The Jeep Wrangler is a true 4×4 with the ability for a rear-wheel-drive or an all-wheel-drive system. Wranglers are only equipped with RWD and AWD, There are no FWD Wranglers nor are there any FWD Wranglers in any production line up.

If you want good off-road performance, you will want a Jeep Wrangler with a four-wheel drive system. If you are looking at the basic model to get the basics, then buy a Wrangler without an all-wheel-drive system and that should do just fine and you are likely notice any difference.

Is Jeep Cherokee FWD or RWD?

Cherokees are front-wheel-drive but you can get it with an all-wheel-drive system at an extra cost. Cherokees are not available with a rear-wheel-drive system.

Which Jeeps are RWD?

Jeep Wranglers, Cherokees, and Grand Cherokee models come standard in rear-wheel drive. Jeep Liberty are front-wheel-drive. Most other Jeeps are not sold in a RWD system, but can be converted aftermarket with a kit available for around $500 depending on the year and model of the vehicle.

How do I know if my Jeep is 4WD or 2WD?

You can verify if your vehicle is an all-wheel-drive, front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive by looking at the frame of the vehicle for an “F”, an “R”, or a “4X4” decal. Another way is to look at your current model’s year and see if the RPO codes include an “AWD” in the option.

Jeep’s RWD vs AWD

The Jeep 4 wheel drive system known as Quadra-Drive system is one of the best 4WD systems on the market even after all these years. It is on almost every Jeep vehicle manufactured today. With the Quadra-drive system, It is much easier to tackle terrians that you couldn’t handle with a 2 wheel drive vehicle.

AWD drive system has a lot of advantages over the RWD system. If you are looking to drive your jeep in the snow and go offroading a lot then AWD is the way to go since it locks the front and rear wheels together.

With an RWD system, if you take it off road then the weight on the rear tires will cause more of a drag on them, so you would have to put more weight on the front wheels in order for them to have enough acceleration to get over a rock and up an incline. 4X4 systems are commonly used in Jeeps to provide better off-road performance.

It uses the “four-wheel drive” system to provide all four wheels with traction when needed and disconnect them from the vehicle when not needed, eliminating rear wheel loss of traction when accelerating or braking. This is important for off road driving since a 4WD system will transfer power from one wheel to another if one loses traction, and it will do so without negatively effecting the other wheels.


Jeeps have been around almost as long as the automobile industry has, and Jeep has developed a reputation of being an off-road vehicle used for driving in the mud, crossing streams, and climbing over rocks.

As long as you are experiencing great off-road capability, rear-wheel drive is a good application for your jeep. If you want to enjoy driving on sunny days or when the snow falls in your area then AWD is the way to go.