jeep wrangler rebuild transmission

Jeep Wrangler Transmission Rebuild Cost

A rugged off-roading vehicle like Jeep Wrangler is also prone to transmission failure. Your Jeep Wrangler Transmission Rebuild Cost will depend on the parts that need replacement and the total hours of service that the whole project will need. On average, the transmission replacement cost starts at $1800 and can ascend as much as $3400.

The year and the model of your Jeep Wrangler will also affect the transmission rebuild cost. Although, the total cost of a transmission repair project is influenced by a lot of other factors. You can take your Jeep to a good mechanic and get an idea of the amount they’ll charge. In case your Jeep is showing clear signs of transmission failure, it is best to get it corrected without further delay.

Transmission Repair for Minor Issues

The transmission system of a Jeep Wrangler has numerous important parts. Each component has its own excellent role to play. Also, each of these components can wear out or get damaged independently of all other components.

A repair of the transmission will replace only those parts that need help so your transmission system can run unstoppably. However, such a repair may not solve the deeper issues that may be the actual root of the problem.

There may be serious underlying damage and the surface repair may only be a fervent measure that’ll give up sooner or later. Also, it is best to go for repairs when there is a problem with a surface component.

If the mechanic has to disassemble all the components for a repair, the overall cost may ascend as much as the cost for a rebuild. If the mechanic already has to delve deeper into the system to find a problem, rebuild is a far better option than repair.

Transmission Repairs for Major Issues

The mechanic will have to disassemble the entire transmission system for a rebuild. Then each part can be inspected and analyzed for signs of damage and wear. All the discovered damaged parts can then be replaced or repaired and cleaned.

After tearing down the various components of the transmission and correcting the faulty parts, the transmission will again be rebuilt and reinstalled in your Wrangler. Know that the process of rebuilding is very labor-intensive.

It also requires extreme attention to detail. It is sometimes discovered that the transmission system has too much damage to consider a rebuild. In such situations, the transmission needs to be replaced.

Factors Affecting Jeep Wrangler Transmission Rebuild Cost

If your Jeep only needs repair or rebuild, you should be glad that it doesn’t need a transmission replacement. However, even rebuilding is quite expensive.

The rebuilding costs are influenced by the particular style of your Jeep, the degree of damage, the type of transmission, and even the store. For Jeep Wranglers, the most common transmission repairs and rebuilds are related to transmission leaks and transmission fluid flush.

A transmission leak can result from a cracked fluid line and also because of a damaged transmission pan. A transmission fluid flush consists of draining all the transmission fluid and replacing it with new fluid. The expense will be fairly affected by the particular Jeep model you have. Know the various transmission components that could affect the total cost.

Transmission Leak

A transmission leak can result from a cracked fluid line, a bad gasket, a damaged torque converter, a broken drain plug, leaky seals, or a bad transmission pan. The transmission fluid becomes red or brown with age.

If you notice this fluid under your Jeep, you must immediately get it checked by a qualified mechanic. A leak can be typically repaired between $150 and $200. The transmission fluid is an essential component of the transmission system. In the absence of the fluid, the whole system could disintegrate.

Problems with the Shift Solenoid

Solenoids are responsible for controlling the fluid in the transmission. They function with the help of the voltage given out by the computer of your transmission. If you face any issue with the shifting of these solenoids, they may need a replacement.

The replacement cost of solenoids is typically between $300 and $850. The total price will depend on the number of solenoids that need replacement. Your particular type of Jeep will also influence the expenses.

One must note that all the solenoids in one unit have the same age and mileage. It is very labor-intensive to reach the solenoids again and again. So it is better if you replace all of them together. This would save you more expenses in the future.

Transmission fluid flush

This refers to the replacement of the old transmission fluid with a new one. One must note that this maintenance task can be completed aptly on one’s own. If your Jeep faces problems while shifting gears or has gears that slip, a thorough transmission flush may solve the issue.

The average expense of a flush is around $100. Experts recommend getting a transmission flush after every 20000 to 60000 miles. One must always consider a transmission flush before considering the rebuilding or repair. At times, this simple mechanism can solve your problem and save a lot of money.

How Long Can a Rebuild Transmission Last?

Rebuilding a transmission should make it feel like new. When all the worn-out parts have been replaced and the seals and soft parts have been reinstalled, your transmission system shouldn’t present any new problems or incur additional costs

. Typically, the rebuilding of the transmission will also come with a warranty. This will also indicate the skill and the efficiency of the mechanic who worked on your system. It has been generally noticed that a rebuilt transmission can last as long as 30,000 to 40,000 miles. This is the minimum extent a rebuilt transmission should last up to.

Although, if you pay diligent attention and render adequate maintenance to the rebuilt system, it could last as long as 150000 to 200000 miles. The life of your transmission can be significantly increased with the help of regular services like oil, fluid, and filter changes, transmission cooler installations, and band adjustments. Any aggressive driving must be avoided as it creates undue pressure on the transmission of the vehicle.


It is very important to fix the issues with your vehicle’s transmission system as soon as they arise. This is because seemingly minor issues could have deeper reasons. And the ignorance of any underlying issue would only increase its intensity in the long run. Get your Jeep assessed by a qualified mechanic as soon as these issues arise.