eco mode on jeep wrangler

Jeep Wrangler Eco Mode (How it Works)

Jeep Wrangler is an American icon. The Wrangler was introduced in the mid-1980s and since then has been one of the most popular off-road vehicles in the world.

The Jeep Wrangler is available in four different trim levels: Sport, Sahara, Rubicon and Freedom Edition. Each trim level has different features, but all come standard with a soft top that can be removed or easily removed to reveal a full metal hardtop.

Fast-forward today and the Jeep wrangler is still standing tall with new advances and technology, In this article, I am going to talk about the jeep wrangler eco mode, what it is and how does it work?

What Does Eco Mode on Jeep wrangler Mean

The term “eco mode” is used to indicate a special driving mode, which can be engaged on all modern jeep vehicles. The main purpose of eco mode is to help reduce consumption fuel and improve car’s environmental friendliness. This mode has been placed on a separate dashboard button.

This feature will limit the top speed of your vehicle and it also disables some of your engine functions to make it more fuel efficient.

This can be useful if you’re trying to save money on gas or if you want to extend the life of your engine.

The main goal of this feature is to help drivers reduce fuel consumption and carbon footprint when driving on eco-friendly routes, but it can also help them avoid traffic jams and save commuting time by finding the best driving speed for your vehicle.

The only downside to this feature is that it can limit your driving experience and make your Jeep feel sluggish. If you don’t mind driving around in eco mode, then it’s not a big deal for me. But if you like to drive fast, then this feature can be annoying because it limits how much power your engine can use when you’re driving fast.

How to Enable Eco Mode on a Wrangler

The good news is that it’s easy to activate this feature. Just press the button on your instrument panel that says “Eco” or “ECO.” The purpose of this feature is to improve fuel economy by reducing throttle response and shifting sooner than normal when accelerating from a stop or when climbing hills. It also reduces idle speed after coming to a stop so that less gas is used while sitting still in traffic or at stoplights

Does Jeep wrangler Eco Mode really save gas?

The answer is ‘yes’. In fact, saving fuel really can be found at the push of a button – eco mode can bring you this opportunity. But it’s also an opportunity to enjoy all the benefits that are provided by modern technology and the comfort provided by your car.

One more thing that you should keep in mind is that eco mode works only with cars that are equipped with automatic transmissions. So if you have a Jeep Wrangler that is equipped with a stick shift, this special feature will not work for you.

Does Eco Mode hurt the engine?

I can say that using this mode to drive on a daily basis can have a negative impact on your engine. It is too gentle for your transmission, so in time it will reduce its life.

However, using eco mode just for city driving is nothing more but an urban myth. If you are driving in constant use of eco mode, then, of course, your engine will be in danger.

However, the engine will get the same effect if you are constantly driving at high speed for long distances with a high load. If you activate eco mode only when there’s heavy traffic or congested roads then this function will help save fuel and extend the life of your transmission system.

Should I drive in eco mode all the time?

It is a common practice to use eco mode on a daily basis, even if you are not driving in urban areas or out of town. It helps reduce fuel consumption and save the environment from harmful emissions that come from your vehicle’s exhaust system.

So, what is the main difference between using eco mode constantly and just when you drive on city streets? This method is quite simple – driving with this feature engaged in all cases will allow your transmission to shift gears at appropriate times, avoiding harsh acceleration and deceleration. As a result, it will improve your overall fuel efficiency.

Jeep Wrangler Eco Mode Pros and Cons


Eco Mode can help you get better fuel economy for your daily commute or weekend getaways. Eco Mode can help you save money on gas and car maintenance.


It can be distracting in some situations, such as when you’re trying to accelerate quickly off the line or merge onto a highway ramp at high speed. Eco Mode can make your car feel sluggish when you need to accelerate quickly. It may be hard to get used to if you’re used to driving a performance car that has more power than what’s available in Eco Mode.