6 Inch Jeep Renegade Lift Kit

6 Inch Jeep Renegade Lift Kit (Can You Install One?)

Lifting a Jeep renegade can be a great way to get more clearance ground clearance and the ability to run bigger tires. A Jeep Renegade lift kit will give you a lot of options for what size tires and wheels you want to run on your Jeep Renegade, but also is limited to how much you can lift your renegade, in this article I will talk about if you can put a 6 inch lift kit on your renegade, let’s jump to it

Lift Kit Overview

Lift kits are designed to increase the height of your vehicle’s suspension, which in turn, gives it a much more aggressive look. This is accomplished by increasing the amount of suspension travel available from the factory. How much lift you require depends on your individual needs and preferences, however, the higher the lift the more challenging it becomes and more often restricted by the vehicle setup and suspension.

Can You Put a 6 inch Lift Kit on a Renegade?

The answer is No, The half shafts were too close to the struts also the 6-inch lift will affect the suspension and cause drivetrain problems.

I have seen many people ask if they can put a 6 inch lift kit on their Renegade, but there are several reasons why this is not recommended.

First off, the half shafts are located very close to the struts when they are mounted on your Jeep Renegade’s frame. When you add more than 4 inches of lift to your ride height, it can cause issues with your front axle alignment due to the proximity between these two parts of your car’s suspension system.

The same goes for rear differential issues as well as brake lines being exposed when you raise your car up higher than normal.

How high can you lift a Jeep Renegade?

The highest you can lift a renegade is 4 inches anything more than that is a stretch and will likely affect the vehicle. If you want to lift your Jeep Renegade, here are some good options:

2 Inch Leveling Kit

This will give you about 2 inches of lift, which is enough for off-roading but not much more.

3 Inch Leveling Kit

This gives you about 3 inches of lift, which is better for off-roading but might still be overkill if you’re only going to use it on the pavement.

4 Inch Leveling Kit

This gives you about 4 inches of lift and is enough for most off-road conditions Also Improves the overall appearance making it more Aggressive and more better looking on the road.

6 Inch Lift on a Renegade Downsides

Like I mentioned above going over a 4-inch lift on the Renegade will likely affect the car in a negative way, although you can technically add a 6-inch lift kit, here is what might happen if you install a 6-inch lift kit on a Renegade:

Half shaft hitting the struts

This is one of the major downsides that I’ve seen with the Renegade. When you add a 6 inch lift, it will push your front end up quite a bit and cause it to hit your strut. This can cause damage to both components and may require additional parts or modifications to fix the problem.

Half shafts pulling out of the outer CV joint

Another issue that I’ve heard about is half shafts pulling out of their outer CV joint (CVJ). The main reason for this happening is that when you raise your jeep enough to clear larger tires, the CVJ no longer has enough travel in which to move around and absorb bumps in the road. If this happens, then it would require replacement parts or modification to fix.

Vibrations when Accelerating

The third downside is vibrations when accelerating, especially at lower speeds like when you are pulling into traffic from an intersection or when getting onto the freeway from an exit ramp. These vibrations can cause damage to your Jeep Suspension.

Poor Ride Quality

The fourth downside is poor ride quality, which means that your Jeep will feel like it bounces around on the road. This can be especially noticeable when going over speed bumps at low speeds or when driving on rough roads.