wrangler rust issues

Jeep Wrangler Rust Issues (Things to Know)

No matter how well a Jeep Wrangler is maintained, the onset of rust cannot be predicted. More often than not, your Jeep Wrangler will never develop rust if it is driven under normal circumstances. However, if you take your beast off-roading, you may encounter this problem sooner or later.

It is relatively common to hear about Jeep Wrangler rust issues. I have thoroughly researched to bring you some of the best-established methods to prevent the onset of rust. We’ll also help you in dealing with this problem in case it has started.

Identifying Rust Causes on a Wrangler

You get closer to the solution of a problem when you head towards its root cause. Many erstwhile factors may be contributing to the rust in your Wrangler. It is important to determine the role of various factors so that the biggest culprit can be eliminated or mitigated.

All rust is the result of an oxidation process. When the oxygen in the air reacts with the contents of a metal alloy, reddish-brown rust formation occurs. Your Jeep Wrangler has begun rusting because its metal body panels have been reacting with the oxygen present in moist air. Wranglers are made out of numerous metal body parts.

These heavy-duty vehicles are therefore more susceptible to being affected by rust. Unlike other cars that are chiefly constructed out of composite and plastic panels, a Wrangler provides more surface area that can be deteriorated by rusting. Jeep Wranglers can be easily damaged by rust owing to the manner in which they are commonly utilized.

While this vehicle is amongst the most capable off-roading SUVs, this maneuver also leads to excessive damage. While you are off-roading, several environmental factors like large rocks, pebbles, tree stumps, and also dust rub hard against your car’s body parts. The painted body panels of your vehicle oftentimes deteriorate.

The removal of paint exposes the underlying metal where rust formation begins. The commonest site for rust formation in a Jeep Wrangler is around the fenders. In this area, all the debris from the trail is flung upward during the movement of the car. This debris then rubs and grinds against the paint to cause damage.

How to Repair Rust on a Jeep Wrangler?

In case the rust has already started, you can take several helpful steps to mitigate its progressions and arrest its onset. The suspension of this destruction will be directly influenced by the amount you are willing to spend and the amount of rust that has formed. 

There are some extremely serious repair methods that involve the replacement of the full-fledged body panels and discarding the damaged parts. Other methods involve the use of a body filler product to repair damage in places where a significant amount of rust has been removed. 

It is advisable that you utilize fine-grit sandpaper to remove minor amounts of visible rust. In case this isn’t enough, apply an oxide conversion product that would neutralize the rest of the rust. After this, you need to paint the area. 

Remember to add a protective clear coat on top of the painted surfaces to prevent the onset and progression of rust in the future. 

Your foremost step will be to cut out the rest with the help of a metal-cutting wheel. For small patches of rust formation, you can sand the area with the help of fine-grit sandpaper or an orbital electronic machine.

The remaining rust can be covered with an oxide converter to be neutralized. Then apply a fiberglass body filler that is fast-curing, reliable, and very durable. This is a permanent solution. The premium filler offers a better quality adhesion to sanded paint

. The area should then be primed and painted with POR-15 paint. This will stop the future occurrence of rust. Assure that the paint you choose matches the original paint of your car. Once this is done, you must add a protective clear coat to prevent rusting in future. This will also prove effective against damage by salt or abnormal weather conditions.

Rustproofing Your Jeep Wrangler

Electronic method

This excellent advancement in technology has brought about immense happiness for owners of Jeep Wranglers. Electronic rustproofing is the ultimate modern technique that involves the installation of an electronic module.

This component sends weak intensity electronic current in the metal surface of the Jeep Wrangler to prevent the occurrence of rust. Rusting is essentially an electrochemical reaction that can be easily controlled with the help of this electronic module.

Undercoating method

The undercarriage portion of the Jeep Wrangler is most susceptible to rust.the undercoating method can offer the ultimate protection against rust formation. This method involves the use of a tar-base spray.

This tar-containing substance is sprayed upon the metal alloy panels. It is fairly important to spray it underneath the vehicle too. This substance then hardens and protects the underlying surface from any damage in response to exposure to moisture.

Dripless oil spray

Jeep Wranglers suffer immense damage when driven in troubled areas. The paint on their surface is rubbed off and the metal panels are exposed to damage by various corrosive factors. Many Jeep owners now dwell upon the benefits of a dripless oil spray. This wax-like spray hardens up on application on the car panels. This prevents the exposure of the surface to moisture. When there’ll be no contact with moisture, there’ll be less possibility of rust formation.

How to Prevent Rust on a Jeep Wrangler?

It definitely makes sense to avoid off-roading excursions that damage your vehicle so severely. Putting a halt to the root of the problem will definitely hinder it to some extent.

However, Jeep Wranglers are known to encounter rusting even under normal circumstances. Various factors such as road salt, humidity, and contaminating agents in the rainwater can initiate the development of rust. So while you may put a stop on your excursions, you may not be able to completely halt the progression of rust.

This is why it is advisable that you keep your Jeep Wrangler clean and apply wax on its metal body on a regular basis. Experts also recommend that you use oversized plastic fenders instead of the general archaic ones.

This would significantly reduce the damage that could be worsened by the road debris. It is also important that you repair any damage incurred by a body part before the rust starts to develop. Once this problem arises, it becomes more and more difficult to control.


Jeep Wrangler is amongst the few vehicles that are made entirely of metal. While this renders immense strength and toughness to its structure, this metal is also liable to be damaged under certain or uncertain circumstances. I

f you take your Jeep Wrangler off-roading, it is but natural for it to incur the cost. Your Jeep Wrangler typically bars the brunt of your adventure by developing rust. However, the Jeeps that are driven normally are also known to develop rust.

It is but a matter of chance and the absence of protective factors. Several environmental agents like salt, snow, dust, grit, rocks, and gravel, have the tendency to make your vehicle suffer. Your vehicle could be completely disfigured in the absence of your interference. This is why it is important to take preventive steps from the start.