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Best Jeep Wrangler Coolant [Recommended Antifreeze for Jk and JL]

As you well know, your vehicle’s engine is responsible for converting fuel to heat. The engine then uses the heat to power your car.

Unfortunately, too much heat might destroy the mechanical parts that are in your Jeep engine. Your wrangler is equipped with a cooling system that seeks to regulate heat in the engine block to avoid such scenarios.

This cooling system relies on a special fluid known as a coolant to keep the temperatures ideal. The primary purpose of coolant is to prevent engine damage that is caused by freezing and boiling.

Most drivers understand that their Jeeps require coolant, but some are not sure about the type of coolant to use. Keep in mind that coolants are available in different formulas, and not every coolant you come across can be used in a Jeep Wrangler.

To clear things up, I have scoured the internet to find the best coolant for Jeep Wranglers. The truth is that there are only a few coolants that are compatible with this vehicle. Fortunately, will also walk you through a few things that you need to know about coolants.

Top 5 Jeep Wrangler Coolant

MOPAR HOAT Antifreeze 68048953AB

MOPAR HOAT Antifreeze
If you have been researching about the best Jeep Wrangler Coolant, you might have come across the MOPAR Antifreeze. It is one of the most popular coolants in the market.

In fact, most Jeep Wrangler groups or communities recommend that you purchase this brand. Besides, MOPAR is the coolant that factories and local dealerships use and recommend.

Experts believe that MOPAR will keep your Jeep Wrangler’s engine running smooth and cool as well. What’s more? You can rely on this coolant to protect your engine parts from corrosion.

As long as you use MOPAR HOAT Antifreeze, you can rest assured that your engine will last longer. Keep in mind that the HOAT Antifreeze 68048953AB is not compatible with all Jeep Wranglers.

In case you didn’t know, the Hybrid Organic Acid Technology Coolant is designed to be used by Jeep JK Wranglers models. Not all JK models use this coolant, only those that were manufactured from 1997 to 2012.

This coolant comes in a 1 Gallon bottle, and it is not pre-diluted. You will have to rely on the owner’s manual when diluting the coolant.

According to the factory recommendation, you have to change the MOPAR HOAT anti-freeze after every 5 years or 100000 miles of travel.

The manufacturer also claims that MOPAR HOAT should be used in 3.8L V-6, 2.8L V-6, and 3.6L Pentastar gasoline engines. Finally, this coolant has 12 months limited warranty. For those who rely on color to differentiate coolants, MOPAR HOAT 68048953AB comes in a pink shade.

MOPAR 68163848AB Anti-Freeze Coolant

MOPAR HOAT Antifreeze
For your information, this is not the same coolant we’ve just reviewed above. This particular anti-freeze coolant has a different Mopar Part number 68163848AB.

Unlike the previous model, this coolant contains Organic Acid Technology, and it is made for the newer Jeep engines. Just like any anti-freeze coolant, the MOPAR 68163848AB should prolong the life of your jeep Wrangler engine and other parts that run through it.

Moreover, it will also prevent corrosion from within. The other amazing thing is that this coolant can last for 150000 miles or 10 years before losing its efficiency.

The OAT anti-freeze coolant is available in a 1 Gallon container, and it requires dilution before using it in your Jeeps cooling system.

So, what kind of Jeep Wrangler can use this coolant without developing any problems. Well, according to the manufacturer, the MOPAR 68163848AB can be used in a 2013 – 2018 Jeep Wrangler 2-Door JK, 2018 – 2021 Jeep Wrangler 2-Door JL, 2013 – 2018 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited 4-Door JK, and 2018 – 2021 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited 4-Door JL.

In case your Jeep Wrangler is in any of those categories, this coolant should cut it. Finally, the OAT anti-freeze coolant has a purple shade, and it has a warranty of 12 months or 12,000 miles.

Valvoline Multi-Vehicle Ready-to-Use Anti-Freeze Coolant

Valvoline Anti-Freeze Coolant
If you are not sure about which coolant to use on your Jeep Wrangler, then you might want to consider this ready-to-use anti-freeze.

It is not particularly made for Jeep models, but if you Wrangler is no longer under the factory warranty, then it should cut it for you. Finding the factory-recommended coolant can be a bit daunting, which is why Jeep Wrangler owners are opting to go with aftermarket coolants.

The good thing about Valvoline is that it can be used in all vehicle models. What’s better, you don’t have to worry about its compatibility with other colors.

Unlike other coolants in the market, Valvoline contains a special additive known as Alugard Plus. This additive is responsible for the chemistry that takes place in an attempt to protect your vehicle’s engine.

Talking about protection, this universal coolant contains superior anti-corrosion and anti-scaling inhibitors. You can count on it to offer long-life protection to the engine. Once you use the MaxLife Valvoline Universal Coolant, your Jeep Wrangler’s cooling system will be protected against over-heating and freezing as well.

You can get this anti-freeze/ coolant in concentrate or 50/50 RTU. The prediluted model is best for your Jeep truck. Apart from the Alugard Plus, this coolant contains denatonium benzoate as the bittering agent.

In case your mechanic or car manufacturer recommends that you use HOAT coolant, then you are in luck as Valvlone is a Phosphated Hybrid Organic Technology coolant. Being one of the best coolants for Jeep Wrangler, MaxLife Valvoline offers a 5 year/ 150, 000 miles guarantee. You can get it in a 1 Gallon container or less depending on where you purchase it

ZEREX G05 Anti-freeze coolant

The Zerex G05 is a high-quality coolant that is used in high-end vehicles. Its formulation allows it to be used in both diesel and gasoline engines.

You can definitely use it on your Jeep Wrangler truck without worrying about compatibility. This anti-freeze coolant is available in two configurations.

You can get ZG05 in concentrated form or Pre- diluted. The latter is the better option as you won’t have to dilute it yourself. The other advantage of using this nitrite containing coolant is that it will protect your engine cooling system from cavitation.

What’s more, this coolant contains special deposit control additives that protect your cooling system from scale and hard water deposits. Moving on, it’s important to recognize ZG05 is a HOAT coolant.

This means that it can only be used in older Jeep Wrangler models. So if you have a 2002 – 2012 Jeep Wrangler, the ZG05 should work perfectly without causing chemical reactions. When it comes to efficiency, Zerex G05 should serve your cooling system for 5 years or 150, 000 miles. The expected performance of this coolant may reduce depending on how you use your Jeep Wrangler.

What You Should Know About Coolants For Jeep Wrangler

Getting coolant sounds like a simple task, but not all types of coolants will be ideal for your vehicle. So, you have to be careful when making a purchasing decision.

Below are a few differences that might help you distinguish the right coolant. Coolant Formula You might have noticed that we mentioned the terms HOAT- Hybrid Organic Acid Technology and OAT- Organic Acid Technology when reviewing different coolants.

HOAT coolants are available in pink or orange colors, depending on the brand. Coolants in this category can last for up to 100K miles or 5 years. You can use HOAT coolants from 1997 to 2012 Jeeps. For those who have 2013 to 2021 Jeeps, you can only use OAT coolants.

They mostly come in a purple shade, and they should work well for 150K miles or 10 years. Concentrated or Pre-diluted Whenever you are shopping for coolant, you need to check whether it is pre-diluted or concentrated.

Pre-diluted anti-freeze should be used straight away without adding more water. On the other hand, concentrated coolants have to be diluted with 1 part distilled water.

Final Thoughts

There you have it! I have reviewed the top 5 coolants that can be used by Jeep Wrangler owners. There is no need to expose your vehicle’s engine and other vital parts while you can use top-quality coolants.